Gang stalking case study and data: validating odd claims in the case of Richard Moore, North Mississippi

This post is for the researcher, journalist, psychologist, sociologist and others who seek data about “targeted individuals,” of “organized gang stalking.”

First, use my search feature, KW: Richard Moore, Mississippi, North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association, delusions and gang stalking, case study. This will provide you with raw data about Mr. Moore, a self-proclaimed targeted individual–but ALSO a targeted individual validated with thousands of other persons comments, public opinion, and a news article that documents his case.

Like the cases of Rick Krlich in Ohio, and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia–and the eBay “gang” of “stalkers” now working its way through the federal court system, we see that the topic of gang stalking and targeted individuals are gaining traction in media narratives.

But what is lacking is DATA. Any kind of scientific data that can be cited, and referenced with authority. This is a problem, because the majority of those who write on this topic are 100% allied with the police practices that constitute gang stalking–programs that go by different names across the US-FVEY’s nations, ranging from “intelligence led predictive policing,” or “PredPol,” or “parallel colliding investigations,” and so on.

Such writers and “authorities” largely deny the practices exist, and the psychologists who seek to get their names in the papers as authorities on gang stalking all have a book to sell, or work directly in the police and prison systems. You can search these names yourself to see what disinformation around this topic looks like, and then come back here, where I will briefly cover the data surrounding the gang stalking of Richard Moore.

These names: Dr. Joe Pierre, M.D., Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, Dr. David V. James, LCSW Christine Sarteschi, Peter Langman PhD, Adam Lankford PhD–these are all directly allied with the weaponized psychiatry movement, and produce all kinds of work that denies the claims that we see working their way through the US courts today.

So–what data DOES exist that validates the claims of targeted individuals? I have that and I will bullet point the material that points to the data that you can view here at my blog. Together, it forms a gang stalking case study in progress, with a named subject, who has given me permission to write about his case.

Richard Moore North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association Gang Stalking Case Study

  • There is often a boilerplate denial that Freemasons are involved in gang stalking. There are thousands of such claims on the web. But what is lacking is actual linkage to these cases–that no one has yet clearly named, and connected Freemasons to gang stalking, until Richard Moore provided names, and a timeline with clear and inarguable linkage to his personal case. Here is one example here–a Freemason and police officer who has demonstrably stalked him in various ways for over two decades
  • gang stalking victims often make unsubstantiated claims that they are tortured. The term torture is controversial–we see the term used variously in the gang stalking dialectic–yet we also see everyone from housewives who have experienced domestic violence, to CIA and state department employees using the term to describe being targeted by possible intelligence agency weapons. Yet what we NEVER see until it is too late, is cases like that of Ahmaud Arbery, who was stalked for many years by a “gang” of police and prosecutors, at one point trying to “Taser” him with zero provocation in an act of torture. Richard Moore’s claims on the other hand revolve around false arrests spanning decades, and harsh treatment in the jails of Union County MS, including intensive psychological operations–none of which is predicated in law or due process. These activities have spanned decades, and fit the dictionary definition of torture–so, he rightfully calls it by its roper name.
  • gangs of community police who act unrestrained and with the overt, covert and tacit approval by law enforcement. This is evident in most of Moore’s video’s and other documentation.Mr. Moore documents the Mississippi Department of Public Safety allocating funds for programs such as the program that is targeting him, and validates the claim with evidence. He also documents the various COPS program stalkers, and stalkers from within the church-based “recovery industry” as stalkers
  • gangs of current and former law enforcement, military, intelligence agents and others in their orbit and sphere of influence who organize in systematic fashion to deny the basic human and legal rights of their target. All of that is evident in Moore’s case. Most recently, he was targeted by a “gang” that ran his car into a ditch, totalling the vehicle, and incapacitating Mr. Moore. Shortly thereafter, a woman named Kristen Harrison KImbrell, from an entirely different state plotted with the Union County Sheriff to steal Mr. Moore’s belongings, a stunning and brazen reality that targets face–the “law” breaking the law. That same woman conspired in the literal sense with two others to wage an online smear campaign to limit the donations that Mr. Moore can receive at his fundraising sites–and despite the fact that these women live several states away from Mr. Moore–and the fact that they had travelled interstate to appear at Mr. Moore’s house, they filed restraining orders against him, which were granted by a judge. He was also denied assistance from the local food bank, that food bank associated with the Baptist religion, and the Ku Klux Klan. This is the level of absurdity that we see in genuine cases of gang stalking.
  • He documents the FBI returning his mail to him, after he wrote to inform agents in Oxford, MS of his story. He documented that with a “returned to sender: package, despite that package being properly addressed.
  • He documents the lack of charges against those who have kicked his door down. He documents various other levels of action, inaction, and non-action by the Union County Sheriff, the Lee County Sheriff, and the State Patrol to address his complaints
  • He documents an actual gang of cyber-stalkers working to complain about the content he provides on social media, and working to cause “shadow bans” and removals of his content–which is protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution, but also that does not appear to violate platform TOS agreements

Taken as a whole, I propose that this is likely the first gang stalking targeted individual case study of its kind, ever in the history of this topic, and as such, can be used to compare other cases, or for other purposes where data is needed. I invite the researcher to further dialogue, and I can be contacted at my contact page, should you wish to use or cite this data.

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