Criminal Stalking perps making cases easy.

Richard Moore documents the tactic of “causing dependency” and women’s empowerment as a “sisterhood” that unites quickly to contain and control the narratives of men who are targets.

Like we see in the “incel movement” which was started by a woman, Alana Boltowood, there is often a concerted effort BY women to co-opt the suffering that men like Richard Moore endure.

At its most base level, it is “feminism gone wrong” and at the upper echelons is “women as a herd, easily led and misled” by conceptions of themselves AS women, rather than as “human beings.”

Its an interesting take on targeting.

United States anti gang stalking association

The object of organized criminal stalking is to annihilate the target. Gang stalking which is simply another name for the banned Cointelpro program. Here I will lay out three perpetrators that recently made an old dangerous move to destroy me.

Astra Stanwyck: Astra Stanwyck was placed into my life about 1/12 years ago. She like any person that ends up in a victims life, was placed there by her handler. This is a very important fact that all victims should know. Once targeted you are in a very precise controlled bubble. This bubble is only visible to the perpetrator and the victim. Victims will always end up allowing what seems to be perfectly normal, a new person in their lives. Victims having been isolated and ostracized from their friends and family become very vulnerable and susceptible to picking up perpetrator friends. The perpetrators will always come off as harmless, they…

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