Gabriel Wortman, and the “no surprises here” expose’ of a police family: the”going flat,”narrative, police and intel “handlers” and a crime that was 100% preventable–except that police were involved from day one.

The cousin of Gabriel Wortman. the Portapique Nova Scotia mass shooter/burner is slowly dripping into the light, exposing how families of police include gangs, and stalkers.

His cousin, a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police affiliate, warns of how police families breed sociopaths, and isolate targeted individuals who eventually commit major crimes. The “catch me if you can “policing tactics are once again in the spotlight–as they should be.

Something is plainly wrong in how police cover the asses of the asses within their own families–those asses, notoriously, who are” gang stalkers.”

‘I knew he was always capable of killing somebody’: Gabriel Wortman’s uncle

Going flat indeed.

The former RCMP officer said he had visited his nephew and his longtime girlfriend several times when he and his wife were living in P.E.I., between 2014 and 2018, but he said the couple decided to leave the region to avoid ongoing family infighting.

I was the only one he associated with, and then when he and I went flat, he had nobody,” he said, adding that Gabriel Wortman had not spoken to his parents for the past six or seven years…“It’s just my sixth sense, that spider sense of a police officer. I just knew that I had to get my distance.”

He recalled how his nephew’s mother once showed up at the denture clinic, where she asked her son to fix her dentures. “He said, ‘I’ll do it, (but) after that I never want to see you again,”‘ Chris Wortman said in the police interview.

Asked by Kilborn if he had been following news about the killings, Chris Wortman said he was aware of what had happened, including reports that his nephew had set fire to several homes in Portapique, N.S., after killing 13 people there.

“I thought that’s totally him,” he said. “I just know how he plans things and how meticulous and thorough he would be … It just seems like he was finalizing everything.”

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