Reward offered: $125,000 in the curious death of attorney Abe Dabela–how do “state gangs” kill a highly acclaimed lawyer and get away with it? Was he not “white enough” for an FBI investigation?

Abe Dabela, an African-American man who had passed all the litmus tests for acceptance into civilized society; who passed all the academic tests to become a highly respected lawyer–and who attempted to merely utilize the so-called “rights” that are enshrined in the US Constitution–why did Abe “Gugsa” Dabela end up with muddy footprints on his back, and a bullet behind his ear after he was stalked by US firefighters in Redding Connecticut?

Well–gang stalking claims require gang stalking facts, and then, validation by the courts, and by the “authorities.”

But few cases of Free Mason involved murders are more glaring than that of Abe Dabela–will you assist me in taking a look? After all–it might well be worth your while–there is a 125,000USD reward offered for the capture of his killers. And that, my friends, is some serius play money.

Please look in on this case!




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