Peter Langman, PhD, school shooting expert.: About those “experts” on school shootings–they ALWAYS fail to mention that the “suspects” were well known to the police

The most shallow dive into the biographies of any and all experts on school shootings, or gang stalking, reveals that they are pro-prosecution, and often affiliated directly with, and deriving profit from police organizations.

So, as we saw with the bogus profile of “fame seeking” or ” mass contagion shooters,” and reads like a who’s who of state-paid pundits, these “experts” seem to excel at only one thing: trotting out profiles, research data, and arguments favorable to prosecutors, while actively hiding the ball and discussing state level provocateurs who incite these mass shooting events.

All of them completely avoid discussing that the “suspects” were “on the radar” before these events–and WOW! –what a “radar” it is! Take a look at this police radar to get an idea of what it is.

The suspects are being followed by security services endlessly, sometimes year in and year out–they are taunted online and off, their internet connections resemble pop-corn machines of endless “redirection” via programs like Moonshot CVE–and that one of the most famous of the school shooters, Eric Harris, the Columbine shooter even attended school and made movies about mass shootings right alongside lead FBI investigatorDwayne Fusellier’s son. That’s pretty close cmpany to keep, and any other kid in a similar situation would have been indicted as an accessory–but not the FBI agents son, at the center of that event.

So–these various types of informants, provocateurs, and other FBI trained and “handled” assets are a MAJOR feature of these events. collaborated with the shooters to make a movie about the Columbine shooting a year or two before it happened.

And as we see with manufactured terror events, this becomes an important fact–that these events ALWAYS involve planning in assistance with the FBI, or other agencies and law enforcement. And that fact barely registers with “the experts” like Peter Langman.

A brief look at the recent fake-terror event of the Kidnapping of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is FULL of FBI agents. And, that the case is in jeopardy because it was manufactured from whole clothe–that three out of fifteen FBI agents and informants are tainted. There were more FBI terrorists and informants creating that case than there were suspects–that’s food for thought–and it seems that legitimate researchers, lecturers, and experts would make note of that. But they don’t!

Well, when experts like Peter Langman Ph.D.–who has made his entire career discussing causal factors of mass shootings and school shootings specifically–these pro’s ALWAYS fail to note any correlations such as we see above. They AWAYS fail to note–to write about, discuss, incorporate into their analysis, or otherwise address– that type of salient detail.

Let’s take a look at a piece written by this expert, and let’s see if anything in that piece mentions that correlation–but before we do, look at

Langman’s piece in Psychology Today, is the same publication where another dubious source, Dr. Joe Pierre, claims that all gang stalking compaints are all likely “delusions,” or textbook paranoia. Keeping in mind that Dr. Pierre is also a Veterans Administration Big Pharma dope dispenser, we see patterns emerge in the data.

Well, a look at “what is a shill in the gang stalking dialectic.” Enjoy–if you can, lol.

Columbine, Bullying, and the Mind of Eric Harris

To understand Columbine, we have to understand Eric Harris.

There is such a massive amount of information on Columbine that it is possible to find evidence for numerous different views of the attack. The preponderance of the evidence, however, indicates that Eric Harris was a disturbed young man who had other motivation for the attack than retaliation for harassment.

I won’t waste too much time analyzing the analysis of government shills whose main industry is speaking engagements and books obscuring the fact that these shooters are gang stalked BEFORE they go on rampages–but my readers will know this is true.

Chalk this up to “source watch and gang stalking.”

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