Pasco County FL gang stalking related murders: when should you kill gang stalkers? Ask Qiu Feng Ke “when is enough enough?

Is it ever OK to murder? I will let my readers decide that for themselves–but as we see in Pasco County, Florida, “intelligence led predictive policing”or ILPP and the associated “community policing” harassment that goes along with it has led directly to one gang stalking related murder.

Pasco resident Qiu Feng Ke took up arms against his loud and obnoxious neighbor, Edward Lee Tudor, and blasted him into Gang Stalker Heaven©, where he will be welcomed by all the “victims” of mass shooters, who were also stalkers–what will they do now!? All the good people in heaven together, and no one to stalk!

I imagine it will quickly devolve into a Lord of the Flies type of situation, lol. Hopes-N-Prayers©, folks!

Man Who Admitted to Killing Neighbor Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder

Florida man Qiu Feng Ke, 62, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of neighbor Edward Lee Tudor, 37. There’s no dispute that he killed the victim. Deputies say he admitted to it. He admitted it publicly. Jurors at trial saw surveillance footage that authorities say shows Ke doing the deed. Then, Ke reaffirmed at testimony that he ended the other man’s life.

Qiu said that Tudor was “a bully,” and that the two were “in a war.” He had problems with other neighbors who were stalking him too.

So, FINALLY!!–we now have a confirmed case of “gang stalking related murder.” We can assess whether or not gang stalking leads to homicides! We can ask the question–is The British National Model, aka “intelligence led predictive policing” aka gang stalking effective in radicalizing people to the point where they choose to commit homicide, because there is no other option?

Do these types of policing programs lead to make-work projects that are designed to target and harass individuals in the community–that police actively allow some neighbors to target other neighbors and then refuse to take the targeted neighbors reports of harassment?

That these programs literally deny services such as the filing of police reports, and then, pursuing the targeted individuals complaints–do these programs deny services to individuals, based on race, ethnicity, legal status, or other criterion?

I think they do. I think these programs do the following:

  • they encourage and allow “gangs” of neighbors to “gang up on” other neighbors via community watch groups
  • that police are clearly creating conflicts in neighborhoods, by NOT taking, or acting upon the reports of victims, and favoring the neighborhood mobs narrative over the individuals narrative–classic fascism
  • that in cases like the one at hand, racial, sexual, ethnic and religious biases favor in the harassment–Qiu is ethnic Chinese, targeted by a white person, and likely a group of them
  • that the ILPP model incites violence, rather than prevents it, by the very nature of the police removing basic protections from the victims–see the Pasco County lawsuits to that effect, and a list of lawsuits filed against the Pasco Cty sheriff Chirs Nocco since 2012, while this program has been running; as well as similar programs in other locale’s, like the MIAC Shadow Report, documenting the abuses of the Maine Fusion Center

These cases are far too many to name, and finally we have just ONE CASE where we can link a murder to these policing practices!

Oh, wait–ooops–I misspoke–there are hundreds if not thousands of these cases, but few of them are called “gang stalking related murders,” a semantics problem. While some call them that–take a look at this other convicted murderer, Stephen Reichow, who was indeed being gang stalked as he killed a guy with a baseball bat.

Or this guy, Ahamed Aathil Samsudeen a refugee to New Zealand who endured community policing–and lots of counterintelligence psychological operations– for nearly a decade BEFORE he went off on his stalkers, slicing and dicing them as he saw fit–the poor guy was literally being followed around by a police detail of 30 cops and counterintelligence people, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for 53 days in a row.

Or this case in Las Vegas, where Walter Laak tried to run over his pastor with his car, after being gang stalked. Laak is an Iraq whistle-blower, and according to the Torture Database, also a fall guy in the Iraq and Abu Ghraib torture scandals, too.

All TI’s know the well known expression “they will gang stalk the whistle blower,” and “they will frame you for crimes.” Walter Laak had both going on in his case, yet the official narrative claims he was “a PTSD timebomb.”

Walter Laak in better days–before he was framed for Iraq war crimes as executive level cabinet–Bush/Cheney/et al. and other torturers in the military, or CIA, escaped any punishment whatsoever Image: Las Vegas Review-Journal

These cases are not coincidental; mental health is not an issue in any of these cases, other than whatever “health” issues are related to the injustices of being denied basic public services, like police taking reports of stalking and harassment from victims, or whatever mental health issues are related to being framed for crimes.

And yet we can watch these cases in action, live on Youtube, and the authorities do nothing. We see blog after Tweet after Instagram written as these gangs of stalkers harass people, and the Official Source Psychologists© like Dr.s David V. James, and Lorraine Sheridan–the Veterans Administration’s own Dr. Joe Pierre M.D.–and social workers with books to sell like Christine Sarteschi all call gang stalking a delusion.

Yet these cases have historical basis in fact and practice, with the modern community policing mirroring EXACTLY the tactics of the Ku Klux Klan and Freemasonic community control via policing.

America’s first mass shooter, Howard Unruh, a war hero and former tank commander was being stalked by his neighbors, and members of various police and the fire departments in his area because he was gay–they followed him around and called him a pedophile, and the case became known as “The Walk of Death,” and had all the usual suspects implicated: police, firefighters and neighbors who were rallied to the police/Masonic cause of targeting him.

Gang Stalking Case Study

I am chronicling the case of Richard Moore in Mississippi, for posterity. He is a targeted individual according to his own narrative, and according to many other sources too. Here is his Go Fund Me where you can learn more about his case.

I have followed his case for over a year now, and he has been written about by other journalists. You can see that here, and also use my search feature, KW: Richard Moore, Mississippi, North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association, etc.

In Richard Moore’s case, we see many ALL of the claims of any targeted individual validated, with scientific, falsifiable evidence: that these gangs of police sponsored vigilante’s will stalk you wherever you go, and drive by your house terrorizing the target, and try to run them off the roads; shoot guns off in front of your house late at night while dressed in black clothing, and interfere in every aspect of your life, including the ability to attain basic public and private services–that they will stop you from getting groceries, and even try to kill you in other ways.

I have seen it with my own eyes. I have watched as everything he says is happening, IS indeed happening, and others are watching too.

While Moore will never murder–it is against his religion–others certainly are trying to kill him in various ways, and he is suing them in federal court. But it leaves the questions “when the police refuse to protect you, or when police become the harassers–is it ok to murder gang stalkers?”

And while I myself laugh and get all giddy every time I read a story about some gang stalkers being killed (or especially crippled for life and so on), I always wonder why those who do the shooting and killing don’t aim a little higher up– at those “officials” and authorities who are unleashing these unethical, unconstitutional, military and intelligence agency derived gang stalking programs into the public.

And as usual, I advise all targets to use my free and open source tools, investigate your stalkers, maybe buy a few legal-to-purchase gadgets to target them back or trap them, and file lawsuits if you can. After that, do what you have to do on that day, should that day arrive.

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