Revisiting Jussie Smollett’s fist up the @ss of black struggle: let’s take a look at what passes for “black” and “struggle” these days–studies in co-option

While revisiting the case of a victim of a police pedophile gang in California, Celeste Guap, real name Jasmin Abuslin, I came across a few pundits online who tell it like it is–and the way “it is” is that no gay black man who lies about a lynching knows anything about being a black man.

In fact, many white men are blacker than Jussie Smollett, who is little more than a boy–a child. And I don’t mean that in the pejorative sense, but in the chronological-adolescent sense of the term.In the psychological profile of him as a sociopath and a liar who refuses to be held accountable for his lies. But worse–how his lies affect other men. He will never know the damage his lies have caused other men, long term.

Here’s the headline:

Jussie Smollett released from jail pending appeal: ‘Unconstitutional to charge someone twice,’ lawyer says

Smollett’s attorney, Nenye Uche said “He pushed his hands on the glass, and he was, his eyes got teary. I’ve never seen that because he’s been really strong in there,” Uche said. “He nearly lost hope in our constitutional system.”

Jussie Smollett is not a man.

Not because he cried upon hos release, or because he lied to cops ( a necessary thing sometimes) and not because he pulled a world-wide publicity stunt in the form of a race hoax (certain racists and tribalists believe that these hoaxes are a necessary thing in order to raise w=awareness, while rational people see these as damaging stunts).

No–he is not a man, because for every man who hasn’t had the benefits that he has had—he is not only standing on the shoulders of millions who came before and suffered much greater than the suffering he brought on himself–but because as he sat on those tall shoulders, he took a shit on the experience of the millions of men who fill the prisons today, and he stepped on their toes on the way down–not a man at all.

His hoax casts doubt on the valid claims of so many others, but worse, it leaves them out in the cold, where thongs like lynching ACTUALLY happen to them–white, black or others, one Jussie Smollett gets a lot of people hurt by default–men are to not be believed.He is not a man because of it.

And he likely never will be, But that doesn’t stop his global-bankster financed crowd of pseudo-black pundits from defending him as if he is a man, or that he deserves the kind of respect that is earned. He is merely passing as black, compared to men who sit in the same jail he was released from, because the experience of blackness is the experience of disparate treatment–and Smollett has seen none of that, other than what he brought upon himself.

Oooooh! I can hear the race-baiters clenching, gnashing and grinding their teeth at the thought of that! Well, let’s take a look at what is “passing” for black today–

This is what passes for “democratic discourse” today. Look at the size and scope of this lie machine that passes for “deep truth.” Then, note that Smollett has rightfully been convicted, and now is merely a cartoon of racial problems in the west.A race clown.

Steppin Fetchit was at least, an original race clown

SO–what appears as truth to some is just bad race comedy to others–these new Steppin Fetchits have nowhere near the courage of the original. Because the original was a man, in every sense of the word, and then some–because he was a trailblazer beyond courage, and wise beyond his time.

According to the IMDB, Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry played “a lazy, slow-witted, jive-talkin’ “coon””much to the chagrin of many black Americans at the time and even today, becoming a millionaire doing it. However, “some African-Americans claim him as the first black superstar, and thus a trailblazer for others of his “race,””and remain a controversial figure even today.

But what these modern race clowns miss is that what he did opened doors where no doors had previously existed–and that he did it as one man against the world–and that whatever modern race clowns can say, they cannot say they did it alone.

Perry played “the “coon” who undermined his white oppressors by denying his labor and cooperation through an act of defiance that included the appearance of being lazy and stupid. Essential to the “coon” persona was talking in what to white ears is gibberish (which Perry excelled at), but which to black folk can be understood and contains barbed insults to “The Man,””while these modern race clowns in many cases are sticking it to black people, every time they pull off a noose hoax, or some other ridiculous bit of street theater designed to get media attention.

And if one wonders who Mr. Perry’s character might he be controversial to? It would be these same race-clowns who appeared all over Twitter, telling lies, and decrying how “white people” had lynched poor Mr. Smollett, rather than sticking to factual narratives of the horrors of lynching–or the horrors of race in America, which speak for themselves quite loud and clear.

But something worse than lynching has invaded the dialectic spaces–this virtue signalling from one fake-race clown to another, signalling their willingness to stomp on the true history of the black struggle, which is STILL quite alive, but overshadowed by race-clowns who have minimized the struggle, and packaged it as we see above. They have taken the actual struggle of black Americans, and turned it into an LGBTQ-munity sh!tshow, and a Democrat party circus of race. The irony that the Democrat party was instrumental in the rise of the KKK cannot be missed, either.

Related: Race clowns like those in the Tweets above are doing the work of the 1%–see Attica 50 Years Later: Stanley Nelson revisits a pivotal point in prison reform in latest film

To get an idea about what race-clowns are, and how race clowning supercedes the seriousness of other issues–take a look at how the media used a young woman who was prostituted by a ring gang of police in the Oakland area from the time she was 12, through the eyes of a pundit, Lex Jurgen, who “tells it like it is:”

Oakland’s now had three police chief’s in the past couple of weeks. The one forced to step down, and the following two who have resigned as part of this growing scandal. Nobody wants the spotlight job as protestors are lining the streets demanding to know the names of every cop who fucked this underaged pro. If you’ve ever spent time in Oakland, you well now this is maybe the fifteenth most pressing issue in the fucked up area. Though the only one that involves a teen with giant tits. So nobody can remember the other fourteen.

Oakland is and has always been a mess–a cesspool of crime and poverty, a place that birthed the Black Panthers out of sheer necessity. Ms. Abuslin at that time had outed a group of cops pedophiles who had been having sex with raping her since she was 12 years old. The story lasted about three years in the media cycle, but was always a sideline show–never the main event.

And a major set of facts that came out of it was that we were able to see a clear snapshot of police-gang culture, and it’s blur across departments–how these police gangs are inter-departmental. We also saw how these types of police work with security guards, and form criminal networks, use social media to communicate, and how sex is a major feature of their dialogue. In this case, Ms. Abuslin implicated a security guard who was her pimp–a MAJOR win for those of us who study gang stalking.

All of the so-called feminists–women like Kamalla Harris, who was that state’s attorney general at the time–were nearly silent, and Harris herself did nothing short of allow the Oakland PD to sweep the case under the rug. This is what race clowns do–they masquerade as the face of a minority, but feel none of the actual pain. They know nothing about the actual struggle.

The irony of that–and her disingenuous attack on cannot be missed; this is what race clowns are, its what they do–they parody and parrot the pain of others, at the expense of the issues those others face. They have no real or actual emotional or historical contact with the issues they claim to represent.

Police pedophiles, rapists, and sex crime gangs are nothing new–sex workers are well aware of these gangs, and it is a story as old as history. Actual targeted individuals document these police sex gangs, and the well known pedophiles in them, but authorities will do almost nothing to wage war on these gangs, choosing instead to parody the issue, and scapegoat people like Richard Moore. Take a look at his allegations against one such gang in Mississippi here.

But what was unique, was how media nearly caricatured Abuslin (TBH, she was at that time a caricature of herself) but all the race clowns were silent on the issue. Compare that for instance to the Story Heard Round The Vago-sphere, at the height of Domestic Violence Awareness Month–that of Gabby Petito.

These Smollett’s are nothing but self-interested interlopers and clown parodies of the suffering and hardship of others, sharting in the lift so that only they and others like them can use it on the way up, while everyone else must take the stairs–and all of that, AFTER they crawl out from under the bus, where these race hoaxers throw the real issues.

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