This is why we kill rats

“Did you hear that,”she asks, looking quickly at a sound.

My head turns– quickly, in the direction of the piano.

“No,” I said, ” I didn’t.

“It was right there!” and she is pointing at the piano.

Her mother concurs. “It made a plopping sound. I saw it too.”

“What did you see,” I ask.

“It looked like a rat.”

Well, I have known a few rats in my day. Big fat black rats. White rats with red eyes. City rats that could chew through concrete– I had a pet rat once, too, named Mathilda.

“Ben, they’re always running here and there…”Michael Jackson’s tune, from that lousy drive-in movie. One of my favorite MKULTRA era movies, the poor boy sold to Hollyweird mafiosi by his perverse father Joe Jackson. I myself have studied rats extensively.

Sure–let’s all make friends with city rats, for the sake of humanity! What a message to send to children--the Pied Piper couldn’t do a better job of running children off of cliffs, yet here we are–meet the Witches of The Hart Family, who literally profited from such messages–and killed six human children after doing it.

Yeah—rats are a real thing. I just killed a bunch of them with glue traps–trapping is my thing.

See this if you are in doubt about the efficacy of traps.

The world is crawling with rats–and rats respect no boundaries, no laws, no institutions, nor human rights or human spaces. Rats are filthy, disease carrying animalstheir bio-weapon is their very presence in our spaces. Their minds are not equipped with anything but primal animal instincts–they would eat your ailing grandmother alive, and they do in fact eat children, one phony medical operation after another–they are “apex predators,” that fly under the human radar, most of the time, because of their cleverness is often mistaken for simple “natural instincts.”

Banded together in Mariupol for self-protection, and crying various shades of “racism” –the species with the most disease, cries foul when caught! squeeking out “You hate rats! anti-ratmatist!”–despite their own rat-like tendencies; and jumping ship so quick that the ship sinks more slowly due to the sudden loss of weight.

And I must admit, the strangest thing I saw in my own lifetime is how so-called “free” societies feed pets, and the endless expensive visits to the vet–and no children to be had amongst them!–as rats breed everywhere. It’s as if they worship at the rat altars–knowing something that I am obviously missing about how rats carry disease, and ruin grain stocks with their droppings.

No small wonder, though, that western populations are decreasing, worshiping rats as they do. But any keen trapper can spot them, and get a glue trap with some honey and peanut butter stuck to their trail.

Myself, I like to follow them by the numbers–I always start by tracing their signs according to how the number 12 and 13 ALWAYS shows up in their breeding grounds. Rats breed and spawn in that exact configuration–and they can and should be killed off.

Obviously, this isn’t science–rats generally have litters of 3-6 offspring each time they drop spawn, but keep in mind that rats are herd animals–they like the smell of their own shit, building up in their dens.

And, they find each other along those lines–along the corners and edges of the societies they infiltrate–the societies that they shit upon. Rats are corner and edge dwellers–easily trapped an killed if you know where to look.

Follow my trapping methods, and before long, you too will be smashing their heads into folded glue traps with a well placed shoe, easily disposed of in a plastic bag.

And like myself, you won’t lose a night of sleep over it, nor wake up again to a bag of circus peanuts devoured, and the husks scattered all over your own kitchen floor, much less the afterthought of how filthy those animals are, or their droppings on your countertop. I am, for the most part, done with treating rat babies as anything BUT worthy.

Kill rats. Stomp rats. Smash rats, destroy rats–burn. bomb, trap, smash, poison, trap, destroy and obliterate RATS, everywhere yo find them. They are filthy animals. They carry toxic diseases.

No one will notice if you kill them– except the “rats rights” and animal welfare advocates–and they themselves should be stomped on sight. What self-respecting, or human respecting human could ever stand up for the rights of rats, over humans?

That’s a long conversation, isn’t it?

Related Stories: The movie “Ben” starred Michael Jackson, as a weird lover of rats–and the footprint of his film, his music, and his multibillion dollar empire stretches the length and breadth of Hollywood to Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, China, and beyond. People “of color” from these regions still adulate him. Why? The Holly weird mafia is a complex organism itself–and the rat is a powerful metaphor for other things. Not least of which is international mafias that have the power and the ability to poison and corrupt the entire food supplies of nations–or station poison manufacturing plants at the borders of other societies.

See this story below for an example of the CIA as a mafia itself, and compare it with what is happening all over the world today, including bioweapons in the Ukraine.

The Germ Warfare Experiments Secretly Conducted On U.S. Citizens

3 thoughts on “This is why we kill rats

    1. LOL.

      KILL RATS with every ounce of energy you have-they are diseased specimens.

      There is no coincidence in how the FBI OXFORD and others in your location try in vain to mobilize rat armies–look at the Michigan case.

      Three agents fired or admonished, one manufactured trial gone ends up, ass to the wind–and the entire nation laughing at a FBI manufactured terrorism plot fail.

      The USA is governed by a psychopathic and anti-democratic police force–a covert, secret police by definition of the term.

      I will soon publish about these white females like your Lynn Fitch, whose dirty work rivals white female Lulu Markwell of KKK fame.

      Remember: the Democrat party IS the party of KKK racist manipulation and the US is no democracy by a long shot because of them-that the only viable party outside the (R) and (D) was once the Anti-Masonic Party…

      Your AG is exactly that kind of white, female terrorist.

      Get on that message, and let’s bring the sisters from India, Arabia, and other places some well earned glory!


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