Gang stalking statistics: web savvy users choose anonymous searches to get here

It’s extremely important to fill the web with useful search terms and actual data that researchers of the future can find and utilize in our work. Search phrases like “gang stalking lawsuits,” and “gang stalking demographics,” or just “gang stalking data” is helpful, as opposed to what we see with so many bloggers and Youtubers littering the web with searches like “aliens and gang stalking,” and “electronic weapons and gang stalking” and so on.

Useful data on gang stalking is hard to get at because so many Masonic/Rotary Club/Knights Templar/USAF–other military/religious/Ella Free et al/Ramola D et al/Catherine Horton et al/crackpots unspecified fill the web with irresponsible, useless and unethical garbage that serious researchers eventually get mired in the garbage rather than the facts that we see in cases like that of Richard Moore or newsman56–two men whose lives have been upended by community policing terrorism.

These latter targeted individuals are easy to access, their stories are all over the web, and their stories are recorded on film–yet we still see disingenuous, irresponsible activity on the part of psychologists and social workers to pollute the web too.

Most notoriously, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan of Curtin University in Australia has made it her cause to take the lead in producing garbage studies that perpetuate the “targeted individuals are delusional” narrative, rather than a responsible assessment of any kind. And the irony is that one of the most easily found actual targets online–Dr. Stuart Bramhall, herself a psychologist–was not interviewed by Sheridan ever, despite living a stones throw from Australia in New Zealand.

Sheridan et al. also frequently fail to interview people like Stanley Cohen, Esq–a notorious lawyer and a target of multiple US government prosecutions, web hackers, and character assassination.And they also missed Keith LaBella, Esq. too–another lawyer who was targeted by the Feds because some government informant rat put him on their list. Very credible sources–very distorted research process of these psychologists.

You can see her highly disrespectful, and long discredited work here (her most recent content analysis study, where she validates the crackpots and disinformation agents) and her earlier study, where she and her partner in crime David V. James comes up with “well, targeted individuals are all delusional.”

There are also many other pundits who appear online or in the news and major media who attempt to discredit victims of gang stalking too, and it defies logic that such people exists at all–what kind of human being would overlook the evidence of gang stalking when the evidence is plain as day in cases like those cited above, or in cases like the eBay gang of stalkers in federal courts today?

Then too, there are cases where victims use the scientific method and capture gang stalking activity on cell phone and other video–cases where stalking is occurring plain as day as we see in Real Gang Stalking--yet these “experts” fail to assess that evidence or alter their position of official source gas lighting.

These “experts” like Dr. Joe Pierre, M.D. are often a bit suspect themselves–all of them who have made media appearances or been featured in the news are pro-prosecution, and work in coordination with policing and its subsidiary industries. Here is Pierre’s contribution to the echo chamber where he starts his piece yammering about electronic weapons–the hallmark of drug company shills and police affilliated stalkers:

Gang Stalking: Real-Life Harassment or Textbook Paranoia?

The fact that these people work in government or its subsidiary policing industries would be an eye-opener for any attorney tasked with a gang stalking case, but not media for some reason. Like gag stalkers themselves, these “experts” slip right through the fact-checking net.

Here is Pierre’s take on it:

T.I.s typically describe living in a state of constant fear, seeing evidence of being followed by unmarked police cars in every black SUV that drives by, of being zapped by “extremely low-frequency” (ELF) radiation or “Voice to Skull” (V2K) technology in every tingling sensation or bodily ache, and of malevolent intentions in other people’s every gesture….the “who” is variably attributed to neighbors, ex-boyfriends, employers, police, and other law enforcement agencies, “the financial elite,” or less conventional sources, like Freemasons and space aliens.

Picking through that pile of internet litter, actual TI’s will easily see how these pundits blur fact and fction–how they on one hand kind-of-sort-of note that community policing is what it is, and then quickly and ALWAYS slip in the garbage about aliens and Freemasons.

In gang stalking cases, fact and fiction is easily abused. But with the advent of cell phones and easy to upload footage, we see in fact that these cases DO involve these exact suspects–that the old Ku Klux Klan form of Freemasonry has been updated with electronics and internet, and repackaged as community policing.

In two of the cases I cited above–that of Richard Moore, and that of the Youtube channel Real Gang Stalking, we see Freemasons involved–ON FILM, in undeniable ways. In Moore’s case, we see him as a long term target of a cop who once jailed him, and that cop in fact a Freemason. Here is evidence of that

In the other case, the victim confronts and interviews a guy who is following him around Vancouver Canada. And predictably, the guy stalking him has his Freemasons tattoo prominently displayed. It’s so ridiculous that even a bad writer couldn’t make this stuff up.

Yet pundits like the “good” doctors Joe Pierre, and Lorraine Sheridan–or her partner in crime, Dr. David V. James of the North London Forensics Service, or Christine Sarteschi who has a book to sell–none of them can seem to find or interview these people who are actual targets, preferring instead to interview “the internet.” Imagine that! Police psychologists, interviewing an internet connection.

They might as well interview the infamous Lolcow site Kiwifarms, whose mission is to target and harass people online–but they didn’t interview ANY of Kiwi’s notorious targets–not a single one. And while Lolcows like the recent case of Chris chan are indeed hilarious cases–but there are also many suicides and mass shootings connected to that website too.

Internet influencer Chris Chan arrested for raping his senile mother–AFTER an extensive bullying campaign online that lasted over a decade.

And fair disclosure: one of my followers is also on a list that is kept on Kiwifarms server–the Farm actually maintains a list of targeted individuals, and maintains a page dedicated to the exact crackpots that these “experts” ALWAYS interview–the “V2K zapping my brain!!!” crowd.

Take a look–its as if the police state psychologists and the whacky–but very dangerous– Kiwi crowd are working towards the same end. Here are TI’s as Skitzocows:

Surveillance and Harassment Survivors Alliance – Skitzocow group that requires members to dox themselves to an extent on a publicly visible map.

The psycho-fruitcakes that pose as TI’s online have been very effective in concealing the other side of the TI phenomenon: the actual TI’s like Richard Moore and others, whose evidence is solid, and that you can see on film. These fake TI’s both by accident and design are clearly a separate category than actual TI’s. AS such, data is accumulating that proves this is so.

While we see a lot of dialogue in the west about media bias and fact checking, seldom do major newspapers like the New York Time fact check these pundits, or their alliances in police and state capacities–but also the organic online and offline mobs that pass as “community policing” in western cultures, and assist in the purpose of those who are in fact, gang stalkers.

Real data is hard to come by, and every now, and again I like to do a post about statistics–because stats are one way we can assess legal, and scientific questions about gang stalking. Here below is a data set –who refers internet searches to my website?

  • out of 14164 searches, 9.470 came from DuchDuckGo, an anonymizing search engine that in fact, reveals the IP addresses of its users, by accident, or by design
  • 3177 from Bing search engine
  • 1.174 from Yahoo search engine, broken down thus: 509 from, 287 from, 18 from, the rest from variants of Yahoo ranging from Germany to Spain
  • 3496 from Facebook–largely due to the efforts of Richard Moore, an amazing influencer, and actual targeted individual
  • 1005 from–again, due to the efforts of Richard Moore
  • 231 from my old blog at
  • 142 from Youtube
  • 121 from, an alternative search engine
  • 115 from exconforum.quora–ex-cons are a highly targeted group
  • 112 from Mapquest (of all places!)
  • 101 from cointelprostalking.quora
  • 94 from my other blog

There are many other searches that brought visitors here to my site, which I might elaborate on later. They range from anti-bullying sites to a variety of other anonymizing search engines to conspiracy websites, to sex workers rights blogs.

All in all, an interesting set of data!

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