Is your fire department doing enough to prevent gang stalking? I bet they are not. Firefighters are MAJOR gang stalkers, and where there’s smoke….The FBI profile of the firefighter arsonist

Putting out fires is monkey work-and any asshat can do it, provided:

  • you are in shape, to a minimal degree–see “80 Percent of firefighters are lard asses” for context.
  • you fit in with the local’s on a volunteer department. In the case of the Alpine Fired Department in Union County MS, we see Ku Klux KLan activity uniting the “heroic” firefighters who gang stalk Richard Moore
  • provided you come from the type of family that seeks policing and fire department jobs one generation after another. Nepotism is rampant in these departments
  • obviously, that you have the right equipment
Image: NY Magazine

So,while most conceive of firefighters as hero’s, the profile of the firefighter arsonist doesn’t get enough attention, and for those who work in that field–its the EXACT thing they crave: attention. So let’s shine a light on the sordid gangs that occupy these secure jobs, and how there is a negative aspect to what they do.

The innovative leader has to be an arsonist and a firefighter.

125 Best Firefighter Slogans, Mottos and Sayings from

There are so many firefighters who start fires that the FBI even has a profile for them. Here is just one of hundreds of recent examples. Like the rapist cop, the murderer investigator and other such profiles, media does not give enough attention to these cases.

Related Story: Crossing the line from firefighter to arsonist, from FireRescue1, and here is FEMA’s special report and analysis of these types of criminals

As we saw with volunteer firefighter and gang member Richard Wittkugle of Hubbard Ohio, he wasn’t just an asshat calling in fake fires–but he was also stealing from the town till–AND he was part of a gang of municipal workers that stalked a couple of people who had bought a home next to the fire chief too, doing driveby’s and honking their horns for well over ten years.

Or as we see with the Alpine Volunteer Fire Department in Mississippi stalking a citizen, or in the case of the murdered attorney Abe Dabela–firefighting attracts a criminal gang element. These people belong in jail, not in city jobs.

Where there is smoke, there is fireand, gangs of firefighters who are “gang stalkers”too

The firefighter as arsonist profile is just one aspect of the types of deviance that we find in all public servants. This deviance is best described as an altruistic fallacy or “moralistic atruism”: that all human altruism is in fact, self serving.

The FBI profile of the firefighter arsonist is weak sauce, and fails to examine or explore the other levels of deviance in this archetype. As with all FBI profiles, they start with the political, and work their way into “what’s in it for me” to create, enhance, or eradicate a criminal profile?

So it is up to others to do so, as FBI profiles are endemically corrupted by the finance stream, and the politics of the day.

In “Chasing Fires” by CUNY’s Malanie Bencosme, we visit the FBI profile:

The Fire-Fighter Arsonist: An FBI Profile

In 2003, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit compiled a profile of a Firefighter-Arsonist.

The FBI study found that firefighter-arsonists were mostly young firefighters eager to put their training to use and to be seen as heroes to their department and to the people of the community they served..

“He’s creating a job for himself, he’s seen as a hero and he’s getting notoriety for it,” said Kulbarsh, a nurse who performed in-the-field psychological evaluations on criminals including arsonists.

The Unit found that most firefighter-arsonists use unsophisticated methods for fire starting and tend to start fires with matches or cigarette lighters.

Chasing Fires, Melanie Bencosme

From that profile, any targeted victim of these gangs of stalkers could easily begin to draw correlations: you, eager to impress, desire for heroism, creating a job for themselves–and perhaps most importantly, using unsophistocated methods.

Along with what we see repeatedly in the gang stalking dialectic, creating work is a major feature of gangs of stalkers, who derive funding by driving statistics. Richard Moore has investigated that link, as Mississippi gang stalkers manipulate the funding pot and the statistics of the “human trafficking” narrative, as have many others.

And while we see the human trafficking narrative driven by ultra-right wing narrators in faraway places like Egypt, in the case of Haneen Hossam, where young women who use the internet to create a job for themselves are imprisoned, rather than heralded–the ideological blur i’s harder to spot in the “free” USA–but the links are there.

And note that these arsonists are “unsophisticated,” aka–they are pretty stupid, and easily caught for prosecution should savvy investigators decide to prosecute gang stalkers. This cannot be understated–take a look at convicted firefighter Richard Wittkugle, and note the general slovenly appearance, and the dull gaze. I would wager he has an IQ around 70.

Former Hubbard Ohio firefighter and gang stalker Richard Wittkugle, convicted thief, and fraudster, having called in fake fires. Its quite common in that profession.

SO–not the brightest birds in the cage, these types.

According to Ms. Bencosme, we see four basic causes of arson: The For-Profit Arsonist, The Revenge-motivated Arsonist, The “Hero”, The Firebug,and Childs Play. Based on what we see with gangs of stalkers in the public sector, I would wager that the firefigter arsonist falls into every category, but the FBI profile doesn’t state that.

Profit? Check–,many victims of gang stalking claim that funding sources ranging from “its for the women and children,” to “save the sex workers!” to “human trafficking” are being used by community institutions to fund these groups who stalk them, and the evidence is solid that there just isn’t that much “human trafficking” gpoing on in the west. WHat’s a firehouse full of stalkers to do when they have downtime?

There just aren’t that many fires folks–they have A LOT OF DOWNTIME, so much that they kill that time stalking their victims–here is an entore blog about that from activist and therapist Bonnie Calcagno in Oceanside CA.

Again, as we see in Richard Moore’s case, they stalk him and others.

SO, I think the profile of the firefighter arsonist could use an update. And in addition to the profile as merely an immature asshat with an adrenalin rush and heroism problem, the wider potential for other forms of criminality should be explored. Gang stalking cases provide that possibility.

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