Meet Francis Dec, OG shitposter, creator of the Gangster Computer God, conceptualizing power relations, and using “the poetics of conspiracy”

Francis Dec was an earlier era shitposter, mailing hand typed letters to news stations, and anywhere else he could get the word out that a World Wide Gangster Computer God was attempting to overthrow the world order.

In today’s terms, he would be called a prophet, rather than a conspiracy theorist, for positing the following ideas online:

the Catholic Church was created by the Computer God as a tool to befuddle and control the entire human population, thereby turning them away from their true religion of Astrocism. The Catholic Church is, according to Dec, a totalitarian institution which worships only insane superstition that has no foundation in empirical observations of the cosmos.

Source: The Original Francis E. Dec Fan Club

So–considering what we see with the internet, and how intelligence agencies on FVEY’s governments actively subvert entire nations today–we certainly cannot prove Dec wrong. Yet he is called a “kook” and a schizophrenic, even by his devoted fans–why is that? What is a “kook” anyway? What are schizo politics and schizo culture? And: what is schizophrenia really?

And who was Francis E. Dec, who described what is essentially the religious neocon surveillance state many decades before the NSA-FVEY’s surveillance apparatus was built–and long before Americans became aware that Fusion Centers are indeed spying on every single American citizen?

Francis E. Dec

For starters, he was an artist, and a poison pen writer. Take a look at this masterpiece, and compare it to Elon Musk’s concept of neural lace:

Any alternative writers–and anyone who has ever used a typewriter– instantly recognizes the quality of this work of outsider art– and the concepts therein are as prescient today as they were then, as president after president hails a New World Order Source: Bento and Starchky

He described societies of control, a containment policy, networked societies–how the Gangster Computer God was viewing the human subject as output mechanisms to be sorted, filed and “controlled” or capitalized upon.

And all of what he described has come to pass, and AI, Big Data are al doing exactly that, feeding in to computers exactly as he described, save for his semantic flourishes and poetic license– his naive conceptualizations of the technology that surrounds us today. In the internet era, Big Data, spy agencies and hidden religion simply cannot hide anymore–and the Francis Dec’s of our era are legion.

These labels “kook, schizophrenic, conspiracy theorist” are all essentially the same smear; a signal to those affiliated with neocon religions and ultra-conservative causes that a person is a fair target. In that, they are not much different from these same groups are using to target individuals, as we see in the Pasco County lawsuits, or in how eBay’s top brass sent a gang of security and intelligence agents to stalk and harass some people with similar smear campaigns.

In both cases, we see police and intelligence agents hired or elected by neocons and by religion-affiliated people (in sheriff Chris Nocco’s case, he claimed that he works for a “higher power” than the law!) sending actual stalkers to peoples homes, following them around, and doing truly sick, unconstitutional and illegal things–trying to force them to “move away or sue.”

This is what organized religions have done for many centuries to people that are targeted with charges of heresy or similar. But today, with a modicum of law, and lots of information awareness, these operations are easier to spot and describe by their own terminology–Dec didn’t have that option in his era when these psychopaths in the agencies were doing all kinds of illegal surveillance and harassment of people, poisoning them, stalking them, injecting them and worse.

Take a look at an original Dec screed, and see how much of it you can personally relate to and compare to modern programs like Moonshot CVE, or “intelligence led predictive policing” type programs:

Containment policy indeed–Dec was locked up in an insane asylum for his proseand the fact that the latest bio-warfare, Covid has the world and its economy on lockdown is an eyebrow raiser too.

In the era when Dec was targeted, government stalking programs of all kinds proliferated–the FBI’s COINTELPRO, and many types of offshoots of actual “mind control” programs were rampant in western societies, and the US military industrial complex (MIC) was performing unethical and traitorous experiments on unsuspecting populations– Dec was at the epicenter of many of these experiments, in New York city.

So, the original “mental health” smears that the establishment and its religious neocons coined to describe and control people who had a clue how psychopathic their means and methods of social control are–a world where the false narratives of the Abrahamic Trifecta of religion that had governed over and “guided” people for millennia–encountered serious challenges in a world where science and information are accessible to the masses.

Dec was like many, a target of those exact operations, but more vocal about it, trying to describe things that he did not have the proper clearance, proper knowledge, or proper language to describe–indeed, few today even know that the NSA is indeed spying on all American’s at all times, and sending that data straight to the apartheid state of Israel unfiltered–a scheme that is EXACTLY what Dec described.

A soldier who never saw battle overseas, Dec was shifted around various bases in the U.S. during WW2–I think that could be an under-researched aspect of his life. After the war, he became an attorney by trade, and of course he, like many today did not have the proper names of the spy programs, the names of the spies, or a manual of their tactics, much less what gadgets they are using to do what he documented them doing.

I like to think of Dec’s concept of “the moon brain,” and its conformist propaganda–the idea that moon is hiding a sophisticated computer bank, where people’s thoughts are broadcast to the moon, and then broadcast back into the world in various ways, filtered, and then weeded through to target non-conformists, as a primitive description of exactly what we see with satellites, harvesting all the worlds SIGINT and storing it away in the Utah Data Center, after bouncing through a few Peter Thiel and Alex Karp designed spy programs like Palantir.

That “moon brain” was literally lifted whole cloth by the writer of The Truman Show, the most famous gang stalking movie of all time:


And the exact configuration of spies that he describes–Catholics, Jews, etc.–keep showing up at the head of these spy agencies that are actually doing this stuff even today. It’s noteworthy that he didn’t indict Protestants, Baptists, or other religions who were at that time fading out of the institutions they had dominated since the founding of the US–he specifically documented stalking by Catholics and Jews, though other racial categories–blacks, mulattos, Italians, you name it, he had a word for it– showed up in his narratives.

Dec was driven out of employment by what he described as shadowy figures–gang stalkers in modern parlance–because he was an intellect, caught between the racial cosmology that was warring at the time, as Jews and Catholics jockey’d for wins in dialectic spaces. The guy was truly ahead of his time–and many poets, writers, and internet personalities such as Alex Jones, William Burroughs, Phillip K. Dick–all took cues from his amazing rants.

Here is one of those amazing rants, talking about how he sued the courts for relief–because he is a “menace to the Gangster Computer God…” and his “hangman rope” goonsquads and here are several other Dec .mp3’s for your enjoyment.

He complained of the usual stuff that TI’s who are targeted by Freemasons, church goons, and and others complain about: being followed, tortured in various ways, home break ins, and idiots spraying his typewriter with scents and poisons–I myself once had some asshole piss into a jar of spice in my own home; actual TI’s know there is something more to Dec’s story, and some of us do in fact provide evidence of that.Take a look at Richard Moore in Mississippi, being targeted by the KKK for just one recent example.

Related Story: The influence operations of the Catholic Church, as secret society Opus Dei*has infiltrated every level of US courts, and showed up in Donald Trump’s choices of cabinet members such as Bill Barr, campaigning for “traditional moral law and order.” The influence of this secret society is omnipresent, and in every facet of intelligence and policing, including many former directors of the FBI, and even traitorous spies like Robert Hanssen. But Opus Dei is not the only religious-sectarian spy outfit infiltrating America–or waging psychological operations on targets.[* see my note at the bottom of this article]

So, Dec’s life followed the trajectory that all targeted individuals are familiar with, but he was extremely prescient in his description of the modern western world–and mostly correct in identifying himself as a gang stalking target, in a world grafted to the outdated, 1950’s era concepts of schizophrenia and schizotypal disorders, and he described his experiences with gang stalking during the height of the US military domestic gassing and germ warfare programs waged on unsuspecting citizens across the USA in a more primitive version of what we see today across the west, and the world.

You can look at or his Wikipedia page” for more info.

Read More from The Grunge: The Germ Warfare Experiments Secretly Conducted On U.S. Citizens

One of my psychology professors–a lefty Jewish guy with historical roots in the post-Nazi era of psychology, weaponized psychology, and particularly–psychology devoted to studying deviance–and famously, a namesake whose publications have influenced psychology at large, once said that anyone who can understand what schizophrenics are saying is likely schizophrenic themselves.”

I found that interesting at the time, due to that professors’ penchant for highly guarded, grandiose explanations of his own diagnoses as a schizophrenic, after he was caught doing naughty things by his mother. Ahhh, Jewish boys and masturbation! An entirely different tangent….the retreat into the citadel of the self is indeed an interesting retreat. It was obvious the guy wasn’t in any way mentally ill–he was brilliant! But also–very intimidated by the larger culture surrounding him, and even adopting the various definitions of “mental illness” for political convenience.

Regardless, he was a very good professor, and I found that commentary interesting, because my own father once said that “anyone who needs to study psychology usually does so because they are trying to figure out how fucked up THEY are, in relation to what is called “normalbut they don’t want to say that out loud.

SO, in other words–psychology and the study of mental or clinical disorders and “non-conforming” thoughts, actions or ideas is like reading a dirty book–the kind of thing you don’t want others to know that you are reading, unless they can accuse you of perversity or heresy!

But for me, a heretic–even the dictionary was also a very dirty book too. Words by their very nature challenge dogmatists and religionists of every tribe! Learn a few new, fancy words, and next thing you know, your privacy might meet your priapic nature, and “priapicy” could occur!!! Vulcan might meet Vulva, outside the conforming social order, in the order; or the arrangement of words in a phrase, clause, or sentence, sitting on a page, much too close for the children to encounter!! RAAAAPE, and PEDOPHILIA!!!!!! right there, in the hidden spaces of musty pages of BOOKS for any and all to read!

Well- I had issues with the AP style manual too, due to its inherent commercial biases and a few other things too, another topic entirely.

Fast forwards to an era where our thoughts are instantly expressed via social media, and governments really do follow us around online (and off) in real time–yeah–the dictionary was a long time ago, and many things that “schizophrenics” like Dec predicted back then has entirely come true today, save for the niggling semantic arguments that can be formed up to challenge the language, ideas, and descriptions of how the machinery of power works.

Francis Dec was completely correct, regardless of the weird psychology that was applied to him in that era, and he was indeed a prophet of sorts–he predicted the Gangster Computer God that we are all subservient to today.

Take a listen to the Outsider Theory Podcast below, to hear commentary on Dec’s struggle with gang stalkers, which was labeled as schizophrenia at the height of the CIA MKULTRA era. Many modern experts agree that schizophrenia doesn’t exist, and that it has a long history as a tool of political oppression.

While many point to the eastern bloc and the Soviet era as a culprit using political psychology, and as recently as several years ago, Russian President Putin is on record diagnosing America with “political schizophrenia.”

Yet we see the exact same mechanism of political schizophrenia at work in “free” western democracies today, as experts on gang stalking like these suspects here deny that gang stalking is real–an exact replication of the Frankenstein controls and the Computer Gangster God–the narratives and scripts that echo through the internet amplification outlets and controlled media*, magnified by the internet, much as Dec described.

FAIR DISCLOSURE: I know many Opus Dei members, and they do in fact stalk, spy on, and harass people, exactly as Dec described.

*Anyone who doubts that the internet or media are controlled is not a person who knows anything about either.

2 thoughts on “Meet Francis Dec, OG shitposter, creator of the Gangster Computer God, conceptualizing power relations, and using “the poetics of conspiracy”

  1. Re “psychopaths”

    The most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to gain is that a mafia network of manipulating PSYCHOPATHS are governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world — the evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable (see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”…

    And psychopaths are typically NOT how Hollywood propaganda movies have showcased them. And therefore one better RE-learns what a psychopath REALLY is (see cited source above).

    But rulership by psychopaths is only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition as the article explains.


    1. You wont get any argument from me about that!

      A lot of people confuse the term psychopath and sociopath–another way to say it is narcissists and their flying monkeys—but it is correct, these are mafia’s in every way.

      One classic strory is how an actual mafia figure–a number two in the Gambino crime family (cant recall his name at the moment) got out of prison after snitching out all of his co-criminals–and he “found Jesus” while in prison–then went on to run a real estate racket tied directlt to the police pension funds in Texas and other places.

      So much gang stalking is real estate related these days, and that’s one reason why.


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