Gang stalking lawsuits: Third Lawsuit alleges Pasco sheriff’s ‘intelligence-led policing’ violates civil rights

Disgusting pigs–and gang stalking–whatever happpened to “good old assasinations” in the glory days of taking out gang members in law enforcement who were themselves criminal gang members? Yeah–my thoughts exactly. Those were “the good old days.”

These days, only lawsuits will work….or….?

The Barret M-82 is a wonderful snipers choice. I often wonder why these criminal gangs in law enfarcement who stalk and harass the poor, the marginalized, and the dissidents don’t get sniped with bullets between their unibrows, like what happened in the good old days. Image source here

Shooting people from a distance is actually incredibly easy, and I often wonder why more Americans dont do it. As pertains to targeted individuals, sniping dirty cops is relatively easy, yet few American’s do it–why? Its a cost/benefit analysis on a case by case basis We see in the case of Gavin Long that such a project is difficult for many reasons, not least of which is that anti-democratic forces in policing target black men endlessly, deploy military grade “psychological operations” on their targets.

Many ask “but what kind of PSYOP can possibly cause someone to want to shoot a gang member? Well–exactly as we saw in New Zealand, when Ahamed Samsudeen was stalked for 53 days, 24 houre per day, 7 days per week by a police detail of 30 cops from multiple jurisdictions, UNTIL he finally picked up a knife and killed a few stalkers, but not BEFORE they stalked him.

It’s all PSYOP, predicated on word policing, and imputing motive to a speaker–policing disguised as the bully, claiming that he was provoked by his victim’s words. Take a look at one of my recent commenters who asked that question–another stalker disguised as a commenter, seeking to cause me to use inflammatory language–it’s what they do, and its PSYOP.

Here is that comment:

No matter what a person experiences, there’s NO excuse for these kinds of mass killings. As a victim of cruel and merciless 24/7/365 ‘Targeting’ myself for almost 10 years now, I would not consider, even fleetingly, carrying out such an act. However, as a Christian I believe that vengeance belongs to God and not to me: ‘Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay.’

These people ARE christians DOING the stalking. As such, they deserve whatever they get, from whatever stalking victim finally catches up with them. And like every thing in the bible, it has dual meaning–christians who act in the name of their god, stalking people to death–yeah, the bible also has a few things in there about genocide, and “knowing your enemy” too–and genociding them. So, really, bible quotes are weak sauce.

These cowardly cunts stalk and follow a targets, manipulate data on their cell phones, computers and social media, harass them endlessly in ways thatare well documented online–and only then, do these men “act out” and target their harassers in any way-and ONLY after and because he ” engaged” with his stalkers on their terms, in an unequal conflict zone.

So–can gangs of stalkers be sniped from a distance? Maybe you or someone you know has answers?

The Las Vegas mass shooting indicates that sniping isn’t a good solution, just ONE solution–because in these police-created terrorism events, any potential sniper will have been “on the radar” for quite some time. Its a pattern that repeats endlessly in these events. And what a “radar” it is! Take a look here.

Mob affiliated policing has always been a “thing” in western nations, plagued by the scourge of infiltration in law enforcement, no different than Sicilian mafia tales such as the movie The Godfather. That film, a basic tutorial about how local mafia’s worked internationally to fight the global mafia’s–and even in Godfather 3, how an assasination was performed by a mafia figure dressed in ful police gear–similar to how Gabriel Wortman was also affiliated with police and their associates.

It’s all mob v. mob, and policing is a factional enterprise, with dirty cops for sale to the highest bidder. And few American prosecutors dare challenge this systemic corruption. My goal is to find those few–and encourage them to find ways to prosecute these criminals in law enfarcement.

The latest gang stalking lawsuit, from Pasco County Florida, targeting a shitbag sheriff, Chris Nocco:

Third Lawsuit alleges Pasco sheriff’s ‘intelligence-led policing’ violates civil rights

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The third lawsuit filed within a year against Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco alleges the department’s Intelligence Led Policing goes too far and violates the civil rights of the targets.

Eileen Kates claims the sheriff’s office harassed her with “warrantless searches” and minor offenses including “lack of proper numbering” on her home.

Kates alleges her son was on the county’s so-called “prolific offender” list due to his criminal record, so deputies also confronted her several times.

“The actual purpose of the ILP program is to force citizens with prior records to move,” the federal filing states.

Neither Kates nor her attorney have yet to respond to requests for comment. Retired FBI agent wonders about Brian Laundrie’s ‘bothersome’ final decision

Rachele Wilburn, who made similar allegations in a separate lawsuit, did move out of the county after she was arrested for minor offenses including not having numbers on her mailbox. The charges were dropped before Wilburn filed her lawsuit, but the veteran with no criminal record still spent time in jail.

“Walk into population and everyone said, ‘Oh, fresh meat. Look who’s coming in,’” Wilburn recalled, fighting back tears. “To be put in a cell for three hours – I felt so disgusted and so disrespected.”

The first lawsuit aimed at Pasco’s ILP was filed last March by the parents of another alleged target. Robert Jones III told 8 On Your Side the “harassment” was consistent.

“They came every single day,” Jones said.

Sheriff Nocco has declined several requests for interviews to discuss complaints about ILP. Spokesperson Amanda Hunter said the Pasco Sheriff’s Office continues to be “successful in defending against similar, frivolous lawsuits” and defended ILP. Florida juvenile detention: New bill would allow serious offenders to be held beyond 21 days

“The ILP philosophy has led to a reduction in crime and reduction in victimization in our community,” Hunter said. “And we will not apologize for continued efforts to keep our community safe.”

Crime statistics obtained by 8 On Your Side show the overall crime rate in Pasco County is down 47 percent since Nocco implemented ILP around the time he took office in 2011. But violent crime is up by 16 percent during that decade, and domestic violence has spiked by 38 percent.

Kates’ lawsuit was filed earlier this month. Judges in the other cases have ordered mediation that is scheduled to start in April in Jones’ lawsuit and July for Wilburn’s case.

6 thoughts on “Gang stalking lawsuits: Third Lawsuit alleges Pasco sheriff’s ‘intelligence-led policing’ violates civil rights

  1. illegal gangstalker Linda aka Gangstalking Mom computer Domain DESKTOP-MOM9T6P and young man white male called Marty over v2k illegal gamgstalking! I also have 24/7 illegal Surveillence on me. Im just fining out Stephanie Crawford-Jones Lied to to high government security about my illegal gangstalking complaints and petitions to President Joe Biden and other government security higher ups.


    1. Well, that’s interesting. But writing to the president is crazy as hell. They usually put the secret service on you, and your gang stalking increases tenfold.

      You must read my self help sections, and dont do anything crazy–thats what they want you to do.

      As for the computer name, you are beginning to get good evidence–it is the kind of evidence you will need to start a lawsuit.

      Try “Wireshark” if your computer or cell phone is infested by their hackers or spyware. Its a free program, and will tell you A LOT about who and what is coming into and out of your computer.

      But be careful–these people are insane psychopaths, and they do murder people, steal kids and so on.


  2. Stephanie Crawford-Jones and Aliyah Martin aka Slowpoke & Sharae of FEMA the master minds behind illegal gangstalking and still under way with illegal gangstalking as we speak they are along w/ others gangstalked my two toddler gandsons 03/04/2022-03/05/2022 this group of women and men have a severe mental illness and is very dangerous. Someone please help and contact me not these groups of individuals mentioned.They are human trafficking as well as per Rose A Buchanan of Fema & I Nicole Larkin


    1. I am curious what evidence yopu might have about what you are claiming. If you have evidence, I would like to see it.

      I have heard about Rose Buchanan once before–interesting. You are the second person to use her name her.

      Well, get your cell camera ready, and document whatever they are doing.

      Read my self help sections, search terms “free tools” and “tools” and “help” and so on.

      If they are stalking your children, a call to the the social services in your area might be in order.

      AS for your other comment, it would be batshit crazy to write a letter to the president–they will put the Secret Service on you, and your gang stalking will increase tenfold.

      Think of it like this: the Secret Service has very little to do in a routine day–they only protect 40-50 people.

      So–what do you think these federal agents do in their downtime? Yup–major gang stalkers, all of them–there just isn’t that much crime out there, and so they are creating it.

      Remember under Obama some woman tried to crash into the Whitehouse? Every time you read one of these batshit stories, its the feds, state police, and others in their gangs making work for themselves by trying to drive people over the edge.


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