For the Love of God, and baptism: we await the trial of Baptist pastor Jason Meade

One recurring theme in the gang stalking dialectic is the fact that many radical right wing Baptists are gang stalkers–and many of them work in policing, just as they did at the height of the KKK era.

Take a look at a true and easily diagnosed sociopath–a SWAT team member, Jason Meade in Ohio. I ask my readers to do the reasearch–did this guy train in Israel? Because many many many SWAT team members train in Israel–and the result is that these people come back to America, and shit on human rights, no different from what we see Israelis doing to Palestinians and anyone else who gets swept into their gun sights.

And these are murderers, hiding behind badges, no doubt about it, and they have a cult-like mentality. Take a look at a true and real sociopaths thinking:

Ohio deputy who killed Casey Goodson has used faith to justify use of force before

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Franklin County Sheriff’s SWAT deputy who shot and killed Casey Goodson Jr. on Dec. 4 is also a Baptist pastor and has used his faith to justify law enforcement’s use of force.

Michael Jason Meade, a 17-year sheriff’s department veteran who goes by Jason, described use of force as “righteous release” in a 2018 video interview posted on YouTube by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

“Every now and then you have to actually use force,” Meade said in the video, called “Connecting with the Community.”

“We don’t go around looking for it because we don’t have to,” he said. “Plenty of people out there will give you that opportunity …”

He says that people say Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but he responds by telling them to read the Bible. He said Jesus isn’t talking about physically getting slapped in the side of the face.

“There is release in our job that, righteously, we can actually have a use of force,” Meade said.

Meade, 42, was assigned to warrants and extraditions with the sheriff’s SWAT unit and the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force in December 2013.

Since 2014, Meade has been pastor at Rosedale Free Will Baptist Church in the unincorporated community of Irwin in Madison County, described by Associate Pastor Paul Moore as “a little country church” with about 80 congregants.

There is even evidence that in one of the most high profile gang stalking lawsuits ever, Steve Wymer, a Baptist minister, and former eBay propaganda officer, gave the order to sent a gang of disgraced cops and other gang stalkers to target the people who are now suing their pants off, because the good Baptists and Devin Norse Wenig thought that sending psycopaths to target critics was a cool and powerful thing–no kidding.

Bloody pigs masks, pornography, GPS devices, and home break ins. What a bunch of Jesus lovers! Praise the LORD! These people shoot others IN THE BACK!

What was once the clearest sign of cowardice, has found a place in policing, like a rat’s nest–all putrification, and disease, and zero accountability.

Well-tracing theological and ideological biases can be a challenge for the uninitiated–but not for me, and certainly not for those who are learning to use ROGS Analysis.

Horrifyingly, that pig mask escapade terrorist in chief now heads up the Boys and Girls Clubs in the Bay area, and seeks positions of power close to children. Deep state indeed. Jesus, in our internet switches, accompanied by squealing dead pig masks, and porn, via the eBay scandal, courtesy of a Baptist minister.

Baptists know how to partyyyyyyy!

Folks–this is not a one-of, this is who the gang stalkers ARE.

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