Best letter ever: gang stalking victim flees America–gang stalking STOPS exactly as if he “turned off a faucet.”

How to stop gang stalking, how to fight gang stalking, what is gang stalking, is gang stalking a delusion

I get many emails, most of those emails from actual gang stalkers, who have endless amounts of time to do such things as write emails all day.

But of those letters I get that are from actual targeted individuals, I prefer the ones that are pro-active–the letter writers who want to take action, and fight back. See my self-help sections using my search feature “help” and “free tools,” and “how to catch a gang of stalkers” and so on

And I always advise these victims to seek allies outside the USA, or to go to places where they can get help as refugees, or as asylum seekers, as all nations of the west have deteriorated into theocracy driven police and surveillance states–it seems that “god” now has a name and face “Total Surveillance by the US-FVEYs spy gear.”

See–who said there is no god, right? There it is on every cell phone and every computer–all of your location data, and personal information fed into Fusion Centers, and the NSA-Israel data theft pipeline.So–God is a computer network of criminal spies–who knew?

Related: Is Elon Musk’s “neural lace” his own original idea, or did he get that idea from visionary and schizo-political pundit Francis Dec, OG shitposter? Meet Dec’s Frankenstein Gangster Computer God, from an earlier era, when the US Government was actually chasing people around New York city, poisoning them with LSD, and other substances, then having them committed to insane asylums for noticing. MKULTRA was the name of these programs, derived from the sick minds of Wild Bill O’Donovan, head of the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. This Catholic-Protestant-Jewish-Freemason derived “mind control” Francis Dec described was active then, as it is today.

Well–my writer has apparently taken my advice, and I wish the writer luck. I am republishing the comment without commentary, except for the bracketed comments[….] or corrections. I have removed identifying information:

I wrote to you previously, but The Fucktards apparently delete all your replies. I took your advice & left the country. They followed me to Guatemala City.

So I got a Transporte Del Sol bus from Guatemala down here to NationX. Exactly as you described, it was like ”turning off the faucet “.

I’m in City X, and am set to approach the embassies of X, X, and X to see if they would be interested in helping me to expose this.

As you are well aware, The Intercept has both the balls & the motivation to break this open.

From the moment I passed that ” Welcome to NationY sign at the border, my 2.5 yr long gangstalking situation just….stopped.

Thank you for your advice to head to an Xtiant country – you basically gave my life back to me. The Fucktards already have my aunt’s house in [city where there was a manufactured terrorism event]under full surveillance – the INSIDE of the house.

Now I FINALLY have some breathing space, I’m in full revenge mode.

Please let me know, whenever is convenient for you, whether you think it’s a good idea to attempt to get the above mentioned governments involved. As you know, the State Dept is VERY fond of wagging it’s fingers at Cuba, Russia, China & Nicaragua [Venezuela, Belarus, etc.]for their poor human rights records.

I feel it’s way, WAY beyond the time for the hypocrisy to stop. I know very little about technology, which has made things way too easy for The Fucktards the past 2.5 yrs. I feel it’s time to change the narrative

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