Does the post office gang stalk people? Meet “Big Dan,” Michigan plotter and post man

The friendly neighborhood postman* has long been a staple of film and literature, but today we see that the American cartoon democracy is slowly being revealed in the age of internet as a farce. Meet Michigan plotter, FBI informant, and secret police state agent “Big Dan,” who helped frame a few weekend shit posters into phony terrorism charges.

That #fakeplot, littered with would be fake heroes–there were more FBI informants than there were “plotters”–has fallen on its face. Several agents have since been fired, most notoriously SA Richard Trask, who kicked the sh!t out of his wifey after she refused to comply at an FBI swingers party. You can read about that farce here–and keep your eyes open for this image: “the wifey struggles against heroic terrorist fighter Trask, and he is banging her head on the wall, until she seizes upon his swinging nut sack, and refuses to let go, whereby the FBI agent, foiled in his efforts, skulks away like a whipped puppy.”

Seriously–that happened. The FBI oughta give that woman a medal, for seizing an actual terrorist “by the balls.”

Related: The post man as a spy, or reading people’s mail is a staple in the literature and film of socialist and communist countries, we don’t often associate that directly in so-called democracies, but there you have it. Meet the Post Man, who cannot stop himself from reading people’s mail, in Deng Qiao Ping era China. The plot goes something llike this: “Xiao Dou “Feng Yuanzheng” is a shy and naive mail worker. When a coworker is fired for reading people’s correspondences he takes over the same mail route. He soon finds himself in the same curiosity, eventually developing an obsession.

Gang stalking targets frequently report that the postal service–and the FBI’s manufactured terrorism efforts–are a gang stalking shitshow–mail goes missing, or never arrives, postal trucks stalk them across the cities and town’s they live in and so on–it’s a staple of the gang stalking dialectic, and here once again is solid proof–proof of “gang stalking by the postal service.

Meet Big DanDan the Man! Dan the Post Man–a man with no last name, apparently…..Dan the #manufactured terrorism Rat

Army veteran who became an FBI informant testifies about plot to abduct Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

An Army veteran who joined a militia to maintain his gun skills testified Friday that he became an FBI informant after the group talked about killing police, a turning point that led to covert work and eventual charges in an incredible plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. 

The informant, known as “Dan” or “Big Dan,” is a major witness for prosecutors in the trial of four men charged with a kidnapping conspiracy in federal court in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was not asked to provide his last name on the witness stand.

Dan became especially close to Adam Fox, who is described as a leader of the scheme, secretly recording hours of conversations in 2020, participating in gun training and making road trips to northern Michigan to look at Whitmer’s vacation home.

Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot Charges Explainer
Top row from left, Brandon Caserta and Barry Croft; bottom row from left, Adam Dean Fox and Daniel Harris. The four members of anti-government groups are facing trial on federal charges accusing them in a plot to abduct Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2020.  Kent County Sheriff, Delaware Department of Justice via AP

It was an unusual odyssey for Dan, 35, a postal worker, self-described libertarian and gun rights advocate who said he was simply looking for ways to keep his firearm skills sharp after serving in Iraq. He found the Wolverine Watchmen on Facebook but things turned sour.

“They wanted to target law enforcement and kill them,” said Dan, who informed a friend who was in law enforcement.

“About a week later, I was contacted by the FBI. … They asked if I would stay inside the group and monitor their activity,” Dan told the jury.

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