The last word is usually the beginning of a war: why arguing with the religious is ALWAYS a useless endeavor

The bible is a mean book; the Quran is quite scary– but the Talmud is vicious, and unapologetically racist.Do not cast your pearls before swine!” sayeth the Lord(s)and Those who hide the Scripture will have their bellies eaten with fire. Theirs will be a painful doom. sayeth yon Quran 2:174″…or “TEN REASONS WHY JESUS CENSORED THE BABYLONIAN TALMUD(!!!)

Well–Hindus and so on…I am not as familiar with their evil as I am western Jewish-christian conflagrations–I apologize if I cannot properly profane their “wisdom.”

Anyways--I was recently informed that I am “common.” And I thank the person who called me that, because such words reveal wisdom to the keen observer. For “A kind word turns away wrath.” as they say, and “wrath is mine” sayeth meself.

In this case, it revealed the core belief system of that person–but also that I had stepped into what is colloquially called “another pile.” I have done this before with racists and racist religious radicals, and usually when this happens it is incidental to how I initially encounter them, because I usually find something on the web, write about it, and only later do I discover these traps.

My readers–especially those seven-eight of you who REALLY must read what I write every day–you decide if I am just another common jerk, or whatever–I am OK with being thought to be a “common jerk” or what have you. I have been called worse–see how I dealt with that in the comments section here.And as always, I try to cover my pointy pig-prints by offering free self help tools for victims of gang stalking.

But science is on MY side of the argument–that through scientific analysis of the argument, we discover that I am a minority population–that the world is pig-belly full of religionists, and only about 13-14% or less of us do not suffer the various god/gods/G-d delusions of these others. I feel like a happy pig, rolling on my back in the mud, showing off my pointy hooves!

Here’s UN data on the religions of the world, and here’s a pie chart, for those who like facts–and pies (and because it’s Wikimedia, notice the concordance between christians as “33.3%” with the rabbi’s analysis of the three below):

Image: Wikimedia

I hate to argue, almost as much as I hate stepping into potholes, or piles of….other stuff. And arguing with christians–or other religious zealots and fanatics–AAAAAARGH!–is ALWAYS a dead end. I mean that literally–argument leads to death, and certain words are like keys to a door where death awaits behind it.

You can read the “argument” here if you would like to–it was a series of comments about my inferiority, because I defend the so-called “incel terrorists,” who are a product of the deep state psychological operations of so-called christians and their allies in sexual prudery and abomination, and the person responding is defending the ideological leader of the terrorist movement, Alana Boltwood.

And too, because calling white men incels only indicates that at the root of so-called white supremacy is really religious supremacy of one form or another–that sex between men and women has been ordained as taboo, UNLESS one is married–the latter a true abomination and a direct assault on human nature itself.

The author is a person who uses their blog to set the typical christian traps that most of my readers are familiar with–the bait and switch style of argument, where all roads and all outcomes lead to Jesus, and more Jesus, especially if the author is proven factually incorrect. It’s an endless, closed loop discussion that defies facts in favor of “beliefs,” and other devilish contrivances.

Which got me thinking about PEACE! And there is NO PEACE in religion–and no religion in PEACE!

Blessed are the peace makers, the christians say. But they don’t know what the hell that means!

So I prefer the lesson’s of Jewish, and other historical lenses over those of christian story telling–and who can know more about seeking peace than Jews who have been fleeing pogroms and genocides for millenia! When it comes to peace, peace is where you find it on that day, even if you must vote with your feet, and leave behind unwinnable arguments.

An architect who builds a palace does not do so on his own — he has scrolls and notebooks which he consults how to place the rooms, where to set the doors. So it was with G‑d: He looked into the Torah and created the world

Midrash Rabbah, Bereishit 1:2

But what IS peace, exactly? Who knows?

The Torah has some answer, apparently, and it has a long history of success behind it finding peace for many. Let’s look at how the Lubbavitch Rebbe and views peace:

So what is peace? If it is neither one nor two, neither the affirmation of difference nor its surrender, what is it? Indeed, peace is a paradox — a paradox expressed by the number three.Peace is when two distinct entities find common ground in a third reality which transcends the differences between them. A third element which embraces them both to orient them towards a higher goal. A third element within whose broader context the unique and even opposite features of each complement and fulfill the other. A third element which preserves their differences — and exploits them as the very ingredients of harmony.

S0–harmony. Elements….and numbers.

This is starting to sound a bit like Taoism, isn’t it? Well, that is an entirely different discussion, especially when we get to these numerological issues.

But generally, all faiths and religions share features–features and beliefs in things like peace and harmony that can be found in ALL religions. And yet, we live in a world that is constantly at war–with most recent conflicts in the world being initiated by Jewish-christian culture(s).

This latter statement is so true that one merely looks at the names and faces of the war chiefs to understand how true that is. Whether it’s the Jewish-christian conflict in the Ukraine today, or Syria/Iraq/Libya/Yemen–we see that Jewish-christian leaders and western capitalism has financed the entirety of it!

Here are “the good guys” in the western narrative of the Ukraine war:

Volodymyr Zelansky and some Rebbe’s

Here are “the bad guys”:

Vladimir Putin and “I got more Rebbe’s than YOU do hahahahahahaha.”

The above images explain the last 5782 years according to Torah, and according to every world war in the last several millennia too.Its always “HAHAHAHA I got more Jews than You’s!”

“Thick as thieves,” as they say. “A friend of my friend is my friend,” as they say….

That is not to say that Islamic interests and Hindu, or Zoaroastrian, or any other religious confabulations don’t do it, or participate in it–as I said above, I am not as familiar with their form of human evil–it is only to say that Jewish-christians are at the center of the world’s bloodiest and most brutal conflicts today, and for thousands of years in the past.

I dunno–it’s a weird world.

But for me, I like to walk away from arguments, every time they occur–and for whatever reason they occur. It’s not good for my health.And TBH? I am ok with going straight to hell–you get new skins every couple of days after they burn the old ones off, there’s lots of like-minded people who I can talk to, unloike here “on earth,” and there are many other perks, like watching Jon Lovett’s Best SNL reels–and I hear all of my associates and BFF friends are there already, screaming for me to join them!

Besides–the Devil is a White Female–*WAAAAWAAAAWAAAA* Snipfff,,,*

Turning on the White Woman Tears now!!!!!–and wow! I would bang her for a bag of peanuts. Maybe even free–she wouldn’t have to pay me anything in hell, just like she never had to pay me anything here on earth, though she knows she should have.

If I banged the devil, she would pay me–I am a real f@cker. And nothing says “white privilege” quite like Satan, getting me to bang her for free!

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