Who are the Gang Stalkers? Meet the KKK of Northern Mississippi–good “church going” people who organize at Mount Zion Baptist church, New Albany MS

Richard Moore is an intergenerational target of racist gang stalkers, and the police will do nothing about it. That needs to change. Take a look as the Ku Klux Klan, disguised as a “constitutional militia” stalk him, and later, the police make a series of arrests strictly to occlude the activity of the upper echelons in their ranks–literally, in their ranks.

Policing is not merely infested with Masons, but Mason’s who are Ku Klux Klansmen, whose interpretation of Freemasonry, and the Klan take on a new meaning in the post-Klan era: militia’s that claim they stand for the constitution, but who violate the civil rights of others at the same time–a contradiction cannot be squared under Freemason ethics, or the Constitution itself.

I invite Masons and Constitutionalists to take a look at this story to answer the questions “who are the gang stalkers,” and “what happens in gang stalking,” and “will the police arrests gang stalkers,” and “what do gang stalkers look like,” and so on–it’s a real eye opener that makes me ask “Why do Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James, and Joe Pierre, M.D. deny that gang stalking is real?”

The answer might well be in the question, as gang stalkers are nearly all racists.

From Richard Moore:

The New Face of the KKK: so-called “constitutional militia’s”

Union County Mississippi Baptist Association, The Good Samaritan, The White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan- Citizens Militia of Mississippi/ Citizens Corp, Community oriented policing- one stop Name of Gang Stalking.

In December if 2017 I was being stalked and harassed by nearly 100 people and automobiles in Union county Mississippi. They were stopping in front of my house shouting obscenities including death threats. I called 911 and Union County dispatched to deputies to my residence in Alpine Mississippi. What’s the arrived the harassment stopped. The deputy asked me if they were doing it now. This is gas lighting at its finest. Title 18 section 242 crimes committed under the color of law is really what they should have been concerned with. The deputies lessened as I described in detail the crime that had been committed against myself. They refuse to write down a written complaint. What’s the deputies left the stalking resumed. This time I got in my car and followed two of the stalkers and we all ended up in the parking lot of Mount Zion Church.

New Albany, MS Mount Zion Baptist Church is a hotspot of KKK activity

….follow the story to the very last dot©!

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