Mississippi Today investigation exposes new evidence of former governor Phil Bryant’s role in welfare scandal–more coming soon

If this is what Mississippi is doing with welfare funds–what might they be doing with all the other money pots? Richard Moore has more on how the state of MS is misusing grants at the Mississippi Department of Public Safety in a “good old boys and gals” kickback scheme–please donate to his Go Fund Me for investigative research–he needs help uncovering the MS Dept. of Public Safety fraud, and put these state-criminals in jail!

State of Mississippi Misusing Grant money in Various Kickback Schemes

Mississippi Today’s five-month investigation reveals how Bryant used the governor’s office to exploit a dysfunctional welfare system for personal interests. Our series debuts Monday.

by Anna Wolfe April 3, 2022 https://d-144436082487134552.ampproject.net/2203172113000/frame.html

With the help of Phil Bryant’s own words in candid, never-before-published conversations, Mississippi Today’s series “The Backchannel” uncovers the depth of the former governor’s involvement within a sprawling welfare scandal that plagued his administration.

Each story in the series will delve into an aspect of Bryant’s entanglement with the welfare agency’s spending — whether the ties to his personal business dealings, his relationships with players in the scheme, patterns in his leadership, agency directives or nepotism.

While he was Mississippi’s governor, the welfare department that Bryant oversaw misused and squandered at least $77 million in federal funds meant to assist the state’s poorest residents — and so far he’s skirted all accountability.

This scheme wasn’t confined to a rogue government employee forging checks.

It was the inevitable outcome inside a public assistance office that had distorted its supposed mission to uplift people in poverty, while throwing tens of millions of welfare dollars at pie-in-the-sky plans with virtually no oversight.

The diversion of the funds away from the needy happened largely through sanctioned government processes — whether by the state agency or a private nonprofit — and in many cases with permission and in broad daylight.

…follow the link! Connect the dots–read the rest of the story!

The head of that system was Phil Bryant.


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