Artists as stalkers: the infiltration of online and offline communities by “artists” whose work is….garbage, for the most part

I first encountered artists as gang stalkers in an unusual way: via Henry Miller’s flight to Europe, leaving behind his rather interesting work at the Cosmodemonic Telegraph company. In his own words, he preferred to live in the toilets of Paris, and possibly starve to death, rather than in New York, where there was no shortage of the things he liked: vagina’s, and more vaginas!

Stay Tuned!: I will be soon doing a more in depth piece about artists and gang stalking, based on the fact that an actual target, Richard Moore of Union County Mississippi was recently robbed by a woman who calls herself an artist. But there are many other links too, such as this recent case of near-gang stalking in Pittsburgh, PA that includes an architect and his artist wifey stalking a Russian guy; and also the fact that the FBI agent who waged the Columbine massacre had a son who went on to infiltrate the Deviant Art community, and a few other salient details

The only problem seemed to be that Henry had a problem with the people who owned those vagina’s in New York. American Pie INDEED!

Initially, his early work sees him fleeing his crazy Jewish wife who couldn’t stop munching on the remnants of his foreskin, and that, after having fled the impossibly American situation of another wife whose uterus was as though it was designed by industrialists as a baby factory to endlessly produce children. This teeter totter of servitude to Jewish-christian female narratives is a common thing in the USA.

All of that marriage, of course, was spliced in between lots of sordid escapades banging any woman he could get his happy, filthy paws on–his penis did not discriminate the Catholic widow from the Jewish wife; the whore from the maiden or the crone–he literally had sex with anything that 1) moved, and 2) had a vagina, or vagina-like organ attached to it. In fairness to Henry, he seems to have drawn the line with animals, and nine-year-olds, the latter which he documented in his biography from Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch.

This was Henry’s “cuntnundrum*,” and what a conundrum it was! The guy started the sexual revolution, and waged a war on censorship, barely lifting the tip of his (reportedly substantial) penis, only to be demonized later by the LGBTQ-munity and so-called feminists. This latter category hated the fact that men could get laid by young, comely beauties well into their old age, while women such as themselves had to deal with all the gay children they had created, and played dress-up with, in that strange way that women’s sexuality takes its pedophilic form.

That generations “empowered women” just love little boys wearing dresses! Little girls with zucchini’s in their pants–AAAAAW! How cute!Yeah–female pedophiles are a “thing” in the west. Another story entirely.ANd hey! Whatever happened to Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000 vibrating broom anyways?

Yeah-you guessed it–lots of women, and the Single Mother Society, giving their children orgasms, with toys. Women’s pedophilia is soooo interesting, isn’t it? Yet scholars find no interest in THAT topic, do they? Oh, it’s all about RICHARD MOORE!!! Pedophiles EVERYWHERE!!!!

them good ole boys were drinking whiskey ‘n rye. Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die.

Don McLean, lyric from American Pie, he, a son of the American military, standing down in the face of the Freemasonic World Order

Fast forwards a few decades, and there I was, being pursued by the uncomliest hags you could ever meet, disguised in many uncomely hag forms. The black women with attrocious weaves, somehow convinced that the weave had “magick” and that natural was so passe’, circa Angela Davis! Those white bitches with their white whatever, so easily whited out by any keen observer (except this guy and his ilk, ever preying upon the white single mom and its babies.)

There were the honey traps, and the Reformed Playboy Bunnies; the crones and the skanks; and lots of crying white women from the forever-in-distress-self-perpetuating-single-mother-society of auto-spawners spliced in between too.

But Henry helped guie me through all of that–as I watched those poor boys like James fall to the female FBI, and its sordid Quantico trained Gynopsychologists, and their long lenses and voyeuristic cameras. These types of white women are shrill mascots for disingenuous race and gender relations–avoid them at all costs!

You can forgive a young cunt anything. A young cunt doesn’t have to have brains. They’re better without brains. But an old cunt, even if she’s brilliant, even if she’s the most charming woman in the world, nothing makes any difference. A young cunt is an investment; an old cunt is a dead loss. All they can do for you is buy you things. But that doesn’t put meat on their arms or juice between their legs.

Henry Miller

Well–Henry was prescient for many other reasons other than that he knew women–literally–from top to bottom, and from one end to the other. In fact, my questions about Henry came in the form of wondering whether or not he himself was an intelligence target of the pre-World War 2 fascists, or other “agents.” He was situated to be a middle-man in ALL of the communications that came across the wire–and yet he simply didn’t give a f@ck about such power!

He wrote briefly about his experience at Western Union in Tropic of Capricorn, which he called the “Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company of North America.” Clearly, something in him noted that “demons” and “communication” via telegraphy had a connection–but I haven’t found that in his work. Maybe wiser Miler scholars can educate me.

But because I use the scientific method, it is important for me to test and retest my hypotheses, and prove myself wrong if I can. In the case of Henry, so far, I am wrong.

But I am 100% correct about gang stalking–you can find evidence of that EVERYWHERE these days, ranging from the Fed’s taking up gang stalking cases here, and here, and here, and many other places; to people winning Pulitzer Prizes for writing about this topic in mainstream press (use my search feature “Pasco County,” and “”gang stalking lawsuits,” and so on.)

The thesis: “nearly 100% of gang stalking is carried out by current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, mobilizing their community assets, to stalk individuals,” is fairly simple, and TBH I change the wording here and there to fit the various subsidiary categories of gang stalking–and NO it is NOT at all like “group stalking”as these police pundits and on-the-state-payroll psychologists would have you believe.

So–for my two avid readers, take a look at this recent case in Pittsburgh, PA, where we see to art-affiliated persons stalking and harassing a target–and see if this reminds you of your own case. And Mr. Moore? Take a look at your recent harassment by a so-called artist too. Seeing connections yet?

Yup. Both right wing and left wing stalkers come in the most unusual shapes and sizes, lol. That’s a whale of an idea, I think, and we should work together on this link.

*cuntnundrum is a word I coined, after reading Henry Miller, and watching “The Shining” with Jack Nicholson–a combination of Henry’s often adulated word cunt, and the Stephen King’s use of “Redrum” to foreshadow murder. The trend in that era of literature and film was always to parody, emasculate and destroy what is heterosexual and male. You can guess why I might have coined that word, but it is useful at times. A curious conversation from that era is “what is the opposite of emasculate?

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