Let us. Now move forward and spotlight the Boots on the ground Your friendly neighborhood watch criminal

The Ku Klux Klan has gone underground, and its activity hides behind what is known as “community policing,” and “predictive policing” and many other names–in Britain, for example, it’s known as the National Intelligence Model.

Richard Moore documents that activity of these gangs in North Mississippi, where strange unsolved murders and cold cases are piled thicker and higher than cord wood in a lumberyard.

Peek in as he connects dots between the murders of black men in the 1960’s, whose perpetrators still walk free today–and who often have relatives working in police departments and coroners offices of that area.

United States anti gang stalking association

As I document the daily saga of crimes committed by locals in my community. A collection of individuals in political office, positions of trust and yes local law enforcement. This is the largest group of misfit social rejects in America, its called Community oriented policing.

Community oriented policing is made possible in part by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland security fusion centers. The standard practice of these agencies is to “chill”a targeted individuals constitutional rights! Most of us know this program as gang stalking. The game stalking title more than likely is a play on words by the perpetrators. This program succeeds by dumping millions of dollars into local communities and allowing Mason’s, local law enforcement and thousands of fake churches to violate another citizens civil and constitutional rights.

Here in Mississippi, the heart of the dirty South racial division and disparity is at an all-time…

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