Witchcraft, Techdirt.com, and cops using “actual witchcraft” in court cases–who could write better comedy? Except–I did that already–see “The Witches of Union County Mississippi.”

There are few journalists in the western hemisphere’s of influence who are more adept at spotting hilarity, and junk science in policing who can stand next to Tim Cushing of Techdirt.com.

And I like to fantasize–to imagine, that my writing comes close in some way, though I know he is lightsabers Harry Potter’s Magic Vibrating Broom one short penis length plus free birth control clinic supplied lube way, way ahead of me reporting asshattery by police and their weaponized community policing assets.

And now, some many months after I reported on witchcraft in Union County, Mississippi, being used by Ku Klux Klansmen and their Lulu Markwell Democratic Party affiliated women, even Tim Cushing of Techdirt.com reports upon “witchcraft in policing.”

Seriously–police, using witchcraft to “solve” cases, lol. See my posts using my search feature, about the numbers 12 and 13 for examples where these shit show gang stalking Republican “christians” and their co-defendant Democrat “witches” use gangs of 12 and 13 to stalk their targets.

Extra points if you can ascertain the occult symbolism of the “gangs” of police who stalked the violent, psychotic Gabby Petito’s reluctant fiance, Brian Laundrie into an early, watery, boy-v-girl grave, and tortured his parents during Halloween with one of the most seriously disturbed Halloween pranks of all time, at the cost of $200,000USD per day, fed into these asshats police state coffers.

Without further ado, some delightful Tim Cushing, inheritor of what was once good about Techdirt.com, before Mike Masnick revealed that he needed to tuck his testicles between his legs every time the pseudo-feminist Lulu Markwell ignited “empowered women” and their CIA funded “feminism” threatened his stats–seriously Masnick was once a great writer!–and then….:OUCH, bitches are biting my balls! And threatening my progeny!!! Now Wut?

*Capitulate* and *Rankings!* and* “Audience!!*, Sincerely, Mike Masnick

Well, at least the guy knew how to recognize talent–Tim Cushing, sounds like GUSHING! That guy can write…

Cops Are Being ‘Trained’ To Use Literal Witchcraft To Find Dead Bodies

(Mis)Uses of Technology

from the script-writers-appears-to-have-dropped-off-the-deep-end-of-farce dept

Wed, Mar 30th 2022 03:34pm – Tim Cushing

We [waves flattened palm parallel to the floor in circular motion meant to demonstrate the encompassing nature of the rest of this sentence] the People of this United States have seen some shit. This faaaaaaaaaaarrrr surpasses anything we’ve seen before.

By shit, I am referring to the gobsmackingly inane, incredibly insane garbage law enforcement passes off as “science” to secure convictions. Here’s a particularly astounding “for instance:” there’s an FBI “forensics expert” who claims he can recognize people by the patterns of the wrinkles in their mass-produced jeans and shirts. That’s the claim the malleable Dr. Richard Vorder Bruegge has not only made in his science-y sounding paper (“Photographic Identification of Denim Trousers from Bank Surveillance Film“) but also in court, where he has insisted the odds of wrinkle duplication in mass-produced clothing is 1-in-650 billion.

That’s just on the far end of the law enforcement bullshit spectrum. There’s plenty of other stuff that’s all been considered the gold standard of evidence that has failed to add up to anything when any actual scientific scrutiny is applied to it. Bite mark analysis, blood spatter analysis, bullet matching, hair matching, DNA… all of it is suspect or, at the very least, not nearly as accurate as law enforcement forensic experts assert in court.

But at least most of that stuff has some science to it, even if it’s not nearly as capable of producing bulletproof matches as law enforcement techs believe it is. Microscopes, labs, lab coats, software, specialized hardware, chain of custody, documentation, clipboards, things utilizing radiation or ions or spectroscopes or whatever… that all goes into examining evidence and generating leads or overly confident statements in court.

This has none of this. Worse, the legacy of this mockery of police investigative work carries with it a history of con artists utilizing showmanship to bilk rubes out of money. And yet, law enforcement agencies are actually spending tax dollars to send budding investigators to “learn” from someone who should have been laughed out of business immediately. This is not just a farce, it’s law enforcement malpractice.

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