How to write about gang stalking: Maggie J. Hall at MyLawQuestions asks “What Is Gang Stalking?”

What is gang stalking? My Law Questions has the right answer to the question “Is Gang Stalking Real?”

Gang stalking refers to harassment and intimidation tactics used by a group of individuals against another person or toward a smaller group of people. People may initiate this type of civil offense because they are intolerant of another person for numerous reasons, which might include differing beliefs or lifestyles, jealousy, or racial prejudice. Stalkers generally design the covert methods used for psychological harassment to exact revenge, coerce silence, or cast out persons having opposing views. While gang stalking is considered a misdemeanor in some states, the offense carries felony penalties in others.

The number of people involved in the gang varies. Individuals might receive gang intimidation from a handful of people in a work environment, or they may be targeted by an entire community. Victims relaying claims of gang stalking perceive the attackers as well-organized groups of people, who not only communicate with one another in a certain location but also pursue the target in other areas by means of extensive contacts. Leaders generally enlist the aid of other individuals in the gang by various methods, which typically include providing false information about the victim, manipulating potential members, or employing those with similar criminal backgrounds.

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17 thoughts on “How to write about gang stalking: Maggie J. Hall at MyLawQuestions asks “What Is Gang Stalking?”

    1. Yes, she writes solid, factual stuff. Like I said–it takes a really long time to make these issues “public.” Sohold on pardner, it will get better.

      How’s your situation there? I just re-read a couple posts about you from my blog:


    2. Yes, she writes well, and clearly describes what gang stalking is–no clutter.

      Like I said, it takes time to get the stry into the public, so hang in there pardner.

      Also, I was re-reading through your case here at my blog.


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    1. Hi eteq–I want to ask you again: please post your own content! I took a peek at your blog, and it resembles mine a bit too much–like, 70% of your content.

      I appreciate your enthusiasm, but O have had perps in the past do exactly what you are doing , and I would much rather have a frined in you than a not-so-friend, ok?


      1. yes I understand. I won’t repost any of your content..sorry about that..same here..i much rather be friend with u than not…


      2. Hey, thanks–the occasional repost is totally ok–and we all appreciate getting the word out.

        FYI. you didn’t have to remove everything, just splice in some original content of your own, so there is no confusion!

        Hows your recovery from gang stalking and PTSD situation–getting better there?


      3. Ok, cool, thanks for the reply, yeah I did remove most of the re-posts just in case to avoid any potential miss understandings between us . We real TI’s need to stick together and not fighting… getting real TI’s to start fights with other real TI’s would be something the perps would laugh at and wish upon us, so I am glad you decided to keep me as your friend and as I said before, I really enjoy your style of writing. As far as my stalking induced PTSD…it’s gonna take some time I to heal I am afraid…15 years of brutal stalking 24/7/365 did do some damage on all levels. that’s 4 sure. but I don’t talk much about it really (especially not online) cause if I do 50% of the ones I tell doesn’t want to hear about and declare you as delusional insane by talking about it and the other 50% wants you to suffer from it…you know what I mean..its a dog eat dog world..talking is silver but silence is gold 😉 all I can say is I am being medically treated by doctors that I personally know and trust over here in Sweden that are legit non perp docs following their doctors oath they are sworn into and keeping what they swore in to do keeping the patients best interest before anything else, unlike in the US when swearing an oath seem to mean nothing to most people that have to do it…cops, judges etc…I am lucky in that sense I survived to tell on the hell …lol……So no more stalking by first responders, in particular Falck ambulances like I was in the USA, they were BRUTAL in the FUCK Falck..a first responder that was in on it as well..unbelievable to the normal Joe. But just to make them eat shit cause I can…read their BBB reviews..they should get a medal for being ultra stalkers….the Falck story is a pretty funny story actually and how it finally ended. I can tell you more about that particular case one day if you I made them stop and actually called me to apologize…but it required some brute force from my side to make them submit to that….what I did I cant say here…so Falck is officially my BITCH today Lolol 😂 stay safe out there and when in doubt , knock em’ out..


      4. Wow! You forced an apology out of them? I want to hear about that ASAP!

        TI’s need to know how to do those things, please do tell–I want to write it up.

        I myself sued a security contractor and put them out of business–I statrted a lawsuit, and advertised for others to come forwards, and then, five more independent lawsuits.

        WE all prevailed in our claims, but unfortunately, could not get after the wider conspiracy–retired cops, working with current cops and so on.

        If I ever go back to the USA, I will be more than happy to sue whoever it is that I can–my life will be one big happy lawsuit, knowing what I know now.

        And I will be very rich from it too.


      5. Hi, just to let you know, I have read through your story–wow, what a story!

        Yeah, sommetimes taking it to the hoop is the best way to sink the basket–ambulance companies are major gang stalkers.

        Theres a guy in Canada going through that exact liune of bullshit–go to Youtube, and find the channel Real Gang Stalking–its the medical magia stalking the guy.

        He makes predictions about what will happen, and moments later there it is!

        Like–“OK, I just left the house, and suddenly a helicopter wilol appear.”

        And that actually happens, as he films a helicopter circling above his head, following him for many blocks.

        Purely psychopathic bullshit–these states get paid from insurance every time they pull this shit and get a person locked up.

        Also–rock on! Your story is very interesting.

        As you know, I don’t reply by email–too easy to hack.


      6. Yeah, I seen the Real Gang Stalking from the Canadian TI guy, poor guy..that’s the magnitude I had too..I wonder why they started targeting him..he must have done something to end up on “the list”. I also had drones were following me around too…with lights on at night to make sure I knew they were following me…no need to reply by email. you can always just go to and drop anything in any comment boxes on any post…its being moderated by me and not visible unless I make it visible and I am behind hard core lockdown security wise now…some of friends here in Sweden are the best IT security experts. They worked on the police websites, pharmacy and bank sites with security and teaches courses in we know how to defend ourselves for that stuff here in Sweden..I am sure the cops here in Sweden have access to it, but they don’t do gang-stalking here. gang stalking is a NATO phenomenon it looks like. Anyway, I moved everything over from the hosting in USA to Sweden…and the rat trap at catched some perps immideatly..


      7. That s hilarious! YES!! Set traps, target them back–and name names!

        Having control of your own site is crucial–and so is collecting their data. Maybe we could collaborate on that as a project? I teach others how to do basic rat trapping via self hosted blogging, but it could be an interesting project of scale I think–and it would be worth something to certain nparties too.

        In a couple days when I am not ravelling, and can get behind a firewall, and deep web, I will check out your sites.

        Seriously–blog about trapping these bastards–I have several pages devoted to only that–with a favorite page being how to use Wireshark, where one can collect evidence of these Fusion Center hackers.

        During the Ferguson, MO protests, I traced my connection to no less than three Fusion Centers–and that information, as you know is hard to obtain, and not exactly in the public eye yet.

        My tech skills are low though–and it is a hge project to write suchh a story, using such evidence–the research factor, the validation factor–big project.


      8. Rogs, I added some more of my own stories. I know you told me to do so and now I am..
        You know I why nobody really gives your posts likes other than me and Mr. Moore. Are we on a separate IP block? or maybe silenced through the the level of stalking we have experienced the cable companies are in on it to and ofcourse they can make your site invisible to the public but not to you so Id suggest spreading this stuff on forums all over the world…that way there is no chance they can catch up with all the IPs and isolate them…yeah Wireshark rules those are my sites ..the have nothing to do with gang stalking but I would like to see if I click on the links that it is being recorded as a visit…get me?


      9. People don’t give me likes because I usually delete people who like my posts.

        And the only silencing I have gotten so far is after I published the names of an LAPD-FBI-coroners office gang that I traced using SOCMINT.

        Then, around that same time someone was hacking my blog from inside WordPress,–that asshat changed my logo to “Q” for the Q-anon b.s.

        It isn’t merely the ISPs in my case–I have outed NSA/USAF/FBI/Mossad and other agency asshats online–my blogs were mirrored and so on.

        As for the honeypots, I will click over there when I get a minute. I am curious about what else you do online.


      10. BTW–about “likes” as I said I use that feature to discern who is a fakeTI from who is a real one–Moore almost NEVER “likes” my posts.

        At my last several blogs, I did a variety of experoiments, and guess what? 90% of the likes were by known perps–Lissa Kriss, and Midge Mathis and others like them.

        I wrote crackpot shit just to see who would “like” it.

        Then, I changed my approach–which has changed the world now.

        Real targets leave almost no web presence, and of those that do, they are easy to discern by their stories–whistle blowers, victims like Richard, and so on. They seek help, and tools to fight back.

        TBH, you would be a formidable foe–I hope you use your skills to do what you are capable of doing to those you can name.


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