Madeline Albright dead at 84: First female secretary of state, warlord, and war criminal leaves legacy of callous disregard for human life

Madeleine Albright, first female Secretary of State for the United States of America, dies at 84–In 1997, she became the highest-ranking woman in American history Politico reports

Helping women is a gender biased narrative, utilized by baby bombing racists like Madeline Albright, whose words and actions have led to millions of deaths of –you guessed it–women, and their children.

Madeline Albright is one of many elite internationalists whose words and actions led to war crimes in Iraq, and other places around the world. And she made millions off of it.

If anyone is struggling to understand the Ukraine today, one must only study the case of Madeline Albright, woman warrior, and her families floating presence around the world, leaving death, destruction–and toxic racism in its wake.

What’s your child life worth?

Let’s ask Maddie Albright, who “finally found her voice” which was apparently screaming out for child sacrifices by the hundreds of thousands–screaming to rip children out of the uteri of “othered” primarily non-white, non-Jewish women around the world, and collecting bags of foreskins as she went along at her task.

Here she is in the lie-up to the illegal Iraq invasion:

US journalist Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq, : We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.

—60 Minutes (5/12/96)

That was just 7 years before the actual invasion began–Maddie speculating on the cost of human life–speculating on the price of children; so in order to understand the present, we must look at the past. And in order to understand several terms of value in the gang stalking dialectic–as well as the alternative news, and even in the conspiracy theory conversations–we can look at this one woman to see how the names and faces may change, but the long term strategic planning of illegal wars, invasions, genocides, and other war crimes that are later covered up or glossed over throughout history is merely a modus operandi for these people.

That, like the British Israel problem, or the National Intelligence Model at the micro and macro levels–that people like Madeline Albright are who are causing these things, but also narrating them, and later, rewriting history to fit their narratives as “the good guys and gals.”

That everything they do is a provocation, or exploitation–where they carefully scapegoat others as provocateurs and saboteurs–but in fact their elite lifestyle stems directly from doing the bidding of international criminal syndicates.

If you want to understand the Ukraine today, understand Madeline Albright, part of an actual international cabal by any definition of a cabal; and a war criminal with no soul.

Like the Irish famine of two centuries ago, or the Holodmor of the Ukraine–or the many, many starvation’s waged in Africa–this true and actual cabal has a name, and its name is Bilderberg et al.–and people like Maddie, of course.

I hope you enjoy hell, Maddie–you will have a lot of company with all of your kin down there. Many “empowered white women” just like you too.–say hi to other toxic racists like Lulu Markwell while you are there. And here’s a picture you can hang on your wall in your cozy digs in the pits of hell–enjoy!

You will need some war porn from your earthly stash while you are down in hell with Hitler, reaming your poopshoot with a swastika–or will it be YOU reaming HIM with the swastika? In my time here on earth, I was able to watch Jews Global Citizens like you become indistinguishable from Nazi’s like him–or…were they always one and the same? *Buddhists and Native American’s are rolling their eyes at how you people are doing with the swastika!!*

Enjoy your time in HELL, Madeline Albright–war criminal and mass murderer. Because–“hell is forever.”

2 thoughts on “Madeline Albright dead at 84: First female secretary of state, warlord, and war criminal leaves legacy of callous disregard for human life


    THIS DISGSUTING jew cunt is dead and that’s good news!

    Please let us know where she is buried so we can go and destroy her tomb, shit, piss, vomit and burn it as it should be.

    This jew burns in hell. We hope soon other scum like soros will die too!


    1. Well–if only Jews were the ONLY problem. THe globalists come from all religions, all sects-Masonic world order and so on.

      She was just another of them.

      AS for pissing on tombs, I am ok with that–but easy on the stone tipping and graffitti–doing things like that makes it look like you work for the Anti Defamation League, or another fakenoose type organization. There are so many these days.

      And honestly–spend your time more wisely–learn about your own ancestors, and how the globalists were able to erase your tribal histry, and replace it with Nazi’ism, like we see in the Ukraine today, with Israel sending weapons to so-called Nazi’s.

      Its ALWAYS the Zionists creating Nazi’s friend!


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