Generational Targeting of Presley family. Harold Ray & Elvis Aaron Presley.

Richard Moore has the handle on the dirty business of North Mississippi–and that dirty business includes police and their Dixie Mafia Free Mason brethren, committing murders and worse.

But what could be worse than murder, you are wondering? Read on, and watch as Moore documents “intergenerational targeting,” and the case of Elvis Presley’s uncle–Harold Ray Presley, getting whacked as the former sheriff of Lee County!

If you have never studied the basics of fundamentalist Baptists and other sects and how they are willing to murder those whose narrative they seek to alter– then this is your primer

It’s not conspiracy theory when the facts contradict the evidence–because Masonic police in America are just that corrupt, and every bizarre event ever in the history of strange events in the US has these exact cultists behind it.

United States anti gang stalking association

As I document and publish my own historical story of generational targeting I take notice of this family and the stricking resemblance of tragedies in the Presley family.

Harold Ray Presley(October 5, 1948 inTupelo, Mississippi– July 6, 2001) was thesheriffofLee County, Mississippi, from 1993 to 2001.[1]

Harold Ray Presley was one of six children born to Noah Edward Presley (1890-1969) and his 2nd wife Mary Christine “Chris” Houston. He attended local schools, but dropped out of school in the tenth grade

. In 1968 he was drafted into the Army and served in Vietnam intheTwenty-ninth General Support Group. After serving four years, he

received an honorable discharge and returned to Tupelo.

Harold Presley was married, and had two sons and a daughter. Elvis Presley was his first cousin once removed.[2]

Presley joined the sheriff’s department in September 1987 as a…

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