What is “managed aggression” in the gang stalking dialectic? Its an FBI tactic that has infected all investigations and “predictive policing”

As we see time and again, people who are targeted by punitive investigations like what we see in Pasco County Florida, these programs go by many names, like evil itself–though I am an “evil-skeptic.

I use the term evil, because its conveninient, and has a common meaning–we know it when we see it. But does that knowledge transfer when it is entire ntiions committing attrocities? When programs in use in western nations mirror the worst abuses of totalitarian and fascist regime’s and dictatorships of the past? I think it does, and managed aggression is one such example.

These tactics of managed aggression that are deployed upon citizens were once covert, and used by international spy agencies, but are now deployed by western governments on their own citizens, and particularly in a tribal sectarian paradigm of persecution–the ultra religious, conservative elements of our societies are harming their own nations citizes with managed aggression.

So there is no longer any substantive or meaningful separation ofthe definition of a citizen from that of the terrorist, from taxpayer to targeted individual–the entirety of the US and other governments has been weaponized against its own citizens in a strategy of managed aggression.

What is Managed Aggression?

The FBI, and intelligence agency/threat assessment literature is full of references to the term managed aggression, in one or another form. As a term of art, it takes on various vague meaning’s and as such is a “plastic” construction–it has no real definition, and i.e. means whatever its practitioner wants it to mean “on that day.”

From Wikispooks, we find that plastic words and phrases are:

language which is used so commonly and widely as to lose its meaning, but which continues to be used as a performance rather than to convey clear meaning. They are widely used as tools of propaganda and are particularly insidious when passed into law.

So, generally, these words are “performative”–dramatic or theatrical terms of art that serve as propaganda, and are insidious–insidious being a close relative of “demonic,” for example.

From and FBI website we see this example “Perspective: Risk Management and Police Training–Making Prevention a Reality: Identifying, Assessing, and Managing the Threat of Targeted Attacks.

That title is a lot to unpack, as the language of these countering violent extremism (CVE) and counter intelligence programs turn tricks on the layperson’s understanding of the language that we share in common. The entire CVE script has dual meaning, and uses euphimistic double talk. In a word–these terms and phrases mean the opposite of what you or I might expect, because of the presumptions about language that ordinary people share.

For example in the above sample, there are loaded words and “plastic words” that defy definition–or whose definitions have morphed and changed in your lifetime, evading a concrete description.

So–here’s a series of questions for you, the reader:

-what is risk? what is “prevention”–what is “reality”?

-what is “management” and what is “threat”?

It is here at this jumble of double talk where the average citizen is unaware of concrete meanings of any kind whatsoever–but where a danger to citizens exists when taxpayer funded agencies do unclear things in unclear ways, with unclear outcomes, using our tax dollars.It serves as little more than ritual defamation–the fanatics in power labeling others as a threat to their fanaticism.

Without getting into this idea of “threats” and “assessment” of threats, take a brief look at how other western FVEY’s nations are “managing aggression” in the case of Ahamed Samsudeen in New Zealand–use my search feature “Samsudeen,” and “New Zealand” for reference to that case.

In that case, he was surveilled, and imprisoned nearly from the day he mad shore as a refugee, and tortured by proxy of biker gangs while imprisoned for using words and imagery–he was imprisoned for speech crimes–and then, while “free” he was followed around, his internet was wiretapped, he was stopped from fleeing the country, and held in diplomatic limbo for many years as New Zealand refused to allow him to leave the country–these cases are an unprecedented denial of the most basic human rights.

Later, he was followed by a detail of 30 police, for 53 days, 24 hours per day, seven days per week–and only then, after all that, did he pick up a knife, and slash at people who were indeed stalking him as members of the “community policing” scheme that are rife in all western “democracies.”Its a real eye opener and insight into managed aggression strategies. And it forms its own category of state facilitated and initiated crime.

So,, let’s dive one level deeper into an early case on the web, where the various spy agencies, police fraternal organizations, and law enforcement agencies cried foul, and demanded that the website–or its operator– be taken down.

Spy & CounterSpy is perhaps the very first gang stalking website, written by Lee Adams, Vickie Nickel, and three former covert agents from various intel agencies whose work there was authored as “Agent X”. All are/were former British SIS, and French DST agents, as well as targets of US and British intelligence agencies.

A highly charged and descriptive site, written by people with the highest security clearances at top-secret facilities and agencies, its authors grew disillusioned to say the least–one agent grew sick watching how British intel used extra-judicial executions of Irish civilians as a tool of repression, another was surveilled for seven years, and another grew “disgusted with what she calls “the senseless damage” caused by inept surveillance and a bungled investigation” that lasted four years–and wrecked her life to a large extent; while still another retired from a security service and wrote a memoir–and then became the subject of “vehicle collisions in traffic, pedestrian hit-and-runs, and other lethal situations.”

Truly horrific stuff, revealing the ugly side of the dirty business of intelligence agencies. Yet unsurprisingly, these descriptions match the descriptions of the activity that legitimate targeted individuals endure in western nations today, but rather than these tactics being targeted at people with the highest security clearances and inside knowledge of the deadly gaes of spies–they are targeted at ordinary citizens in a widespread black program that only grows by the day.

You can mirror the site yourself, or just click over to the web mirror of Spy & Counterspy to read through it. Many of us out here who have endured these domestic terrorists from the intelligence cults rife in our democracies today are well versed in this website, and well aware of managed aggression stragtegies–I myself have several mirrors of that site, and the .pdf file too, which I provide to those who seek such information.

But what managed aggression is outside of an intelligence framework (and even inside of an investigation should you wish to sue) is illegal, stalking activity that can and should be prosecuted. Lives are lost, and careers upended–the goal of these programs is to sestroy the targets–and no one the wiser when these stalkers run people off the roadsor kill them in other ways with “managed aggression”–actual investigations are flubbed when managed aggression crosses the legal lines and these criminal stalkers botch a case due to obscenely illegal targeting.

All over the web, these stories are exploding into public view as ordinary people across the USA and its FVEYs confabulation fall under surveillance by their own governments. Cases ranging from the banal, and hyper-local, where stupid state workers like volunteer firfighter Richard “Don’t Be A Dick” Wittkugle and his gang stalk homeowners; or cases where entire police departments are armed and weaponized as miniature CIA wannabe’s, using “intelligence led predictive policing” and the sordid stalking activity that goes with it.

We can watch in real time now, as the web and its users expose these horrific, life challenging domestic terror campaigns waged BY the police and their associates–we can watch as an ordinary citizen is attacked by these sociopathic people who do this stuff–watch as Richard Moore in Mississippi endures many of the exact tactics described at Spy & Counterspy, and ask ourselves what is the point of democracy, if this is what underpins it?

Yet such cases give us a starting point with which to compare, and validate the ROGS Analysis of organized gang stalking, and go from there to create change.

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