Columbine: the classic police and military “gang” activity, preceding a mass shooting, and the destruction of heroine Celine Marquez

Mass shootings in America can all be connected to “police gangs” as causal agents, in nearly all cases, and with empirical evidence. Is that why this one story refuses to die in the media, while ALL OTHER MASS SHOOTINGS SINCE are swept under the rug, nearly as fast as they happen?

The Columbine mass shooting/school shooting is emblematic of what happens when “gangs” of police, military and state workers conspire to create a big lie: the story refuses to die because it is a lie. In fact, the words “conspiracy” and “lies” are synonymous with that one shooting–and such words describe these gangsstock in trade, lying to the public, in court rooms and to media.

It is imperative upon democracy to research these stories, and come to the truth, because these police gangs are anti-democratic at every junction.It is imperative upon those who study gang stalking to read The Inside Story of Columbine: Lies. Coverups. Ballistics. Lessons, by Randy Brown

This is the behind the scenes story of the Columbine tragedy, from a year before the killings, telling the entire story up to today. This book covers many of the unknown details, the cover-ups, the lies, the secrets and the real life story of the family involved in Columbine. If you think you know the story of Columbine, you are wrong. This is the real story of the tragedy, from the point of view of the family at the center of the tragedy. This is a unique opportunity to read the true history of Columbine, from someone on the inside. This is not a book with an agenda. This is the truth. No matter how painful it is, this book is the truth. An invaluable chance to read the real history of one of the great tragedies of this Country.You will read about the coverup by the police, the lies and deception, the bullying, the reason for the killings, and about ballistics details that have never been released. All of this information is well documented, and taken from the investigative files. If you want to know what really happened at Columbine and in the ensuing years, this is the source.Read it and learn.The bonus chapter is about how to stop School Shootings. It is invaluable information.The final chapter discovers the reason behind the coverups and lies.This is the only source for that information.

Then, it’s important to know what happened to school administrator Celine Marquez,whose life was destroyed because she told the truth. Once an insider, with a government job, a pension, and retirement–they took it all away from her, as was gang stalked out of her job, and after revealing that a SWAT team member who was on the scene, Sgt. Daniel O’Shea, killed a child escaping the carnage.

And for those who say that ROGS hates christians–I don’t, per se–I hate liars and the religiously delusional–people who throw the word God into every conversation to keep talk of substance out. I hate liars who hide behind the badge and say “Hopes-n-Prayers©” every time gangs of police and military gang stalkers cause a mass shooting.

I appreciate all people for their ability to tell the truth, regardless of class, race, ethnicity, or religion.

And here is something you must also know: the best podcast from that era is from Bob Enyart, a christian man, preacher, journalist, and podcaster, documenting the actual conspiracy, and actual coverup of facts in the public’s interest regarding Columbine mass shooting–and ask yourself why you didn’t see that on 60 Minutes, or other major media? Ask yourself what real heros are made of.

Randy Brown and Brian Rohrbough Expose Columbine

He chronicles how police in Jefferson County, agents from the FBI, and others tried to frame a whistle blowers kid as one of the shooters, as well as obstructed process all along the way, while obfuscating the fact that an FBI agents son was involved in the planning of that event years before it happened.

Yeah–America isn’t a democracy by any stretch of the word democracy. Take a listen to a good christian man’s podcast.

But no one can say that I hate chrstians, per se-truth is where you find it on that day. I found it in a good man’s reporting.

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