What is “spiritual warfare” in the gang stalking dialectic? Let’s ask a Satanist why we need Satan in our public schools!

In the gang stalking dialectic, we frequently encounter the term “Satanism” which is used to describe any of many types of persons–but it is nearly always a mis-apropriated term.

Warning: This post contains graphic images of the horrific crimes of organized religions and their actual conspiracies

Without indulging in the tribal sectarian religious doctrines, conflicts, and inter-tribal warfare of Jewish-christian culture, I will simply state that tthe following have all been described as “Satanists” onine and in other literature:

  • Jews are perpetual targets of this charge, and while some sects of organized Jewry do in fact believe in very evil things, the same cannot be said of all Jews, or even most of them
  • Free Masons are frequently decribed by many as the Satanic Church, and indeed, Masonic belief and practice does in fact atempt to interpret the bible in ways that are “unorthodox.”
  • the various sects and cults within christianity often call each other Satanic
  • Atheists are often called Satanic by ultra-fanatical christian sects, lauded by anti-christian Jews, and many others confuse atheism with Satanism

All of the above conceptions of Satanism stem from a matter of perspectives and pundits whose goal is to force religion onto people, are rife with biases, hyperbole, and false information–in short, these competing religions give Satanism a bad name, because they are all arguing for or against one or another religious doctrine from withing the Jewish-christiam-Islamic paradims–the “Abrahamic Trifecta” of organized religion, which is a “world ordr” descending from the time of the Flavian emperors of Rome.

Most of the victims of organized religion agree that these religions themselves devilish and evil--look at this for a reminder of what is at the core of ultra-orthodox Judaism today, as it has always been–racism and hatred of “the other.”

And for proof of the type of hatred that these people are capable of–these sects and cults and Masonic incarnations of organized religion– take a look at the case of Richard Moore, who is beset by what could rightfully be called “demons”–those demons in the form of humans who are sociopaths, with names, and addresses; family and friends, all of whom rally around doing evil things to people like Richard Moore.

He names them over at his blog and his Quora postings, and currently, his demons are three “religious” women organizing efforts to harass and manipulate his life–no kidding. But as “it is written”–demons are legion–who can possibly name them all? But we see in his case that he has named quite a few, and is suing them in federal court.

Gangs of stalkers provide evidence that there is no,”God,” “G_d,” or anything remotely resembling “goodness”in what you think you know about religious teaching–many christian sects are radicalized, vicious trolls, stalkers, and harassers

These types as described by Moore are what human evil looks like–they are what sociopathy IS in fact and practice. But sociopaths are not Satanists, regardless of which religious teaching they follow. And as we read through any version of the bible, we do in fact find that it is a written pseudo-historical novel, full of sociopaths.

So let’s take a look at what modern Satanism is, and who Satanists are, according to those who openly call themselves Satanists, and extricate these actual Satanists from the myre that organized religions are.

From the highly respected Anciet Origins, we meet the new kids in town:

Satanic Temple Weaponizing US School Children In Spiritual Wargames

A new “Satan Club” has opened in a US school for children as The Satanic Temple pushes back on the success of Christian Good News clubs. The term “Spiritual warfare” describes the ancient Christian war against the perceived forces of evil, including a host of malevolent spirits and demons who are believed to do the malicious work of the devil on Earth. While praying and exorcism have always been the Christian’s number one weapons in this age-old war for spiritual supremacy, it looks like the dark forces just won a major battle, as we learn about the new after-school “Satan Club,” directed by the Satanic Temple.

In this blurb, we see several terms that appear in the gang stalking dialectic highlighted in major media. Specifically “spiritual warfare” is a term that appears all over the gang stalking dialectic. Keeping in mind that gang stalkers are nearly always religious, from one or another cult and sect of Jewish-christianity, we see Satanism then, as a reaction to how chirches try to sneak religion into public schools across America.

Before we indulge in that topic, know that the christians believe that Jews control all school curriculum–and that in fact, a racist Jewish group, the Anti Defamation League oversees what children read in our schools. It should also be noted that the ADL is an exclusive club for Jewish racists–not all Jews participate in such activity, much as not all “white” people participated in the Ku Klux KLan, though a certain type of white people benefitted from that form of society.

Lets Meet a Satanist, who wants to put balance into the school systems via Satanist glee clubs

Douglas Mesner, otherwise known as Lucien Greaves, is a social activist and co-founder (alongside Malcolm Jarry) of The Satanic Temple. ( Mark Schierbecker / CC BY-SA 4.0)

What is the Satanic Temple Fighting For and Against?

Douglas Mesner, otherwise known as Lucien Greaves, is a social activist and co-founder (alongside Malcolm Jarry) of The Satanic Temple. Greaves recently told Fox News “We’re [The Satanic Temple ] are not teaching children about Satanism. They’re just going to know that this is taught by Satanists.” The chief US Satanist also said he hoped people could see “that good people can have different perspectives, sometimes on the same mythology, but not mean any harm,” except to The Good News Club, which the group has in its crosshairs.

Confusing the Already Confused

The Satanic Temple claim their followers “don’t believe in spiritual evil or a literal devil” and that the number one historical archetype for all that is evil is simply “a symbol of defiance, independence, wisdom and self-empowerment.”

….follow the link for more information.

Here below is a reminder of what organized religion is at its core:

The Catholic Inquisition, heade by a Jewish guy, de Torqemada Image: BlogTo
One of many thousands of Palestinian children being burned alive by Israel and it’s complicit FVEYs “pals” Image: NewsLine
The Babi Yar massacre of 35, 000 Jews in the Ukraine, bu other Jews and their enablers Image: World Jewish Congress
Slavery in the USA was the result of Jewish-christian belief systems, chiefly Jewish- Protestantism and Free Masonry
The genocide of native American people cannot be missed–Jewish-christian believed it was their combined “manifest destiny” to eradicate these people by any means Image:Around the Oregon

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