Fifth generation warfare, and how to get around the new digital iron curtain–Corbett Report

The US-FVEY’s has been censoring the internet by proxy for well over two decades, yet the news is full of stories about “China’s Great Firewall!” and Vladimir “Hitler” Putin has cut off Facebook!! Oh nooooes!

At the same time, a legitimate question is to ask “when was the last time western journals carried a Pravda article, or a People’s Daily news feature, without commentary?

Riiiight. You might as well read the New York Times if propaganda is your thing.

Western censorship is a real thing, and we see the recent blocking of RT/com in western nations is merely an extension of western propaganda efforts.

Listen folks–censorship is how nations maintain order, and there is no such thing as a “fee internet” or a “democratic internet,” anywhere, ever. There never was. In fact in the “free-est” country in the world, the USA, they routinely pursue web geniuses who believe the internet SHOULD be free–such was the story of Reddit Founder and child savant Aaron Schwartz, who died in federal custody after the US Justice department locked him up for trying to create a “free” internet.

SO–as we watch these censorship battles, and try to get the facts, rather than the propaganda, we must make ourselves Internet savvy, and balance our facts with our proaganda–its imperative on freethinkers EVERYWHERE to get a balanced snapshot of reality.

So, from James Corbett, here’s a bit more about that:

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