Dear Targeted Individual in Sweden: be careful-your IP logs register at WP–I hope you are using protection

So that you know–I have read your story–I think you did a bad thing by shooting a tranny with a crossbow.

That said, yeah, these police programs are noxious assaults upon democracies everywhere, as are most Freemason asshat assaults on the integrity of structures we could otherwise build.

The thing is though–they have the tools, they have the manpower, and they have the resources under their thumbs.

So what to do?

YOU have excellent web skills. YOU have excellent anger, over what they have done to you.

YOU have legitimate cause for retribution.

But a word of caution” my pappy always said “before the sword of revenge can pierce the heart of its opponent, it must first pass through your own heart.”

Yeah–I know–outdated language, I think he was quoting Holocaust profiteer Elie Wiesel, or similar. Regardless–those old guys tended to use archaic terms.

So–before you fuck them, be careful you don’t fuck yourself, OK?

That said, here is something I am thinking about:

Follow Richard Moore, and enable his dialogue. Take note of the persons he indicts–and use discretion–but enable–EMPOWER Richard Moore’s dialogues with your amazing skills.

Send me the results.

As for Russia, neutrality, etc? Yeah–neutrality is a joke these days, isn’t it? Work with whomever you can work with, regardless of nationalism–do what you do best, and get paid to do it.

Then, take those resources you have earned, and empower others–start with a donation to Richard Moore. Crypto, Bit-toe, whatever.

But we need allies, and we need to fight back.

And BTW? Dublin CA is a hotbed of prison guard gangs, and police–state workers doing illegal things. I wouldn’t cry much if they die much, if you get my meaning.

2 thoughts on “Dear Targeted Individual in Sweden: be careful-your IP logs register at WP–I hope you are using protection

  1. what was the point of ths post?

    biden is:
    1/ A long term pedophile. he has been a pedophile for over 40 years. Everybody knows it, the media, the White house, other politicians, congress, etc… He touches boys and girls on TV with total scorn for the parents, and the public. He is protected by his connections and his puppet masters.
    2/ A sex offender. Lie his son, he doesn’t only gp after children but everything with two boobs that moves. Again, like for the pedophilia, watch the hundreds of public footage where he sexually harass countless women.
    3/ Senile. He is senile, he doesn’t know what he is doing, has not a clue what is really going on and repeat like a parrot what his puppeteers tell him to say. Proof: he goes in poland to ask Putin to be ;removed from power’. Immediately the White House denounces his speech and contradicts him. It doesn’t matter he keeps saying the same BS as if he was completely lobotomized.
    4/ He is a criminal like his son. Moscow sex ring, millions made in Ukraine This is why he hates Putin because his money laundering operation with zelensky is screwed), fraud, abuse of office, embezzlement, etc…
    5/ He is a war criminal and a mass murderer. In all administration he served, he was a war criminal and has millions civilians blood on his dirty hands.
    6/ he is the biggest puppet of all the western puppets (worse even than Trudeau). He is so much a puppet that we can see the string attached to his frail senile body… The only question is, besides the globalists, who is pulling these strings? biden does not speak, he parrots, he does not have ideas, he reads a prompter, he decides nothing, he just follows orders.
    7/ Of course he is an usurper, he lost the 2020 elections but was put in power through unprecedented fraud. This is why he thinks he can do whatever he wants and behave like a dictator. It’s like people who never worked for the money they have, they don’t know the real value of it.
    7/ Finally, he has dementia, and just for that he should be impeached immediately.
    Of course he is also an idiot and a scumbag and this is why the rothschild use him like a cheap carpet


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