Rusia demanda explicación sobre patrocinio de Hunter Biden a laboratorios biológicos ucranianos

Hunter Biden’s laptop was just an ice breaker–now let’s talk about his involvement in the creation of a situation where bio-weapons laboratories are dotted all over in the Ukraine.


Like we saw in the release of the COVID epidemic in Wuhan, we now see the heavy involvement of US interests in creating bioweapons in and around countries on the US “enemies lists.”

And, like we saw during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, no one wants the opposition poised on its doorstep with weapons of mass destruction.

Cuba, 1962, Russian missile bases:

Russian missile base just south of Miami, FL, USA, 1962 Image: Woodstock Whisperer

US funded bio-weapons labs in Ukraine, 2022:

The century may have changed, but the game has not. Coronavirus, anyone? What pricks… Image: Gospa News Net

Meanwhile, in the US part of Cuba today, Guantanamo Bay torture and experimentation:

Who is still held at Guantanamo Bay Prison and Torture camp today? Image: Georgetown University

Well–I am dizzy with all of those aerial views, like a butterfly in the airstream above Mexico, merely trying to find my way home!–so back to the main topic–for the Spanish speakers in my readership, who are tired of the #fakenews of American Oligarch owned and controlled media(yes, indeed, most of them are in fact Jewish, or sentimental towards the good old days when Jews ran the accounting firms of the slave markets, while christians ran the actual slaves)–which differs from Russian Oligarch controlled media very little, here is an introduction to Spanish-Xinhua, the Spanish version of one of China’s mainstream news outlets.

China, it might be added, has a much larger “oligarchy” for now, with much less wealth, that is subject to more strict control than the “free” western countries where organized gang stalking, and contract murders by police working at the behest of oligarchs and their “secret societies” are the norm, not the exception. That will change in this century:

Rusia demanda explicación sobre patrocinio de Hunter Biden a laboratorios biológicos ucranianos

MOSCÚ, 25 mar (Xinhua) — El Kremlin dijo hoy viernes que Washington debe explicar la participación de Hunter Biden, hijo del presidente estadounidense Joe Biden, en el financiamiento de laboratorios biológicos ucranianos.

El fondo de inversión Rosemont Seneca, actualmente administrado por Hunter Biden, financió el programa biológico militar del Pentágono en Ucrania, indicó el jueves el Ministerio de Defensa ruso.

“Se trata de una información muy sensible tanto para nosotros como para el mundo entero”, señaló el portavoz del Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, en una conferencia de prensa diaria.

Washington está tratando de desviar la atención de los programas biológicos de Estados Unidos por medio de la discusión de la supuesta amenaza de que Rusia utilice armas químicas en Ucrania, añadió.

Durante una operación militar especial en Ucrania, el ejército ruso descubrió que laboratorios biológicos financiados por Estados Unidos realizaban investigaciones con virus peligrosos, de acuerdo con el Ministerio de Defensa ruso.

La parte rusa ha instado repetidamente a Washington a que explique a la comunidad internacional la finalidad de estas instalaciones. Fin

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