Arvada Colorado shooting, Jefferson County CO, Red Rocks Church, Columbine connections–and legal liability (personal injury attorney’s take note!)

Linking gang stalking to known patterns of misconduct is easy when you follow ROGS Analysis of mass shootings. And we see time and time again, the connections are easy, once you know where to look. Prosecuting gang stalkers though is a bit more difficult–but possible.

The Arvada Colorado cases are cases where liability can be pursued by personal injury attorney’s.I will quickly skim through a few details of something that I am linking together:

  1. a couple recent mass shootings indicate some very bad police practices in Arvada, CO, aka “predictive policing” aka “gang stalking” has contributed to these shootings
  2. that a certain famous mass shooting case, the Columbine shooting, is linked to Jefferson County policing in what some call a shoddy job of investigation, while others call it a full blown police and FBI coverup
  3. a certain mega church has been implicated as using children to stalk people in that community, going so far as to have parents sign waivers that if their children are hurt or killed while stalking people in the community, the church shall have no liability

Here is my coverage of the Arvada shooting and an accessory piece about same, where a target of community policing shot a cop (the community service officer, which is significant).

Arvada sits in Jefferson County, CO. where the infamous Columbine mass shooting produced one of the most nepotistic and sloppy cover-ups in all mass shooter history. That shooting, we might recall, even includd the lead FBI agents son collaborating with the shooters to film it, two years before the actual shooting.

If the person who did that–Brian Fusellier–was anyone other than an FBI agents son, he would have been indicted as an accessory to mass murder, no differnet than any other terrorist. But that didn’t happen.

Latly, I am investigating Red Rocks Mega-Church and the contracts I mentioned above. They havebeen implicated in a claim by one of my onformants, but I have yet to validate this claim, due to a lack of documents.

Richard–if you are reading, I could use some documentation!

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