The violence of White Knights highlighted as Will Smith slaps Chris Rock in the face–on live TV

In case you haven’t heard, mega-star Will Smith walked on stage at the Oscars, and slapped comedian Chris Rock in the face, because Rock had made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Shortly thereafter, he recieved an award–such is the nature of this form of White Knights and their institutional violence.

White Knights come in all shapes, sizes, and colors–I hope Chris Rock sues and makes a public spectacle out of it, highlighting Smith’s core values of violence, and outdated notions of “protecting women’s honor.” And, I hope some of Smith’s ex-spank partners come forwards with stories too.

Violence is always OK in societies led by “White Knights” who are also who are implicated in gang stalking, as these seek to uphold a form of society where random violence against men is always ok, while similar acts against women are “never ok.”

This is what under girds the entirety of western society–violence against men–and it is acceptable to many, especially against thise who use words, rather than fists–against people like Chris Rock.

And there is never a shortage of pundits online who echo that message either, for many reasons, not least of which is the evolutionary biology explanation that males gain favor with females for condoning such violence, and certain types of females concur in that form of violence–see below for one example:

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock on the Oscar Stage Viral

Meanwhile, Chris Rock has yet to file charges, and LAPD has stated as much.SUch is the nature of male to male violence–good men neither complain, nor file charges–they “man up,” and “take it like a man,” and deal with it “man to man”–and all of this against the great strides that women have made in a world of privilege, where violence is labeled “a man problem.”

Hey man–I don’t think so–women’s violence is the institution, and men are merely its foot soldiers, working on their behalf.

“Seems like Will Smith’s plan to get comedians and the world to not make jokes about him is not going to pan out,”

Judd Apatow

And of course, the Academy–whicgh awarded Smith moments after this egregious act, claims it doesn’t condone violence of any kind. Ironic, isn’t it–an organization that routinely awards war pictures, and stories where men are murdered, and degrade, while upholding the narratives of women like Alice Sebolds doesn’t “condone violence.”

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on the stage of The Oscar”Seems like Will Smith’s plan to get comedians and the world to not make jokes about him is not going to pan out,” tweeted screenwriter and director Judd Apatow. “Denzel [Washington] said to me a few minutes ago, ‘At your highest moment be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you,” Smith said as he cried. The Academy also denounced the slap through Twitter.”The Academy does not condone violence of any form,” they tweeted.

Hey, Denzael, newsflash: it AINT the devil–its assholes doing asshole things because they can get away with it. Stop pimping that Devil narrative–it fails to hold people accountable.

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