Florida Action Committee spotlights gangs of stalkers harassing sex offenders–and the unconstitutional aspect of Sex Offender Registries

Update: I am rescinding my support for the Florida Action Committee–the exact group I supported in this post below.. They have a moderator who moderates their comments section, and that moderator–likely the poster named “Jacob” selectively occludes important information, and censors posts. In other words–the mod is a “gatekeeper” who likely works for the other side, and as such, the forum is likely what is called a “honeypot” designed to inhibit progress.

I don’t think anyone wants to have child rapists living next to grade schools, or tutoring kids in after school programs. That’s a given.

But also, I don’t think rational people want community mobs with religious or sectarian biases indoctrinating our children that harassing and targeting people is ok either–such behavior is another form of criminality, and introduces the slippery slope to children, who rationalize that “sometimes” breaking the law is “ok.”

Breaking the law IS NOT OK, and no decent parent would teach that to their children–yet they do, generation after generation.

I would argue the latter is a greater social ill than sex offenders, because the problem of the sex offender is easily solved: give them the option of living in their own community, police that community within the law, and afford resources to them to form self-sustaining communities, where others can choose to live with them.

It’s a fairly low cost project–offer a place in each state where they can live, farm, create economy, and interact with the world openly, while willingly being monitored to some extent.As we see in the case of Brian Laundrie–Florida has a TON of unoccupied land that can be used for such purposes–but also, that police currently use such land for nefarious, unproductive purposes, a most states do.

That solution is surely cheaper than using sheriff’s deputies and Fusion Center monitoring to not-so-covertly stalk them as they sleep under bridges and highway underpasses–which begs the question: are such police and police strategies like we see in Pasco County Florida really necessary, if they have the extra time, money, and resources to stalk sex offenders?

Then, we must ask what is a sex offender? And in doing so, we cannot bias our definition, or bend it to fit our own biases–and “voyeurism” is included as a psychological sexual paraphilia according to the definitions of sexual paraphilia’s–no different from rapists and pedophiles–no different from people who have sex with dogs, and so on. A sexual paraphilia is a sexual paraphilia.

But somewhere along the line, a dialogue occurred, whereby certain persons and groups in our society selectively altered the definitions of paraphilias, and privileged their own paraphilia over that of others.

And we see since the Satanic Panic era, the ultra conservative, religious and fanatical sects of our culture have allied themselves with “women’s empowerment” in such a fashion that these form mobs of “community police” who harass and target sex offenders.

So, it’s logical to ask–isn’t voyeurism a sexual paraphilia–isn’t looking into people’s windows and following them around in markets a sexual perversion itself? The defining characterisyic is that it must have a “sxual purpose”–a purpose of sexual gratification.

But what is THAT? What is “gratification for a sexual purpose?” And I think futire legal arguments need to include that subtle but important analysis.

Regardless–the Florida Action Committee fights the parallel justice system, where sex offenders rights and the sex offender registries collide. Indeed–if we can glimpse the beginings of our two tiered police state, it is there, at the issue of sex offenders rights.

Take a look below at a few recent stories from the FAC:

Brevard County Commissioners backtracking on rule prohibiting sex offenders on property

Mar 25, 2022 | 15 Comments

Brevard County Commissioners look set to soften a restriction prohibiting sex offenders from Commission meeting premises just months after a lawsuit was filed against them. During Tuesday’s meeting, commissioners voted to approve legislative intent and permission to…read more

Experts say sex offender registries don’t work. Can they be fixed?

Mar 25, 2022 | 7 Comments

During confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, Republicans hammered away at her record in cases involving sex offenders. Much of that centered around misleading claims about sentences she handed out to people convicted of possessing…read more

It’s not a good time to…

Mar 24, 2022 | 12 Comments

I think we can all agree that it’s NEVER a good time to be a CP defendant, but this week it’s really not a good time to be one. Or is it not such a bad week? I can’t tell. There have been so many times during this week’s Supreme Court nomination hearings that I’ve…read more

The hollowness of the child porn smear: Ketanji Brown Jackson has been bold and prescient

Mar 24, 2022 | 17 Comments

Soon after her nomination, it was reported that as a law student in 1996, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson wrote a Harvard Law Review note analyzing the constitutionality of sex offense registries and that during her judicial career she did not always give the maximum…read more

How campaign rhetoric about child porn made it to the Supreme Court hearing

Mar 23, 2022 | 20 Comments

Since 1990, when Congress first voted to make the possession of child pornography a federal offense, the law has moved toward stiffer penalties, and never toward relaxing them. (Making and distributing child pornography was made a federal crime 13 years earlier.) When…read more

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