Gang interdiction and gang stalking: why do state and federal programs “privilege” female narratives? Quick fact–it decapitates male leadership

Many online wonder if there is a connection between actual street gangs and gang stalking. The short answer is “of course there is a connection,”–but what is it?

And, the short answer there is this: so-called street gangs are essentially poor or marginalized people trying to survive, and garner resources to feed their tribes.

This structure can be seen in many ways–and indeed, Hollywood films have documented it repeatedly, most famously in Harvey Weinstein’s brilliant “Gangs of New York,” which chronicles the travails of the poor and marginalized who seek to form a sense of community, regardless of how brutal and severe such culture is.

Indeed, we see brutal methods of tribal control, and social ordering according to “street laws” and “street enforcement.” But such things pale in context to the social order, and gang structure of “organized society” which utilizes similar, but far more brutal tactics to create social order, and culture.

And while it is true that “gangs” patrol their turf, and police their members–take a look at this recent gang activity at the Oscars, for one example of such “ordering”–but gang stalking is an entirely different thing.It is state and federal level gang activity–the gangs are state workers, police, intelligence agents, and their subsidiary assets in various communities. And their methods and tactics at times resemble street gang activity, but with one major caveat: it is gang activity, hidden behind “official” functions.

With that in mind, take a look at how the anti-prostitution, gender biased narratives of certain “save the women” narrators attack street level gang activity, and destroy their sense of community–this is how NGOs and other programmatic fund recipients drive a wedge between men and women whose existence is street level, marginalized culture.

They start by framing men as “pimps” and women as “victims of pimps” rather than men as “victims of predatory capitalism,” and women as “fellow travellers, and warriors in corrupted systems of power.”

An eye-opening read.

Gang Trafficking Recruiting and Prevention

1) The difference between the pimp trafficking methods and a gang is significant.
 A pimp generally works alone to build his ‘business’ and uses his most loyal female to help him
control the others. (the bottom b*tch)
 A gang has at least 7-8 close-knit members working in concert with rules, structure and loyalty
to build a child exploitation enterprise. The local group is called a “set” or “crew.”
2) Most traffickers build a ‘family’ concept of belonging to lure victims.
 A pimp may require his victims to call him “Daddy” and to call one another “sisters” or
“wifey” or “wifey-in-law” to assimilate a family environment in the “stable.”
 A gang carries the concept of an extended network; consequences are dealt out by “elders”
for those who break the rules of the game. Often the coveted position as the elder is
handed down from generation to generation. Police gang units report 7 years old as the
youngest gang trafficker they’ve dealt with and report that often they are seeing four
generations in action.
3) Girls see themselves as ‘members’ and won’t identify as victims.
 They are proud to be accepted into a gang that they perceive as powerful.
 But their role is defined for them – they are to earn money for the gang through acts of
 Many times they are “sexed” into a gang. The term “gang bangers” comes from the initiation of
sexing a girl into membership. Some girls take pride in choosing instead to be “jumped” in – a
rite of initiation where a potential gang member is beaten by all the other gang members.
Usually that initiation is reserved for males joining the gang.

….initiation, indeed. Gangs, indeed! Follow the links–conect the dots!

3 thoughts on “Gang interdiction and gang stalking: why do state and federal programs “privilege” female narratives? Quick fact–it decapitates male leadership

  1. Two years ago, Tanner Vaughan told me he no longer had a girlfriend ( why he had one in the first place is still a mystery) and that he was into sexual gang-banging. I’m like, what the hell is that supposed to mean? I still am not sure but one thing I do know for certain, the community oriented policing stalking program is built on SEX and LIES. They isolate you, deprive you and then they want to get you into some S&M masterbation ritual while they record it and play it to fellow perves in private Facebook chat rooms.


    1. Its true. A lot of what they are doing is sexual PSYOP–blackmail, etc.

      Keep in mind that the Freemasons find normal sex repugnant–in their world, its only man to wife, for procreation–as long as they are fuckig like minded people.

      But that rule goes out the window, when they are sexually abusing non-Masons. In their world view, they are doing a service to humanity by molesting non-Masons.

      Your case is full of that.

      And as for Tanner, he is the by-product of their binary world creation scheme–a throwaway boy. An item to be abused.

      But hos sow of a mother didn’t care about any of that because as a sow, she was merely seeking food–roots, bark, and eventually the entire tree.

      Thats what pigs DO.


    2. Let’s focus on that Army story–the guy who was raping boys, and distributing child pornography from Arizona.

      Note that the special agent from counterintelligence FBI didn’t give a shit about the children abused–he only cares whether such abusers compromise national security–that whether kids are raped and used matters nothing to the FBI–only that so-called “national security” was compromised.

      That translates to business as usual–the FBI doesn’t give a lick whether children are raped–they only care if that raping can be used against the military rapists who do that stuff.

      So, child pornography to them is merely “incidental collection” if and until it casts them in a bad light.

      But ONLY then.

      In the meantime–business as usual, as these highly connected military pedophiles do what they do to kids.

      MKULTRA in a nutshell.


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