White Supremacy is Expensive: White Ukraine Orphans Pay the Price

Big pimpin in the Ukraine: the white v. black narratives are taking place in christian v. Jewish control zones–and they both seek to “save” the young, pre-pubescent white female. After that, they have ZERO plans to save boys and young men–typical race slavery, disguised as “concern.”

Interracial Marriage

Children across Ukraine are evacuating after Russia invaded the country. With Russian artillery pounding Severodonetsk, two teachers, with the help of two colleagues, rescued 76 children from an orphanage in the dead of night. They are now more than 800 miles away from home. The number of orphans are expected to rise and the children are fearing for their lives. These children are learning early what it cost to dominate people and that white supremacy is not automatic it cost blood, sweat, and tears. Land must be ceased and people subjugated. Anyone not on board with white supremacy must be punished by death.

There are parents that want to adopt some of these children and show them a better world. Show them there is another way and white supremacy and its war that produces death does not have to be your expected end. As the numbers of white orphan children grow and…

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