International Prisoners Day

“When tyrants tremble in their fear, and hear their death knell ringing. When friends rejoice both far and near, how can I keep from singing?

In prison cell and dungeon vile, our thoughts to them are winging.
Since Love is Lord of Heaven and Earth, how can I keep from singing?”

The global cartels have figured out ways to finance every form of “rights” to the most minimal bare bones degree necessary to keep the people at bay–to keep people pacified and complacent.

Women’s rights? Let’s have domestic armies of women all on message, give them minimal benefits–and let them all be single mothers!

Blacks? Hey, ook, a sort-of-kind-of brownish president, and now a WOMAN who is also kind of sort of brown too as VP!


Every right except that of prisoners to the most basic, humane treatment–books, freedom from rape, legitimate chances at so-called rehabilitation and education that can have meaningful opportunities later on–none of that is afforded to US prisoners, who exist in bare bones facilities, pitted against each other’s common interest in their shared situation–overseen by racism, corporatism, and special interests groups that have merely replaced slavery with Slavery by Another Name.

United States anti gang stalking association

Two days ago, April 11, 2022, marked the third anniversary of Julian Assange being imprisoned in Belmarsh maximum-security prison in London, England.

What was Assange’s crime? He was the head of an independent news organization called WikiLeaks.

A U.S. Army soldier named Private Manning sent to Assange documents and videos that were classified.

Among those classified things were videos of U.S. Army helicopter pilots massacring innocent civilians, including children, just for target practice.

Assange made some of these items public, including the unprovoked slaughter of non-combatants. These videos were records of crimes against humanity, which are prosecutable at the International Court of Justice.

But, everyone needs to know two things: 1. Wall Street is too big to fail, and 2. The United States is too big to jail.

After releasing some of this horrific footage, did the United States face international pressure?

No, they immediately sought to have Assange brought…

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