Who are the gang stalkers? Meet Robert Pfaffmann and Lisa Haabestaad, stalking a Russian in PA

Who are the “gang stalkers?” Meet Robert Pfafmann, of R S Pfaffmann & Associates, in Pittsburgh, PA., and his douchebag wife Lisa Habestaad, who I am guessing is an “artist.” And I am guessing they are both Democrats too.As we see repeatedly–gang stalkers fall on both sides of the Horseshoe of the political spectrum.

Unsurprisingly, Pfaffmann is an architect–the Freemason asshat stalkers in my readership will appreciate that connection, lol. But it’s NOT surprising that she is an artist–or a white female, as these types have long historical roots using KKK tactics to harass people.I will explore that connection in a later post, as one of my readers–a true targeted individual who was recently robbed by a half-assed artist, will appreciate that information.

Ethnic Intimidation Charges Filed Against Couple Accused Of Harassing Russian Neighbor

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A prominent Pittsburgh architect and his partner are facing charges for allegedly harassing a neighbor from Russia.

Last week, police asked the public for help identifying two people after Shadyside resident Vasily Potanin reported his yard signs were defaced with political and anti-national messages.

(Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Police)

According to police paperwork, numerous eyewitnesses contacted police, identifying the pair as Lisa Haabestad and her partner Robert Pfaffmann.

Police say they spoke with Haabestad, informing her that she and Pfaffmann were the target of an ethnic intimidation investigation. Haabestad told police she would like to speak to her husband and/or their attorney before saying anything else.

According to police paperwork, officers say that the two were given until Monday to contact police, and they had not.

In fairness, this has not YET become a gang stalking situation–it’s just two assholes stalking a neighbor. BUt that is often how common gang stalking starts.

First, it’s two assholes–likely Democrats, stalking a guy because of his ethnicity. Then, these assholes escapate it to a gossip campaign, which we see here.

These assholes, Robert Pfaffmann and Lisa Haabestaad have started a gossip campaign that the target is a likely Rssian spy. And that’s all it takes in the US and FVEY’s nations to get a gang stalking campaign started.

The next step (if it isn’t already happening) is that the Fusion Center in that area will be monitoring the internet communications of the target–and PSYOP douchebags in those centers will infiltrate his social media, and bait him to make political comments, which they will then feed to the FBI and its sordid internet front companies.

Or, far worse, they will feed the data to notorious internet bully and psychopath Rita Katz and her terror creation factory at SITE Intelligence–a fate worse than death.

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