What is “gang stalking” in every day life? Techdirt.com and Tim Cushing covers that beat–the case study of the Melrose Park, IL stalkers

The phrase “organized gang stalking” elicits lots of “oooohs!” and “aaaahs!” and especially–“delusions!!!!” from psychologists and social workers who are on the state payroll, but for actual victims, they call it what it is: a gang leader of one type or another, working in government, and sending the resources of the federal, state, or local government to target and harass a citizen.

And few cases of this state sponsored activity are more well known than the case of Rick and Cindy Krlich in Ohio, fending off a horn honking, garbage throwing campaign by the police chief and the fire chief–they literally made the news with this case, because it revealed the gang activity of those who occupy high positions in local governments, doing criminal things.

Techdirt.com is a platform that covers the intersection of law and technology, in a fabulous way, but most of its writers live in that exact same bubble. They are hesitant to discuss gang stalking in its proper light, and likely, for obvious reasons–those of us who write about that become targets OF that.

I myself have been targeted and harassed on that platform–another story entirely–but even then, there is hope, because while the founder of that platform, Mike Masnick ducks real and actual controversy, his writers do not, if you have strong evidence, and a good legal case, with facts to back it up.

Like all media, their ability to wage lawfare is limited, but their ability to amplify messages is not–I have seen many actual targets featured there, and the fabulous writers at Techdirt writing solid, fact based commentary about their case. Here below is one such example.

Note the solid evidence, the legal case properly filed, and the narrative has nothing whatsoever to do with the well known TI tropes of “electronic weapons, aka wiretaps and other computer and cell phone manipulation, or “lizard people” which is a coded reference to neocon Zionists, which performs the work of a smear upon Jews.

Nope–none of that garbage–and just the facts, which for sane people is usually enough to do the convincing, because in these cases, the facts themselves, submitted in legal forms are enough for any judge or jury to find for the plaintiff/s.

Have a look at a case of actual gang stalking at the behest of a town mayor–an elected official–who targeted a couple of people at their home. And notice that all the p[plaintiffs claims against that mayor sound EXACTLY like organized gang stalking.

Judge Says Mayor, Town Can’t Escape 1st Amendment Retaliation Suit Involving 62 Tickets Over Lawn Furniture

Every so often, the plaintiffs win. And by “win,” I mean they get to continue litigating. This case — coming to us via the Volokh Conspiracy — shows just how petty and vindictive city officials can be, even when their fiefdom barely exceeds 25,000 residents.

Refusing to let a good deed go unpunished, the Village of Melrose Park decided to go after the parents of a man who had the temerity to speak up about previous abuse at public meetings. Michael Cozzi complained about two previous tickets his parents, Vincent and Angeline Cozzi, had received for the crime of [gasp!] having lawn chairs on their lawn. Michael Cozzi also complained generally about the mistreatment of his parents by the city.

Things got ugly real fast. From the federal court decision [PDF]:

The Village of Melrose Park decided that it would be a good idea to issue 62 tickets to an elderly couple for having lawn chairs in their front yard. The Village issued ticket after ticket, imposing fine after fine, to two eighty-year-old residents, Plaintiffs Vincent and Angeline Cozzi.

The fines were not small potatoes. Each ticket cost $500, so the Village tagged them with fines totaling about $30,000. And when it was all said and done, the Village slapped them with a lien on their house, for good measure.

The tickets faulted the Cozzis for creating a nuisance and for “unsanitary conditions.” The tickets did not explain what was unsanitary about the plastic lawn chairs. But the Village claimed that they were receiving anonymous calls about “clutter” on their front lawn.

The Cozzis, for their part, didn’t view their lawn furniture as wasteful clutter. In fact, they regularly used the furniture to sit outside, and visit with loved ones in a socially distanced manner during the pandemic. The fresh air and companionship apparently cost them $30,000.

There was more to it than this. But this was plenty. The Cozzis were ticketed nearly every business day from December 3, 2020 to March 3, 2021. The Village even ticketed them on Christmas Eve.

Their son fared no better. He received a handwritten note from a police officer about supposed parking violations. This was followed by a deluge of parking tickets. He also received threatening phone calls and text messages. Police placed his house under surveillance. His car was vandalized. The mayor got into the action as well, driving by Michael Cozzi to deliver a verbal threat of violence.

Michael Cozzi again made an attempt to plead for some sort of sanity to prevail at a Village public meeting in early 2021. This did not go well.

In January 2021, as the deluge of tickets rained down, Michael Cozzi went to a public meeting at the Village of Melrose Park to express his concerns. The meeting, it turns out, was recorded. And to put it mildly, Mayor [Ronald] Serpico responded poorly. He unleashed what can only be described as a filthy, profanity-laden tirade with racial overtones. He told him where to go, and then some.

Here’s what the Mayor told Michael Cozzi:

Mayor Serpico spewed the following missive: “I’m going to tell you something, you’re really reaching me. So, do me a f*cking favor and sit down and shut the fck up. How’s that? You little f*cking pr*ck. Go on, shake your f*cking head. You’re nothing but a f*cking punk.”

From what’s detailed in this decision, the Village engaged in a vendetta against Michael Cozzi by targeting his parents. The court doesn’t exactly call the city and its mayor liars, but it doesn’t exactly not do that, either.

….follow the link! Connect the dots in this story! Gang stalking is when “officials” throw the law out the window.

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