“Pure Evil”–Teri Webster and the Fort Worth Weekly covers gang stalking

Pure Evil

For many targeted individuals, hearing theme songs and threatening messages in their heads is part of a shady, underground military campaign.[* see my note below]

By TERI WEBSTER, April 7, 2022

Agents of the Ministry of State Security (MSS) for China were asked to create harassment campaigns that involved smear tactics and spying. In one of the cases, there was talk of physically harming a Democratic congressional candidate from New York so he could not run for nor get elected to office.

GPS devices and spy cameras were among the devices the Chinese agents used to keep close tabs on their targets. More clandestine agents are believed to be running interference and harassment campaigns in the United States, according to the FBI.

In a video about the arrests, the FBI asked private investigators and law enforcement agencies to contact the FBI if they are asked by a foreign entity to investigate U.S. citizens.

At least one targeted-individual advocate saw the announcement as a possible breakthrough.

“The arrests are simply the beginning of something much larger on the horizon,” said Richard Moore of Tupelo, Mississippi, a targeted-individuals advocate and victim I spoke with for the first story on this topic. “The federal government has now established that this kind of behavior is wrong,” Moore said of the arrests. “They can’t say it’s wrong for the Chinese government to do this, but it’s not wrong for someone else.”

Moore, who spent 10 years in prison, maintains he was set up and wrongly convicted. Since his release from prison in 2013, the harassment has been nonstop, he said. Moore said he has been the victim of community policing, stalking, street theater, and electronic harassment.

People in law enforcement, attorneys, and those in the medical professions who have aligned themselves with organized stalking should consider themselves put on notice, Moore said.

Much of the problem lies with modern-day community policing, according to Moore. Although the concept of monitoring a “suspicious” neighbor or someone lurking in the bushes sounds good on paper, it has lent itself to mini fiefdoms that inflict serial abuse, he said.

The programs flourish because nationwide, millions of dollars in federal funding flows into them, Moore said. In other words, there are incentives to keep them going.


That makes it easy for “local elites” to leverage vendettas against people they perceive as enemies or undesirables in the community, Moore said. Added to that are state threat fusion centers that, according to their websites, are owned by state employees and private entities and therefore have little oversight.

Claims of organized stalking are sometimes dismissed by others as being part of a mental illness or paranoia. For too long, targeted individuals’ complaints have been dismissed and the victims marginalized and written off as nut jobs, Moore said.

….follow this link–connect the dots, and read the rest of the story!

*Those who claim such bizarre and outlandish things–electronic harassment, sound wave harassment, voice to skull sound assaults–are usually affiliated with, or are current and former law enforcement, military, or intelligence agents, and their assets in the community.

Such technology is available, and such things are possible, and there are many reports–especially in real estate related cases–where stalkers move in next door to people and play weird, or loud music. But what is most often lacking is EVIDENCE of these claims–those who claim such do NOT provide sound recordings, or expert documentation of any kind whatsoever, unlike the claims of Richard Moore, who provides all of that and more at his Youtube, and Quora spaces. See his Go Fund Me campaign for more information.

Generally, only fake targeted individuals claim such bizarre things, and present very detailed and almost believable narratives–real targets seldom or never claim such things.Use my search feature for examples of actual targeted individuals: KW-Dr. Stuart Bramhall, Stanley Cohen Esq., Keith LaBella, Esq., eBay gang, Rick Krlich, etc.

See this recent Techdirt story for a recent example of these “local elites” in the “democracy” of the USA doing exactly what actual TI’s report–and NONE of the complaint of the targeted individual involves claims of “voice to skull” weaponry, electronic bunghole zappers, or the usual gibberish that we hear about from fake TI’s.

As regards agents of China being arrested or charged in a gang stalking event, it is common for all spy agencies to carry on such activity around the world. Keep in mind the US Rendition and Torture programs for context, where detainees were sometimes murdered, or detained without charge in Guantánamo Bay Cuba.

The majority of those targeted by the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) are a part of Operation Fox Hunt, or the more recent Operation Skynet, where tax dodging billionaires who fled China after massive corruption are pursued in the US and elsewhere, and coerced or “encouraged” to return home to face charges, or in the very least, pay their lawful taxes.

There is also a subtext where many who took part in earlier era CIA and NED foundation covert activity in China and then fled to the USA are also pursued or harassed. The case of “interference” in an election noted above is one such case–a former CIA affiliated operative, running for office in the US–unsurprisingly, in New York, where the NYPD works hand in black glove with CIA case officers to target the poor. I wrote about that here as well.

Use my search feature for other posts about China, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), or similar topics. You can also read China’s perspective on its billionaire tax dodgers here.

Lastly, take a look at the case at hand, that of Richard Moore, a marginalized man, and an actual target of police and “community policing” in a KKK infested locality, being stalked, having guns fired in his front yard, and surviving several murder attempts. In his area, every sheriff is named “Jimmy” or “Junior,” they are all related, all hooked up with some extremist religions, and they are all Freemasons–weird stuff happens in that area. See here, and here for just a few laughs.

There are tens of thousands of cases like his in the US, and FVEY’s nations, as we see former democracies like the USA using domestic spying run from opaque, secretive, Fusion Centers–a recent report about one such occulted spy hub, the Maine Information and Analysis Center (MIAC) Shadow Report–the, abuse of the poor, the marginalized, and especially the activists, reveals that the US has foregone its own obligations to democracy at every turn.

So–one nation chases runaway billionaires, as the other targets the poor–a striking contrast in value systems, I think.

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