Woman arrested for crime based on DNA from her rape kit–lock ’em up!

Yeah, but It’s Never Her Fault©!

Rape is a feature not a bug in the US prison system–men in prison face rape threats daily–to the tune of millions of threats, and thousands of rapes per year.

An estimated 60,500 inmates — 4.5 percent of the Nation’s prisoners — report experiencing sexual violence ranging from unwanted touching to nonconsensual sex, according to a recent Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) survey of Federal and State inmates.[1] A separate BJS survey found that more than 6,500 official allegations of prison sexual violence were reported to correctional officials in 2006.[2]

National Institute for Justice

But that doesn’t stop US law enforcement or the American gulag system from databasing their DNA, and charging them with crimes based on that DNA–because those crimes are “their fault.”

Yet we see this disparity when it comes to women–that wmen always demand special privileges and entitlements, and that asshats in our society are more often than not willing to give them these s[ecial privileges.

Look! A woma starts a world wide terrorist movement and police won’t lift a finger to hnt her down and lock her up! Alana Boltwood, a white lesbian who sits on the board of Canada’s Mental Health Board, started the incel terrorist movement–and the press won’t even name her publicly!

Hell No, Lady It’s Never Your Fault©!

And so, unsurprisingy some POS “oh my privilege beats the justice system every time” female who the press ALSO refuses to name, just like Saint Alana Boltwood( see “Pursuing Alana: identifying terrorists and terrorist financial networks in ideological assessments of INCEL shootings–yes, its a mafia behind it”) has now been arrested for a crime based on DNA from a rape kit that she gave to the police–and she is crying fowl! Oh noooooes! Accountability!?

Not so fast on that last part–accountability?–HELL NO!–from the Cut:

Police Used a Woman’s Rape Kit to Arrest Her for a Crime

It recently came to light that the San Francisco police department may have used a database of sexual-assault survivors’ DNA to search for suspects in unrelated crimes, arresting a woman for a felony property offense after identifying her through her 2016 rape kit. The charges have since been dropped, but the woman is reportedly considering suing the city, filing a notice of a potential federal lawsuit on March 10….“This is the ultimate betrayal and re-victimization at the hands of authorities and people that she sought help and protection from,” her attorney, Adante Pointer, said of the suit, according to the Associated Press….On February 14, District Attorney Chesa Boudin said he had learned of the case the previous week: At the time, the San Francisco Chronicle reported, he could not say whether or not it aligned with police protocol or represented a one-off incident. But Boudin reportedly read the department’s labto the Washington Post, which emphasized the word choice: “During a routine search of the SFPD Crime Lab Forensic Biology Unit Internal Quality Database, a match was detected and verified.” The head of that lab reportedly confirmed to Boudin that these types of searches occurred regularly. The DA told the Post the admission left him “horrified,” from both an ethical and a legal perspective.

Now, that mysterious un-named woman is suing–go figure.

I hope the courts have a “special” women-only law, with women-only penalties–and women-only judges, and women-only juries! Special little liars that they are, they need courts that understand women-only problems, and women-only crime, and women-only pain and suffering!

And this, from that woman’s lawyer: “the ultimate betrayal and re-victimization at the hands of authorities.” Idunno, lady–have a look at the case of attorney Abe DaBela, who was murdered by a gang of cops and firefighters–and his DNA wasn’t found on the trigger of his wn gun, as he died in a car wreck with muddy footprits stomped on his back–an accidental “suicide” of course!; or take a look at nearly ANY CASE EVER where male DNA was used to solve a crime and those men went to prison FOR their crimes–to face the constant, and confined and daily threat of rape.

Hey, folks–the law is unambiguous here: if you submit your DNA to cops willingly or otherwise, you are liable for crimes that DNA ties you to–but not in this case, because the cops let her go! Yet another free pass for the women, cuz “RAAAAAAPE!” no matter what they do. Seriously–NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO©.

Woman decapitates some children? Hell No Lady It’s Never Your Fault©! Probably the “menz” made you do it!

A woman rapes dogs? Hell No Lady It’s Never Your Fault©! The dogs are asking for it.

A woman makes an multi-million dollar career off of pushing police pornography into the public sphere via novels and films?–ask Alice Sebolds, the author of “The Lovely Bones” how many hard years of terror and pain she put a man through because she accused him of rape. Only problem thre, little liar, is that he was innocent. Yeah, I know, right? WHat’s a man’s life next to an expensive, extravigant, and self absorbedwhite liar like you?

Hell No Lady It’s Never Your Fault©! Stay in the herd, and we will balm your udders until death do we part. Your herd tits are WAAAAAAY more valuable than even the truth! The medical mafia, and its associated syatemic and instittional crime syndicates balms your bags to the tune of billions per year. Why stop at just one lie? Travel the world honey-boo! Its a white woman world–right–you should be able to trave freely EVERYWHERE inn the world, and steal mens underwear, as this woman did recently--and no one should stop YOU! YOU are SPECIAL!!!

Hey, folks–locking these crazy pots in jail would be better than leaving them to fend for themselves once their cray-cray cry-bullying Karen-ness, or their big-mouthed bullying Kate-ness gets in the way of reality–the same not-women-only reality that men and other non-binary people face EVERY SINGLE DAY.

IMHO, gender equality begins and ends with how many women we can lock up in the USA–because men face the brutality of the justice system every day, while women routinely skate on criminal charges of all kinds.


The entire discussion of equality is a joke–women do not want equality, they want privilege, and the banksters bid on them AS a herd, generation after generation. We know this now.

Related Reading: Fighting the CIA social programming of “rape culture” and Understanding rape in prison–a study in how women who demand special privileges “as women”have defined and studied rape, and who come to the table as negotiators of the rape memetic, bringing to the table the idea that all men are homosexuals–a false binary, and a traditional rationale by such rape apoliogists–when can we study women in such a manner?

The ‘Inner Homosexual’
Prison culture has a unique rationale for same-
sex behavior: the ‘inner homosexual.’ A study
of inmate’s narratives led to this concept. The
following prisoner narratives illustrate this theory:
“Every man is a homosexual. Every
man has sexual fantasies about a
man” (Fleisher & Krienert, 2006, p.

Never, if these white, female pundits are allowed to “own” the narratives. Click the link and help others enabling white females to dictate what “rae culture” is.

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