No Surprise News: Ukraine’s Only Woman Rabbi Among the Many Jews Fleeing War

It bears repeating–feminism is merely deep cover misandry, and another form of supremacy, ad it has its roots in a very specific theology. So this piece could easily be titled “Feminist preacher flees foxhole.”

“Men especially love murder. In art, they celebrate it. In life, they commit it.”

Andrea Dworkin, radical feminist who blamed all war on all men

All that talk about “save the Ukraine!” and “Oh Putin is Hitler!” sounds kind of hollow when the Ukraine’s only female rabbi votes with her fleeing feet, rather than standing her ground.

Just sayin.’

Aaaaand, that is why I am not a feminist.

Ukraine’s Only Woman Rabbi Among the Many Jews Fleeing War

Many Jews are among the more than 2.5 million refugees leaving Ukraine.

Rabbi Julia Gris, who led a Progressive Jewish congregation in Odessa, Ukraine, visits a synagogue in Warsaw, Poland, Saturday, March 12, 2022. Many Jews are among the more than 2.5 million refugees leaving Ukraine. International Jewish organizations have mobilized to help, working with local Jewish communities in Poland, Romania, Moldova and elsewhere to organize food, shelter, medical care and other assistance. Among them is Rabbi Gris, Ukraine’s only woman rabbi, who these days leads online Shabbat services for her scattered congregation. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

Who could have guessed that this Andrea Dworkin doppelganger would flee when the shit hits the fan? I, for one am not surprised.: there are no feminists in foxholes.

And while men and boys aged 18-60 in the Ukraine are being forced to stay IN the country at penalty of law–by a Jewish leader named Paddington Bear, I might add–women like this above are fleeing.

No–there are no “feminists” in foxholes.

As Mark Dent puts it over at Voice for Men in a piece titled “There are no feminists in a foxhole

Feminism can only exist in times of peace and plenty. In other words, when all of the back breaking, heavy lifting, life risking work has been done by men and the work environment is comfortable and carpeted with air conditioning (sexist though it may be) or qualifications have been lowered in order to facilitate a large quota of undeserving females’ easy entry into professions men had to gain entry into by proving themselves worthy- feminism flourishes.

Feminists preach loudly and incessantly the mantra- women are not simply the equal of men, they are their moral and physical superior.

The keen reader might note that foxhole analogies are there for a reason–they define who has your back, versus who your enemy is. Who will save your life, versus who might kill you in an act of war.

There are many atheists in foxholes, for example, and Jews too. Lots and lots of black people in foxholes, and lots of women. But not this one rabbi, whose message to the world is that she flees a country that she sought to minister to–a country she sought to influence with the ideology and historical legacy of her faith and culture.

Aaaaand that’s why I am not a feminist.

And that legacy is looking less than steadfast in its actual purpose, if the point is to flee a nation in distress–to flee a place where “god” has designed a conflict, well, what’s the point?. Jumping ship then, is the message she preaches*.

I mean–I get it with the anti-war sentiments, I really do. In fact, having been part of the peace movement many years ago, I am well aware of the ways that the anti-peace movement waged war on me personally. But I wasn’t preaching–I wasn’t proselytizing my views, merely living them.

And like the good rabbi, I eventually voted with my feet too–and the gang stalking stopped exactly as if a faucet turned off, or the flip of a lightswitch. So, yeah–I know a bit about peace, but also about the domestic war that precedes real war. I know what being sprayed with bullets feel like too. All forms of war and violence are terribly painful.

But I wasn’t trying to disrupt the social order by seeking special privileges in a society, only seeking for that society to uphold the rule of law, due process, and so on. I lost my war for peace.

And I was out-gunned AND out-voted at all times–by feminists seeking special privileges, and a special place as the ideological breeding stock of my nation.

There are so many women who are gang stalkers that stir up shit online, and file false terrorism reports–and as we saw in a recent case, that of Richard Moore in Mississippi–the guy has women travelling from several states away just to harass him, or steal his belongings–and then, file restraining orders against HIM when he speaks or writes about what these “empowered” women do.

No–there are no feminists in foxholes. And this rabbi and whatever flock she speaks for is exactly why that is so.

Shitting in foxholes does nothing but make life much harder for those who are unfortunate enough to be forced/conscripted/drafted to fill a foxhole.In the Ukraine, that is the case now.

Nope–there are no feminists in foxholes, but plenty of women who loosely fit the bill of breeding stock, waging these feminists and “empowered women” diatribes all over the world–but where are they when you need them?

Yup–they are fleeing to the higher ground, cuz’–breeding stock. Or, privilege–or wealth. So, what’s in a “belief” or what do some interpret the ancient black books to mean anyways? There you have it.

And, as we saw in the last several decades–there are even transgender men and women in foxholes

Buuuuut–feminists? Yeah, don’t count on it–and “barrier shattering, history making female rabbi’s?” Yeah–don’t count it twice.

*Jumping ship is also observed with rats, and white women of all political doctrines–women who fundamentally believe that war and violence is a male problem, no matter how many women create how many wars and other problems–Madeline Albrights war in the Balkans comes to mind.

I once had a spirited discussion with a Jewish professor who claimed that Jewish religion does not proselytize–that Jews do not attempt to push their beliefs on others, or convert them to their faith. And while I would gladly suffer ten thousand bad, and often comical arguments from any Jew over one more christian proselytizing, such arguments work only if we ignore the millions of other ways that people seek to influence others. And Jews are so good at influencing others that they wrote the book on it–so good that Hitler himself used Jewish derived influence operations to win over the masses.

I have also softened my harsh view of Andrea Dworkin over the years, as she has many salient observations that are as valid today as when she wrote them–

The argument between wives and whores is an old one; each one thinking that whatever she is, at least she is not the other.” Lol.

Or this, which encapsulates gag stalking in its entirety and brevity: “

The genius of any slave system is found in the dynamics which isolate slaves from each other, obscure the reality of a common condition, and make united rebellion against the oppressor inconceivable.”

6 thoughts on “No Surprise News: Ukraine’s Only Woman Rabbi Among the Many Jews Fleeing War

  1. I needed a breath of laughter and this did it for me. So I’ll write a little here before Dear Surpream Leader gets wind of my laughter. Unlike Dear Surpream Leaders holy counterpart Kim jong-un mentally-ill of North Korea . My leader auctually has an ass hole but it’s what we consider a mouth he’s also a Mason and plays Santa Claus for all little boys as long as they are white, little and if course boys. And he is always good to explain how Jesus and Santa were best friends. I’m not allowed to speak about these things and live in peace. It’s also funny that you have Tiger Woods picture. As you know, according to his fans in the south , Tiger is mostly white and then Chinese or something Asian. When his white girlfriend turned on him we learned that she was auctually African American, and don’t argue! Golf is a white man’s sport so by default Tiger Woods is the define if and American WASP. When he stared getting accused of cheating on his white wife, before she was African, Tiger official became a Chi- neg-ro. And they could not get him out of Augusta fast enough, God forglbid the create Myrtle’s die. So what must the white WASP do you save their beloved little white balls sport? The Chi-ng-go was admitted to a sex rehab, not just any sex rehab it had to be, wait for it!!! Yes Mississippi. Hattiesburg, a deep south string hold of the Klan as well as great descendents of Kaiser Wilhelm. From there Tiger was able to get his WASP crown back and play with white balls.


    1. Richard, first, check your spam folder in WordPress. It seems that your comments to MY blog are going through some redirection on their way here, and end up in spam; so maybe my comments at your blog have a similar problem.

      Yeah–the connections you are making are excellent! And again, yes, these shenanigans between these black stars are a joke. Pure Freemason-ADL hilarity. I hope the guy kills himself in jail.

      And yes, if Tiger wasn’t a controlled asset, I would be shocked.And yes, hes a WASP to the bone.

      On that note: look at your buddy Astra-hat, and note the connection between her, golf, mini-golf, and Freemasons. It all starts at Saint Andrews in bonnie Scotland.


      1. Historians agree that the Lost tribe of Dan that just disappeared from the old testament, were the ones that stole King Solomon’s riches. According to the Bible as a historical document, Solomon was the richest King ever, yet nothing has been found to support that. It’s said that Dan migrated to what is Now Scotland with King Solomon’s lute. Changed their name to the Scottish Rite and the Knight Templar which Freemasonry was spawned from that.


      2. Well, that’s a long story. I don’t accept anything in the bible as history, but there is evidence that the tribe of Cohen is who had the riches of Egypt, and transferred those riches via the Knights Templar into Scotland. Thats what the holy wars were about–and every war since then.


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