Gang stalking in Ireland: ADRIC Black and Tannery, done by the scum of society to those loyal to original heritages, myths, and culture

The term ‘Black-and-Tannery’ became a byword for police brutality and Black and Tans were indeed responsible for some of the gravest crimes of the Irish revolutionary period.

The Irish History

I recently received correspondence from Ireland, indicating that gang stalking there is brutal. I assured that writer that this will not change any time soon–that gang stalking is a tool of the British Empire aka British Israel, and its National Intelligence Model–a perfect tool of western repression, whereby the brutality and bad deeds of so-called “democratic societies” is hidden behind all kinds of double-talk and white-knightery.

I pointed my fan in the direction of Scotland Yard’s most famous gang stalker, Hamish Brown, who counsels agencies and police all around the world in how they can rescue the boobie pictures of errant teenaged girls damsels from internet predators the Big Bad Wolf.

Seriously-study up on Hamish Brown, the guy gives talks to FBI agents, police forces, and other anti-democracy asshats all over the world.He drives a narrative whereby it’s “ok to stalk stalkers” and so on–typical white knight asshat, working for the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex–which has successfully driven a wedge between men and women for two centuries in Europe. His most famous case? Yup–you have probably guessed by now–like a mad dad, he tracked down the “stalker” of an 18 year old female. Oh nooooes! We be needing the polices cuz I put my boobies online!!!!!


White knightery depends upon ONLY that, and that guy was awarded the Queen’s third highest medal of honor–for this narrative of saving damsels in distress from their own stupidity–and it seems to also assuage massage the hate boners of current and former police, military, and intelligence agents too.

Democracy be damned! Liberty be damned! Human rights and common decency–morality be damned! There are a LOT of military asshats who have hate boners! And, the British Israel Model needs a PR facelift every six seconds–because the atrocious crimes of these people and their Empire are now committed every nanosecond via the FVEY’s spy apparatus.

Look! Bioweapons labs in the Ukraine, and Look! NATO is in fact NOT a peacekeeping enterprise, but rather, an encroaching supporter of forever war.

Ahhhh. Empire!

So, what to do with all of those white knights when there is no real threat to anyone, anywhere? I have an idea–let’s repress our neighbors. And Britains most cantankerous naighbor is that little island with all the little people–so easily walked upon in the past, yet “free” as they can be despite a Zoaroastrian overlord at the moment. Never mind that–the Celts have long been allied to non-Jewish-christian’s as mercenaries, according to some historians–were the Tuatha De’ Dannan in fact the allies of Thoth of in ancient Egypt?

Well, enough of that speculation–back to gang stalking!

Ireland shares a unique history with other nations that have been terrorized by British-Israel Empire, in that gang stalking today is not a unique experience–the entire populations of Ireland, and Northern Ireland have been demoralized, and turned against each other for centuries, almost as if gang stalking is the new religion of the lands.

And, the name of the gang might change, but the tactics do not. Meet the Black and Tanner’s–police brutality specialists from the revolutionary period, now morphed into common gang stalkers–and watch how the British Empire, and its “National Intelligence Model” has affected Ireland–and the world.

Gang stalking is a tool of empire, and its tactics are division, disenfranchisement, and common brutality, targeted at and informed by the politics of the individual. Its foot soldiers are slovenly characters devoid of either character or conscience, and its purpose is to elevate these characterless persons into positions of trust in society.This formula has kept Empire alive since Roman times….

From The Black and Tans and Auxiliaries – An OverviewBy Seán William Gannon

What caused the British authorities to recruit demobilised soldiers into the Irish police?

The decision to recruit British ex-servicemen into the RIC in 1920 had its roots in the force’s incremental alienation within Irish society after 1916. The force had maintained generally difficult relations with the population it policed throughout the nineteenth century, when it formed Dublin Castle’s main coercive arm.

The of influx pf British ex-servicemen into the RIC in 1920 was result of a manpower crisis and demoralisation within the force.

But, by the the turn of the twentieth century, it was evolving into a relatively ‘domesticated’ force, devoting most of its time to civil matters such as checking weights and measures, policing road traffic, and collecting the census.

But the RIC continued political surveillance, and arrested separatist activists, so the upsurge in nationalist sentiment in the aftermath of the Easter Rising saw its gradual estrangement from the communities in which it served.

…follow the links! Connect the history!

Related: Read as one gang stalking target, Stephen O’neill attempts to bring attention to the Irish Garda censoring posts that bring awareness to this policing tactical assault on “democracy”

Take a look at the post of TI Rab Scott on Brand New Tube in Northern Ireland–a Scot who moved to the shithole of Protestant Northern Ireland and got gang stalked–no electronic weapons, no aliens or satellite zappers–just shitty, stupid, incest-bred gang stalking neighbors and cops–the exact configuration that most genuine TI’s report as gang stalkers.

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