FBI Special Agent Jayson Chambers’ Michigan Fake Kidnapping Plot organizer and double dipper had a history of targeting racial minorities

The news is trickling out gradually–organized gang stalking IS gangs of police and their associates in the agencies, local law enforcement, and the “community policing” networks that hide behind badges, while breaking the letter and the spirit of the law. Their causes are political, their actions are illicit or illegal, and the case of race-gang member, and FBI special agent Jayson Chambers is no different

Take a look at how he was running a shadowy internet intelligence (spy) outfit, using an Infragard agent as cover–EXACTLY as targeted individuals claim that they do, while he was framing up some manufactured terrorism.

Unsurprisingly–and exactly as ROGS Analysis predicts–we saw an indictment that included the number 12. I have documented that linkage for several decades, and anyone peeking in (my daily three silent readers) knows that I am correct, to whit:

In the case at hand, you might recall that there were three extremely conflicted agents, including one swinger accused of beating his wife after a swingers party (sex cults are integral in this organization), and two other crooked agents, one of whom I feature below in this story. Then there were the 12 confidential informants (CI’s)–a signifcant number, according to ROGS Analysis of gang stalking, because these types use that number, and the number 13 as well, to signal to each other online and off, and even in media reports.

Use my search feature “number 12,” and “number 13” for evidence of that usage–or just read this post and this one about the biblical roots of spying and the numbers 12 and 13 for a cue as to what kind of people we are dealing with in that agency.

So, these cases are easy to research once you follow, and other prosecutions can be waged by following these police “gangs” via their numerological signatures and other symbolic usages of jargon, words and phrases.

Who to call when the “law” is the gang? When those in law are criminals?

Yup–that’s why gang stalking thrives–America is divided into two factions, and you either beat them, or join them, and if you don’t? That’s where their webs of rats, snitches, informants and other cockroaches joins in to stalk non-compliant individuals, alongside state, corporate, and other institutional mechanisms.

That above is “who the gang stalkers are.” In case after case, we see these agents invoolved with “gangs” of local enforcers–we see police gangs stalking and intimidating people.

And, we see them waging race-based domestic terrorism too, just as we see in the Michigan case. It was 100% FBI supplied narrative, tools, and informants, working a “white supremacist” angle. In fact, there were more informants than there were “bad guys” in that case, so these prosecutions are highly targeted AT individuals.

Chambers has a long history targeting Palestinians rights activists, and like we saw in the case of Abe Dabela, who was murdered shortly after being stalked by a gang of cops and firefighters–Chambers was integral behind the scenes denying a targeted individual a gun permit.

From the Unz Review, we see how integral Chambers is when pushing a race based narrative–for stirring up racism, and fomenting terror:

FBI Agent Who Helped Set Up Michigan Militia Has History of Abusing Political Dissidents

Chambers and the FBI are being sued in federal court for targeting outspoken critic of Israel Khalid Turaani. The lawsuit was dismissed for political reasons, but Turaani has announced that he will be appealing the decision to the Supreme Court.

When activists encounter these absurd and brutal campaigns waged against them, they find themselves surrounded at all times by the FBI, its agents and informants–but far worse, by scummy racist Jews who incite terror all over the west, in the form of groups like the B’Nai Brith, and its propaganda wing, the Anti Defamation League.

If these scumbags only waged propaganda, those of us who have been stalked and harassed by them could care less–but they don’t just wage propaganda campaigns–they literally wage terror, by constantly harassing their targets, in a hidden and cowardly fashion. They are allied in the unified purpose of smashing speech and dissent, but also, in crushing criticism of them as amoral and nefarious criminals too. Use my search feature “ADL” and “spy rings,” “B’nai Brith” and so on for posts about that.

So, on one hand we have white supremacists, and on the other we have white supremacist Jews–this is the same configuration that we see in the Ukraine today. Take a look at these two photos to help sort out the “who are the Nazi’s” discussions online:

Remember the news stories saying that Putin is the next Hitler? That was curtailed by those of us who know who supports him–just like last time around, as “Nazi’s” waged genocides. Look at all those racist, self-perpetuating Nazi’s!
Oh Nooooes! MORE NAZI’s in the UKRAINE!!!! And who is arming those Nazi’s this time? Yup–same groups as last time–see this about Israel, shipping weapons to “Nazi’s” and this about those “white supremacist Nazi’s” in Hong Kong, too. Absurdity knows no level of bizarre with these Nazi’s, lol.

As we see in this case, again–an actual gang was formed, and an FBI agent with a sordid history was at the center of several other illicit activities too. When it rains, it pours with these dirty cops and intel agents. They ARE what domestic terrorism IS at every turn.

SO, its not surprising that these agents on one hand target and harass and endlessly surveill, and database dissidents–but then, they seek to literally disarm them as critics–they seek to deny them the fundamental US right to carry weapons to defend themselves too.

The cases of Abe Dabela and Khalid Turaani–and SO MANY other activists across the USA, bear so many similarities, that any researcher of organized stalking could benefit from investigating, not least of which is how FBI agent Jayson Chambers, who is now implicated in other dirty deeds actively sought to deny an activist a gun permit.

Related Story: A Reward of 125,000USD is offered for information leading to the arrest of those who murdered Abel Dabela, Esq.

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