The bizarre tactics of entrapping informants: when dirty police detectives plant bombs with your name on it, you are probably being gang stalked–Fifth Circuit tosses qualified immunity claim

Yet another bizarre manufactured terror event foiled, as lying detective’s informant entrapment scheme sees court challenge: judge “no immunity” for planted bomb scheme, which unravels an eight-year-long gang stalking ordeal for one family.

Fifth Circuit Says No Immunity For Officer Who Framed A Man By Claiming The Man Framed Himself

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Thu, Apr 14th 2022 08:16pm – Tim Cushing

This reads like a film script and plays like a farce. It is one of the most insane decisions you’ll ever read. And it’s not because the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court did something insane. It’s because everything leading up to the decision plays out like a Coen brothers crime film and keeps escalating from there. Buckle up….

In this case, the lower court decided the Bossier Parish (LA) law enforcement officers involved in the arrest and prosecution of resident Todd Phillips did not deserve the protection of qualified immunity. They appealed, claiming that framing the wrong man for a series of property crimes was not a violation of clearly defined right. The Fifth Circuit Appeals Court — somewhat unusually — disagrees. 

But the road we take to this conclusion is well worth traveling. It all begins with a series of criminal acts targeting hunters. Todd Phillips’ only involvement is that he happened to be in the wrong place (Bossier Parish) at the wrong time (while Lt. Bruce Bletz was an investigator for the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office). 

Phillips moved to the Parish in 2004, purchasing 28 acres so he could raise his family and his horses. Nothing happened for years. Then in 2010 — and continuing for eight years — a series of criminal acts targeting hunters occurred near the Phillips’ property.

From the decision [PDF]:

The perpetrator had a recognized modus operandi. He would frequently use homemade spikes to pop the tires of vehicles, and burn down or steal from deer camps, deer stands, and camp houses. The perpetrator would also leave behind or mail various threatening letters to locals, police, and attorneys involved with this case. Finally, the perpetrator would plant evidence at crime scenes apparently to frame local residents. The consistent practices led the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office (“BSO”) to conclude that all acts were completed by the same person.

A footnote provides more detail.

For example, at the scene of an October 2010 theft, a hammer with the initials of a local, Larry Coker, was left behind on the property—the police, however, did not suspect Coker. At the scene of a December 2010 spike planting, a shirt and walkie-talkie were left behind with the name of a different local, Landon Burns, written on the shirt—that local was cleared. In June 2011, a town resident received an anonymous call claiming a third local, Gregory Bickham, was responsible for the various acts and hid the stolen property at his home—but the BSO executed a search warrant for Bickham’s home, found no stolen property, and cleared him. And in September 2011, a cell-phone box belonging to a fourth local, Billy Joe Fletcher, was left behind at the scene of an arson—the BSO investigated Fletcher and determined he was not a suspect.

There was more….

MUCH more, as it turns out.

Richard Moore–a bonafide targeted individual, as opposed to a Masonic asshat #fakeTI–just documented the case of the Animal Apocalypse, where the first person to report on that odd series of events from Beebe, Arkansas became a target of wrath, with Feds and others planting bombs and then trying to entrap him to become an informant. It is a real thing–cops are simply taking huge sh!ts on democracy as a routine practice, just like we saw in the Michigan #faketerrorism plot, now kicked out of court.

Seriously: democracy now hinges on whether the Feds can plant bombs, and then, prosecute those who got the lucky package! Kafka wasn’t even close–and the “gods and goddesses of chaos could only WISH they “could get away with the shenanigans these modern police tactics are unleashing upon our fragile democracy!

In the case of humble fisherman David Morrow, the Arkansas reporter who brought (unwanted) attention to dead schools of fish, things went from REALLY BAD ( a planted bomb) to Feds being evasive about their “evidence,” (Morrow knows the sheriff in that area, who agreed with him–the feds were full of it) and then rapidly escalating to burly guys goons issuing warnings for him to keep his mouth shut.

And then the drive by car crashings began in force–gangs of people in automobiles trying to run him off the roads, KKK style, pretty quickly–and it escalated into a decade-plus of gang stalking. Except….the case at hand wasnt the KKK it was is the feds, and their dirtbag armies of FBI trained private contractors.

The facts of Morrow’s case mirror the case at hand. Seriously–Morrow tried to do the right thing by reporting the sudden death of entire schools of fish, and then some burly goons showed up and told him to keep his mouth shut.

You really cannot make this stuff up. Kafka in his era probably prayed for the internet to arrive, much like Francis Dec foreshadowed, so that others could understand his plight, and possibly bring light to the darkness these cockroaches thrive in-but instead, we got that whole weird school of French literature instead–Sarte, et al The existential crisis, and “when is it ok to kill gang stalkers? Here, here, and here, for just a few examples.

Watch “Exclusive: From Animal apocalypse to Targeted Individual, David Morrow” on YouTube

As Tim Cushing notes above, it’s like a plot out of a Coen Brothers film–for reasons that defy logic: the US has adopted what is called “militarization Israelification of policing“–these are the same tactics long used to radicalize so-called militants in Israel and the Middle East, and they are being used on American citizens and others around the world now–its called the British-Israel National Intelligence Model, coupled with psychological operations (PSYOP) and it is some seriously deranged, Nazi-CIA derived stuff.

Take a look at how one targeted individual reacted to this form of constant harassment and surveillance in New Zealand, after he was stalked followed around by a gang posse vigilante force task force of 30 police from units at the federal and local level, for 53 days, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, until he finally had enough, and picked up a knife and slashed a few of his stalkers community policing allies who were stalking him mercilessly assisting the police.

Yeah–gang stalkers are criminals, and we need to strip away their protections, layer by layer. It’s a duty to humanity to do so.

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