It’s Never Her Fault! Studies in white female unaccountability–writer Alice Sebold blames “the system” for her fakerape allegation that sent Anthony Broadwater to prison for 40 years

If one wants to take a look at the core of the “American problem,”one need only read up on the case of Alice Sebold, falsely identifying a man as a rapist.

It’s Never OK to hit a Woman!

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Note that I didn’t say “her rapist” either, because SHE raped HIM with a false accusation. Only later was the system responsible in any way. Here is her “apology”the most lame, unaccountable piece of crap apology one could ever imagine in such a situation:

Alice Sebold apologizes to exonerated man who spent years in prison for her rape

(CNN)Author Alice Sebold apologized to a man who last week was exonerated of her rape, a crime she wrote about in her memoir “Lucky,” but the writer also appeared to place as much blame on a “flawed legal system” as she did on the role she played in his conviction.

“First, I want to say that I am truly sorry to Anthony Broadwater and I deeply regret what you have been through,” Sebold, the author of “The Lovely Bones,” wrote in a statement posted on

Broadwater, who has always maintained his innocence, was convicted of the rape in 1982 and spent 16 years in prison. He was denied parole at least five times because he wouldn’t admit to a crime he didn’t commit, according to his attorneys. He tried at least five times to get the sentence overturned, he told CNN.

I am grateful that Mr. Broadwater has finally been vindicated, but the fact remains that 40 years ago, he became another young Black man brutalized by our flawed legal system. I will forever be sorry for what was done to him,” Sebold said.

Forever is a long time lady–could you spell that out a little more clearly? Like–will you put your apology on your tombstone? After all, you were complicit in the theft of a mans best years. Should you die tomorrow, I can guarantee I will have a screed like this one to not-exonerate YOU.

Yeah–It’s Never Her Fault© no matter what these white females do!

Did you start the incel terrorist movement? Hell No Lady, It’s Never Your Fault!©

Hell No Lady, It’s Never Your Fault!©

Fake rape? Hell No Lady, It’s Never Your Fault!©

A little child decapitation? Hell No Lady, It’s Never Your Fault!©

Did you put your child through 13 totally unnecessary medically invasive surgeries, and only get caught just as they were about to transplant the kids lungs? Hell No Lady, It’s Never Your Fault!©

Did Little Blonde Riding Hoodlum beat up a guy, and incessantly yammer on and crybully until the guy snapped and buroed her? Hell No Lady, It’s Never Your Fault!©

Listen–the only beneficiaries of these sociopathic white females–who are a social construction of “women” and a CREATION of the crisis PR industry– and others like them, are the medical mafia, the court systems, and the corporations that sell them endless, useless consumer products–and Alice Sebold herself is a marketer of useless consumer products too. She sells fear, and white privilege with every book.

And truthfully, what is the true harm of rape anyway? The true harm is that more women like Alice Sebold are allowed to do what they do with impunity–to frame men as malevolent beings, regardless of guilt or innocence.

And, that this form of deviance benefits certain sectors of our economy. The police and security state chiefly, and those that institute the narrative of women, forever under attack–as somehow MORE under attack than men; and then, it’s associated Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) allies in the family courts, in the social services field, in the forensic junk science peddling crowd, and more–SEbold and others like her perpetuates a narrative that needs to die, so that another kind of woman can live.

And, if a man’s choices in the west are that he gets locked up for forty years (no mule) because some snowflake didn’t have the guts to exonerate him, versus getting slapped around a bit, and having a dick crammed up his poop shoot for twenty minutes or so, I would rather take it up the crack. Seriously, it’s no big deal, my doctor’s have had their way with that organ before on many occasions–and I didn’t die.

Then too, I have been shot at many times–.10 and 12 gauge shotguns, .22s and .38s, .44’s and .357’s–(that last one hurts a bit); battered with many objects, hit with automobiles and even and stabbed–and defended myself variously from male and female violence–my favorite was that time I was ousting a 215 mm tall Serbian from a bar, along with his “crew” and his lovely drunken damsel decided to jab at my eyes with a 150 set of fingernails–and all of that while police and predatory state and federal intelligence agents stalked me around in the “free western democracies.”

Yeah–have at my poopshoot, folks, as long as it’s just one time, and I get millions of dollars for writing about it later. And keep in mind that all of what I describe above happened in the “free” USA. THis is just a snapshot of what Amrica really is in the deepest crevices of its dirty fabric–its a form of culture unparallelled in its violence and brutality–but also unparalelled in its ability to deny such facts.

So–in case you are wondering, I plowed that female with the diamond spiked plated fingernails with a hard left to the lower jaw–a one punch knockout for which I have no shame, and frankly, a bit of pride–we are born with only one set of eyes, and for women who think they have some right–or the privilege–to claw them mine out, a single pop to a pressure point isn’t enough to stop them from doingwhat they do again–they need jail time, just like the rest of the aggressive, norm violating people who break the law.

Keeping in mind that I was also fighting two men with my right arm at the time, while our damsel’s BFF was tugging at my hair–all of whose drunken stupid goal was to “disarm” my body of its capacity to eliminate the threat that they had posed to myself and others–we are given hands, and feet, hard skulls; elbows, knees and teeth for a reason, Alice Sebold–and shame on anyone who didn’t teach you that. But you not only snuffed out the best part of a man’s life, you snuffed out his unvarnished story, too–and upheld this bizarre notion of female privilege so that others could follow your lead.

Obviously this little gang of refugess from Madeline Albrights War in the former Yugoslavia didn’t slap me around a bit , pinch my nipple, or probe my ballsack while it was going on, nor did they comment about how nice my hairy butt cheeks are (oh the horror!)–but what is concerning is that some guy spent 40 years in a rape factory, called the US Prison System, and that rape factory created for, and by the likes of Alice Sebold.

And I could have lost an eye or two, a time or two– BECAUSE of women like Alice Sebold, should I adhere to the form of white knightery that underpins their expensive, silky undergarments, and candle-light bubble baths as they fantasize their lives into Lifetime movies, at the expense of others realities.

None of her excuses matter in such cases, because for WHATEVER REASON, she is guilty of the crime of complicity in such a system. And she will probably write a book about THAT now–one man’s suffering and decapitation from the joy of life will be even MORE “raw material” for her to co-opt.

There are so much #fakerape claims out there that one never really knows which case is real and which case is a case of political convenience–another opportunity for the #fakerape lobbyists to get some cash from the Feds, and start “rape awareness” trance formation sessions. To invade the colleges with their herd control programs known as “rape crisis centers,” and “birth control” that gives women power, while putting a bag on the face of male opportunities.

But I am sure of one thing: some women could benefit from a nice uppercut–these types could learn the value of shutting the hell up about all of their own self-indulgent feelz and pains for a change and listening to the stories of others, for example; or how to “not poke the bull” in the eyes, as their herd runs ramshackle over the rights of others, rather than more pity from the upper crust and its police state enablers.

Their enablers, and the consumers of the police state pornography that they produce, novel after novel, deserve far worse.

From The Lovely Bones, we hear this voice from beyond the grave:

Susie Salmon: There was one thing my murderer didn’t understand. He didn’t understand how much a father could love his child.

These women have taken the sons of many mothers into the grave by the tens of millions, and denied opportunities to others more deserving–opportunities that were long denied by these types of women and their Lulu Markwell styled society and its lop-sided, gender narated form of culture.

But far worse, they underestimated the love of fathers, who have good reason to seek vengeance upon those of them who have stolen, corrupted, or murdered our own children in systems that they created. And that could prove fatal to these privileged narratives of the 1%.

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