Hey, Richard–can you help me with tommietwotone? Its difficualt to adress racists, because they are such liars, and confabulators!

Richard, please check this out: a black guy who is pimping race. His entire deal is ” hey look folks, I have a white wife!”

What a shitbag–real men do not “see” race–ourr wives are none of anyones business!

Unless, of course, you are a stupid jackass, with race problems.

In which case, yeah–you are a stupid jackass with race issues.

And, regardless of who he is f@cking, the guy is a racist asshat, who censors his blog.

If you and I share one thing in common, Richard, it is “outing” these scumbags who censor or manipulate conversation–Richard!

Please get on this racist black guy whose goal is largely to manipulate and control young white female sexuality.

SCARY! Look at this value statement of that guy about the UKRAINE. We see a racist attempting to control young white females–while that same racist ignores the struggle of young boys. Very bad stuff!

Sexist, racist, so-called Baptists. Buying, selling, and adopting Ukraine children!

Look in on this potential pedophile/racist/slaver/fake religionist.

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