Who wants an easy $125,000 reward? Reward offered to bring in the murderer(s) of Abe Dabela, CBS News reports

My readers have little to no idea what it takes to keep a story alive in the news cycle ( I am talking to you , Richard).But it is extremely time consuming, and writer intensive to keep a spotlight on cases of police and firefighter misconduct, gang stalking, and the associated outcomes of these stalkings.

And, it takes money to make money as they say: here’s up to $125.000 for the heads of those who murdered Abe Dabela.

Justice4Abe offers a monetary reward for information leading to the arrest of the murderer of Abe Dabela in Redding, Conn.

The case of murdered attorney Abe Dabela is one such case–he has family support, a legal team, and others working on the case daily–but still no results, no convictions, and no arrests of the people who murdered him–an actual gang of firefighters stalking him, proven misconduct in his attempt to get a gun permit as he was being stalked, and lots of dirty city and county workers including the former chief of police Douglass Fuchs running cover operations for these criminals.

Here–take a peek below at this odd case, keeping in mind that I am not a fan of conspiracy thinking UNLESS and UNTIL the facts betray the truth–and the fact is Abe Dabela had muddy footprints on his back, and a bullet behind his ear:

A lawyer who was investigating the Sandy Hook shooting was found dead in his overturned car. Police ruled Gugsa Abraham (Abe) Dabela’s death as a suicide despite a gunshot wound to the back of his head and “footprints” on his back.

His car was discovered on an isolated country road close to his home in small, upscale Redding, CT.

The local police, including Chief Douglas Fuchs, determined right away that the car had purposely been crashed by Mr. Dabela because “he had been drinking”

Shortly before his death, Attorney Dabela, a bachelor, had frequented some of the local establishments to speak to Redding police and firemen about the events surrounding the Sandy Hook “massacre”.

Does anyone seriously believe that an attorney with a background in neurobiology and physiology from the University of Maryland-College Park, a Master’s in public health and a law degree from Cardozo School of Law would contemplate suicide because he had had an accident?

Or, that he was drunk enough to have the accident and then formed the intention to take his own life in despair, and stomped on his own back?

By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle

Men die all the time in unusual homicides like that of Abe Dabela, all over the west, but the news cycle is always focused on less than honorable pursuits of false narratives. For example–the white woman in distress. Take a look at a case that occupied the news cycle for several years–the “kidnapping and molestation of a white female,” Sherri Papini, that turned out to be a total hoax, by a “pretty,little white liar” who was having an extra-marital affair.

You might recall the story thus: “White Woman Kidnapped by Mexican Women Who Tied Her Up and Tortured Her!”

The white woman in distress narrative has caused entire nations to be cannibalized by those who uphold that narrative. The case of Sherri Papini is just one morally repugnant case amongst in tens of thousands of these cases. Image and story: ABC7

To say that these garbage cases like that of this morally repugnant, character-flawed, disgusting woman Papini clog the news cycle would be an understatement–because they are not merely internet pollution, they are 100% media mafia pandering to a fearful and entitled group, white women with power, status and privilege in a white supremacist society. This has been the case since the founding of our America, as white females ask for privilege, and graciously allow themselves to be herded like cattle in a pen.

And its so much of a “thing” that entire TV shows are written about it, as if morally repugnant little liars and frauds should be upheld as virtue, rather than highlighted as sociopathy and people with malignant and dangerous character flaws. See “Pretty Little Liars” for just one of many examples.

Yet the “feminists” are able to destroy insight into such murders as that of Dabela, because they are the three hundred pound eephant in the room. Especially in our era, women like white Protestant Hillary Clinton dominated the news cycle with white woman anxiety–a formula that has worked very well for those kind of women since Lulu Markwell and her Ku Klux Klan Kamellias dominated the culture with false narratives of rape and threat.

This form of “feminism” is toxic–and whether its the right wig feminists like Clinton, or the left wing white feminists like the founder of the incel movement Alana Boltwood, they have co-opted every issue so that they could create the appearance that they were under threats that were unique to themselves. Yet so many others are killed by these marauders, and never get a drop of the national narrative’s attention.

The narrative is pure narcissm, upheld by under-sexed repressed white males who feel as if they are under constant, though non-existent threats–its a form of culture that is created for that exact purpose. As we also see in the cell phone era, because–well, my readers know why.

Start with Lulu Markwell, the mother of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan, and her allies in seemingly opposed racist groups like the Jewish mafia dominated Anti Defamation League, whose members were in fact involved in creating the Ku Klux Klan to begin with! Just as we see Israeli’s shipping weapons to the Ukraine today, and selling them to so-called “Nazi’s” we have history as our guide, watching white Jewish Supremacists ally with and arm the KKK and other Scottish Rite secret societies around the world. In fairness, you can read B’nai B’rith’s statement about their involvement in the creation of the KKK

All narrative, paid product placements, and endless fake news about threats that are created by this exact form of culture–it’s all Jewish-christian kabbalist bullshit that is designed to clog the information airwaves, and conceal these other murders. Work your way out from that white female created quagmire, and look into cases like that of Abe Dabela–its well worth your time–a $125K reward is offered for the skullcap of his killer(s)

Anyways-who killed Abe Dabela? I want them in jail–who can help?

From CBS News:

Family of lawyer shot in wrecked car: Cops covered up murder


— The family of an attorney found shot in the head in a wrecked car is suing police, saying they rushed to judgment in declaring the death a suicide and didn’t properly investigate because he was black.

The family of Gugsa Abraham “Abe” Dabela sued Redding police in federal court Tuesday, exactly two years after his death. The family has also hired its own forensic experts, and Connecticut NAACP officials are looking into Dabela’s death.

The suit alleges police in Redding, a mostly white town, conspired to cover up a murder. It also alleges police violated Dabela’s civil rights when they delayed processing his concealed pistol permit a year before his death.

Police Chief Douglas Fuchs said Thursday that he can’t comment on pending litigation. He has defended the police department’s handling of the investigation, and he noted the medical examiner’s office ruled Dabela’s death a suicide.

The lawsuit is against the town of Redding, Fuchs, seven police officers and “killer John Doe,” an unknown person. It seeks undisclosed monetary awards.

“The loss of my son remains unfathomable, but the continuing revelation of lies about his death and efforts to destroy his legacy have worsened the grief and swept us into an unimaginable, never-ending nightmare,” Dabela’s father, Abraham Dabela, said in a statement.

Abe Dabela, 35, had argued with an unidentified town official about property taxes two nights before he died, the lawsuit says. Before his car veered into woods near his home, he negotiated several turns successfully, the lawsuit says.

The family’s lawyers also say Dabela got a text message on the night of his death that read, “turn he just didn’t.” The lawsuit alleges information about the sender of the text was deleted sometime after Dabela’s death.

The family and the NAACP say many questions remain, including why Dabela’s DNA wasn’t found on the trigger of a handgun found at the crash site.

In December, the website Justice4Abe.com announced a reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone involved in Dabela’s death.

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