Watch “Live watch a 500lb Walmart manager get her gaslighting deplorable stalk on! Tupelo Mississippi” on YouTube

I made a prediction about Richard Moore’s case awhile ago–did it come to fruition? Watch and find out!

I said “there is this huge, obese monster staring down your situation“…..

The culture of bloat in the USA is no substitute for better forms of culture, and I made my prediction in Richard,s case because it is a form of culture that has no similar, anywhere in the world.

I have been to many countries–but have never seen more grotesquely fat people anywhere in the world, where other cultures value diet and exercise as a way to ward off unhealthy fat. But not those corn fed cows in the USA–no, they are part of a carefully managed herd strategy.

Richard–take a read through my linked post for a few laughs–and get that managers name, report her to Walmart HQ.

United States anti gang stalking association

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