Chinese media takes on the US-FVEYs MKULTRA torture and experimentation on civilians: 美“洗脑实验”受害者讲述“凄苦人生”:我父亲遭超强电击以抹去记忆

The Global Times has an interesting story today, about the collective power of organizing against government abuse, as a little girl grows up, and discovers that her father was the victim of US-FVEYs MKULTRA psychiatric abuse programs:



The victims of the “brainwashing experiment” in the United States tell the story of “miserable life”: my father was shocked by a super electric shock to erase his memory

 My father received a “75x electric shock”(75 times the normal strength)

Canadian Julie Tenney told the Global Times that her father, Charles Tenney, was tortured by the MK-ULTRA program: first receiving an electric shock equivalent to 75 times the intensity of conventional electric shock therapy to erase memories, and then being forced to cycle through the words recorded on the tape to reconstruct new memories. After the experiment, her father sentenced the two of them, and the whole family was torn apart.

In 1957, Julie’s father, Charles, underwent a 3-month “brainwashing” treatment from Dr. Evan Cameron. Public information shows that Evan Cameron has dual British and American citizenship, has worked at McGill University and the Allen Memorial Institute in Canada, and many “mind control” experimental projects are related to him, which can be regarded as an iconic figure in such experiments. Julie recalled that it was a small, 47-bed hospital. Her father, Charles, suffered from trigeminal neuralgia, a facial pain that involved the jaw. It was painful, and doctors had to treat patients with electric shocks around the clock.

 Immediately after, the doctor said that Charles was mentally ill and sent him to the psychiatrist. Although Charles was very much against it, he did everything he had to do to get rid of the pain because he couldn’t work properly. His attending physician was working on the project with Dr. Evan Cameron at the hospital, and he had Charles participate in the project. Julie said: “We don’t know what they want to do to him, but we know that my father is not a psychopath and he does not have depression, schizophrenia or similar conditions. He went in because he went to several hospitals trying to get rid of the pain, but none of them found a solution. ”

As soon as Charles was admitted to the hospital, the doctors injected him with insulin, even though he wasn’t diabetic. Charles passed out unconscious, which doctors said was part of sleep aid therapy. Julie said that after her father was interviewed by a psychiatrist, the doctor would record some fragments of what he said and then loop them on a tape under his pillow, which would go around in his head, basically “brainwashing” him. They would also give him an electric shock treatment, but not today’s conventional shock treatment, but with a machine called “Page-Russell”, which is about 75 times the strength of conventional shock treatment and can be used to erase memories, while the tape just mentioned replaces the erased content with different memory information.

….follow the links to connect the dots! Read the full story, not just the excerpts!

ROGS commentary:

Western media has long downplayed the impact of the horrific mind control experiments performed on women, children, and especially men who resist one or another form of “mind control” whether that control takes the form of religious indoctrination, political indoctrination–or the more brutal and common forms of “influence operations” that take place in western media every day.

Of those PSYOPs, the mental health narrative is the most challenging to root out as an actual PSYOP–not merely because it is often a moral judgement or character smear cloaked as a medical opinion, but because convincing people that they are mentally deficient is challenging. But marginalizing them and causing them to stand out amongst their peers as a “deviant” from within the larger “norm” is relatively easy.

Blurring the term “deviant” into “mentally ill” and causing situations where that person stands apart from the “normal” is relatively easy at that point, and smearing individuals thus labelled becomes easier once they are. This os the basis of all trance formation, and we see it in religious group prayer, political rallies, and all other Jewish-christian functions, commerce, and trade, and so on.

Related Story: What is the link between corporate philosophy, hidden religious cults in corporate strategy, and targeted individuals? Take a look at my post Red Oceans, Blue Oeans for a glimpse into that.

So, these other forms of PSYOP–religion, and politics, aka the political socialization of groups are more useful tools with which to do that, because its very easy to deploy strategies of tension on an individual than it is to impose them on a society as a whole. And that’s what targeted individuals are for the most part, as we see repeated often on TI blogs and TI Youtube, Instagram, and other social media–resistors of that political and religious socialization.

The key to this strategy is to isolate the individual–a well known tactic amongst religious and political groups–and then to cause that individual hardships of all kinds, to marginalize them and then pressure them to adopt a cause or belief.That margialization will take the form of loss of employment, to loss of housing, and even interfering in that individuals family and more.

As such, that target will indeed begin to question their beliefs, and even their purpose or existence–the direct causation of an existential crisis that can lead some to believe that they are mentally ill, or that something is wrong with them, rather than structures within their society that deploy these “mind weapons” on them.

And while the western media is showing signs that some are willing to write about this topic–even winning Pullitzer Prizes–most western media is infiltrated with the exact religious and political persons who refuse to adopt an durgency in reporting these stories.

The question is “why?” And the answer is straight out of Journalism 1001: “remember who your subscriber is.”And the subscriber is indeed major drug companies, and other corporate interests behind the stories–no major drug company wants the world to know that their miracle cures come from human experimetation, or research that began in the laboratories of the Nazi’s.

But that’s where they did in fact begin–and just one recent case, that of the Sackler Crime Family of Purdue Pharma highlights that exact conflict, as does earlier work by people who resist the takeover of dialectic spaces by Big Pharma reps and PR firms–efforts to label detractors–and their victims, as mentally ill.

Dr. Seth Farber documented all of that with Mad in America, and his analysis of the concept of psychiatric meta-narrative, where the corporate state works with the deep state narrative to deploy weaponized labelling of targets online and off. You can view discussion about that here.

MKULTRA is passe’–a mere suggestion of what was to come–and this new thing is the daily fact of every human life caught in its sphere of influence.

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