SMALL TOWN Gay Bar Tupelo Mississippi

Richard Moore brings us the story of “Rumors” the only gay bar in North East Mississippi–a story of acceptance, and belonging–of terrorists like Fred Phelps picketing–and a story where only Richard Moore can fill in the dirty details, and read between the lines, bringing local history in his area to life!

As one might expect, false christians of all kinds waged their terror on the LGBTQ-munity at the urging of Phelps and his un-godly flocks, and yet the bar survived due to the indomitable spirit of that community–the false christian Westboro Baptist was eventually beaten back into its internecine wormhole, and people began to ask all the right questions, like–Was Fred Phelps Gay?

And, unsurprisingly—that bar was closed down in 2009, a mere few years after this documentary, and turned into a Baptist church. That is how progress of any kind is stopped in Mississippi by the descendants of slave owners, whose slave-owning religion,  wealth and power extends into every aspect of that state’s daily business, long after slavery was ended, and the slavers died off.

It’s time to kill these types all over again–but how to do it? As we see, even the civil war couldn’t kill them all, or destroy their heinous power.

Read on dear readers, read on!–a story of hateful Baptists, who are everything the devil designed.

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2 thoughts on “SMALL TOWN Gay Bar Tupelo Mississippi

  1. “Christians” use “glory” holes and massage parlors. They are predators. Does anyone want to talk about demons and spirits? What kind of spirit a person would have to have in order to want to attack a gay person? I’m an ordained Christian Minister and Certified Christian Counselor. ZOOM me into your church or men’s group. Can you get a homosexual spirit just from watching porn? Do you have to stay a homosexual if you got a homosexual spirit? Why are you afraid of homosexuality? What kind of spirit makes a person unable to control their own body and need sex to the point of having to pay for it or seek it out in truck stop bathrooms from other men? These are questions I will be answering if any Christians want to hear. Just because God or Mary tells you to act violently does not mean you have to do it. You can tell them to pick a peaceful solution and they will bless you just for requesting it and then handle your “problems” for you.


    1. Well–you are at the wrong blog if you want to preach–I won’t tolerate too much “god/Gawd/G-d/ or Lord” around here.

      That said–yeah, well, I am 100% in agreement about how these false teachers preach against gay people.

      And I am 100% FOR legalized prostitution–I believe that sex in any form between consenting adults is not only natural, healthy, and fun–but also creates bonds between the living.

      SO–if you want to preach, go over to Richard Moore’s Youtube/Quora/etc–he is a good christian man, and so on. Maybe contribute to his Go Fund Me

      Then, about truck stop bathrooms and so on–I have always found it odd that christians have the time to peek into people’s windows, and truck stop bathrooms–because sexual voyeurism is a mental illness, defined in the DSM-5 as a sexual paraphilia.

      I am all about tearing down those temples, friend–and if you wish to help, please go contribute to Richard Moores GFM campaign–he is suing several windo ledge slobbering sheriffs, their community assets, and all of those Masonic asshats and community policing trolls who subvert due process in his area.

      Myself, I am not seeking anything in this life–I am quite happy right now.

      Where I live, no one cares if people are gay, and women practice their sexual arts from within all types of places–beauty salons, and massage parlors, hotels and so on–and no one cares–it’s none of anyone’s business what these people do, nor is their sexual impulse monitored like a heartbeat by christian ad government trolls.

      The Jewish-christian desire to control and manipulate peoples sexual choices is 100% alliged with how farmers monitor and breed their herds–and being a herd animal was never my thing.

      That’s the glaring flaw in ALL of christian teachings–on one hand, trying to claim some higher calling as spiritual beings that are superior to animals, and on the other hand, being herded like goats sheep or cows into every war of Jewish-christian conquest t slaughter and murder the women and children of other herds.

      It’s a contradiction that christianity fails to note–but that others laugh at.

      Demons, every stupid horn- headed one of them.

      Go suck a dick if that’s what you are into–go get a damned massage with a happy ending–because as we see, the Lord forgives all “sins!”–but christians who wish it was them on the massage table cannot forgive, and can only leer into the windows with a boner in their pants, or sloppy wet thighs.

      Disgusting people.

      My litmus test for “believers” is whether or not they will contribute substantially to Richard Moore’s campaign. He is non-sectarian, and his christian stuff is his wn–he doesn’t preach to me, and he tells it like it is.

      You and others might note the oddity of a person like me defending a christian man–but I will defend any good person who is beset by these demons in human form, regardless of their beliefs or faith, because urging the suing and prosecution of gangs of stalkers is my thing–its my only issue.

      You, contributing to Moore’s campaign can help.

      As for attorney’s who take gang stalking cases? Any rational attornet won’t take a case if clients gibber on about god, because such people are bad clients who shoot their own cases in the foot, due to their “beliefs” rather than their “evidence.”


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